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Your American Dream starts behind the wheel of your own big rig. Bid May the best man win. Do you take what the company is bidding for a job or do you move on and lose valuable time? Remember Profit is King! Haul Start behind the wheel transporting 45+ types of cargo including livestock, chemicals, and mobile homes, cross country to bring in the big bucks. Handle these beasts don't drive themselves! Back up to loading docks, manage your fuel, and maintain your trucks in peak condition. Dominate Move it better and faster than your competition. Build your reputation coast to coast as you long haul across 48 states, Canada and now Mexico! Grow - Build your business and add rigs to your fleet. Own up to 37 mammoth machines and trailers.

18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul (also known as American Long Haul: 18 Wheels of Steel) is a Simulation/Business Sim video game for PC developed by SCS Software and published by Valusoft on December 3, 2007. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 11 of our users have voted it 3.9 out of 5 stars.

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Company In Any City

If you want an army "base" in the city you are in then follow these directions. Go into your save file and click on game. Sii, it will probably popup saying it can't find the right program for it, just use notepad. Scroll down until you reach desired company. It should look look this.

company : company. Volatile. Military {
 city_names: 3
 city_names[0]: houston
 city_names[1]: roswell
 city_names[2]: monterrey
 city_names[3]: montreal
(montreal is the test city) add it exactly like you see here and go into game and voila. There is a base in the town.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


No Red Light Ticket

When coming up to a light that is about to turn red, get to the point were you would stop, but don't stop - press N when you get to the point and the light has to be yellow. Go to advance time and advance time one hour. Get out of the menu and then that will turn red and you run it and you won't get a ticket (your ticket bar won't go up and if it dosen't go up you can't get a ticket) I hope it works for you because it did for me.

Free Gas

In order to get free gas you must fill up your tank. Then, before you leave save the game, and then load it. TAADAAH you have a full tank of gas and you didn't spend a penny.


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