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2Xtreme is a Sports/Extreme Sport video game for PlayStation developed by 989 Studios and published by Acclaim. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for 2Xtreme were added April 30, 2003.




Bonus Track

Perform the following sequence on any track. Get to the first ramp and perform an easy trick (Square, Triangle). At the second ramp perform a medium trick (Square, O, Triangle). Perform a hard trick at the third ramp (Square, O, X). At the fourth ramp push these buttons: Square, X, Triangle, O. Finish the race and the japan bonus race will load.

Extreme Moves

These extreme move are performed while jumping with any equipment.

Square, Triangle - 50 Points 
Square, Circle, X - 100 Points 
Square, Circle, Triangle - 100 Points 
Square, X, Triangle, Circle - 200 Points 

Special Tricks

Perform these special jumps with the equipment shown.

Skateboarding - Triangle, X, Square, 
Circle Snowboard - Triangle, Square, X, Circle 
Mountain Bike - X, Square, Triangle, Circle + X, Circle, Square, Triangle
Rollarblades - Circle, Square, X, Triangle 

Unlimited Energy

While energy is at the max, hold R1+R2+L1+L2 and you will not lose any energy until you release the buttons.


Difficulty	Code			Trick


Easy	Square, Triangle		Grabs board
Medium 1	Square, Circle, Triangle		Kickflip
Medium 2	Square, Circle, Triangle		Heelflip
Hard	Square, X, Triangle, Circle	Front flip
Special	Triangle, X, Square, Circle	360 spin


Easy	Square, Triangle		Grabs board 
Medium 1	Square, Circle, Triangle		Another grab
Medium 2	Square, Circle, Triangle		360 spin 
Hard	Square, X, Triangle, Circle	Rodeo flip
Special 1	Triangle, Square, X, Circle	Front flip
Special 2	Triangle, Circle, X, Square or
	Square, Triangle, Circle, X	?

Mountain bike

Easy	Square, Triangle		Split
Medium 1	Square, Circle, Triangle		360 spin
Medium 2	Square, Circle, Triangle		Back flip
Hard	Square, X, Triangle, Circle	Tail-whip 
Special 1	X, Square, Triangle, Circle	Tabletop
Special 2	X, Circle, Square, Triangle	Dismount

In-Line Skates

Easy	Square, Triangle		?
Medium 1	Square, Circle, Triangle		Air Unity
Medium 2	Square, Circle, Triangle		Split
Hard	Square, X, Triangle, Circle	360 spin
Special 1	Circle, Square, X, Triangle	Front flip
Special 2	X, Triangle, Circle, Square	?


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Infinite Energy

First your energy bar must be full then hold down R2 and your energy bar wont fall if you let it go it will start to go down.

Quick Start

When you start any race, tuck and press UP right away. This will make you faster.

Get All The Records

Go to options and turn computer players off. If you start a new season there will be no computer players which will guarantee you will come in first and get the points for it too. So you'll be able to get on the record chart.

Bonus Track

The following tricks can be completed on any course track. For easier execution, disable the CPU opponents. At the beginning of the course, perform an easy trick (Square, Triangle) on the first ramp. Increase speed, then perform a medium trick (Square, Circle, Triangle) on the second ramp. Perform another medium trick on the third ramp. Finally, perform a hard trick (Square, X, Triangle, Circle) on the fourth ramp and finish the race. Now a Japan bonus track will begin loading.


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