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Fight against a host of Black Hole Army COs, and use new Super CO powers, like Typhoon and Max Blast, to rain destruction upon your enemy; Command the massive neotank and take control of missile silos to launch devastating attacks from afar. Use the new features in the map designer to create even more challenging maps; Battle your friends Single and Multi Pak multiplayer modes bring you head to head against your friend. Create your own battle maps, then trade with your friends or challenge them to a ward of advance proportions.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is an Action/Adventure video game for Game Boy Advance developed by Intellegent Systems and published by Nintendo on June 24, 2003. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 9 of our users have voted it 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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In-game Reset

Hold start + select + B during game play.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Erase Data

Erase save data by holding L+Right+Select before turning the game on.

Get Sturm

To get Sturm, beat the campaign and get an "S" rank for the overall rating. Then you can buy Sturm for 5000 coins. Now you can use him to beat the War Room maps easily.

Chinese Map

To get the chinese map, hold L and R button when you go to the design map, when the screen turns black. If you did it correctly, the mountains will spell something in chinese. I got two of my friends and they both said it means "In Heaven."

Sound Room

To unlock the sound room, beat the campain and buy it from Hachi for 5000 points. After you buy it, go to battle maps and press select. Enjoy the music!

Unlockable COs

Blue Moon missions cleared:

Olaf - 600 coins
Grit - 600 coins
Colin - 600 coins (appears after buying Olaf and Grit)

Yellow Comet missions cleared:
Kanbei - 600 coins
Sonja - 600 coins
Sensei - 600 coins (appears after buying Kanbei and Sonja)

Green Earth missions cleared:
Eagle - 600 coins
Drake - 600 coins
Jess - 600 coins (appears after buying Eagle and Drake)

Game cleared:
Adder (Black Hole) - 2000 coins
Lash (Black Hole) - 1500 coins
Hawke (Black Hole) - 3000 coins
Nell (Orange Star) - 3500 coins (appears if your overall ranking was an "A")

Hard Campaign cleared:
Hachi - 5000 coins

Play As Adder

Beat all blackhole campain levels to unlock Adder at the store.

Get Hachi As CO

After buying every thing from Hachi you can buy him for 5000 coins. He is kinda a mix between Colin and Sensei.

Unlock New Co's

To unlock Olaf, Grit and Colin, beat the final Blue Moon battle. Colin will appear after buying Olaf and Grit. To unlock Kanbei, Sonja and Sensei, beat the final Yellow Comet battle. Sensei will appear after buying Kanbei and Sonja.




CO Adder

Complete campaign mode

CO Drake

Complete green earth campaign.

CO Collin

Buy either Grit or Olaf, Collin will appear in thier area.

CO Eagle

Complete green earth campaign

CO Grit

Complete green earth campaign.

CO Hachl

Complete hard mode campaign.

CO Hawke

Complete campaign mode once.

CO Jess

Buy either Drake or Eagle, Jess will appear in their place.

CO Lash

Complete campaign mode.

CO Kenebi

Complete yellow comet campaign.

CO Nell

Get an A-RANK in campaign mode.

CO Sensei

Buy either Sonja or Kenbei, Sensei will appear on thier area.

CO Sonja

Complete yellow comet campaign.

CO Sturm

Get an S-RANK in campaign mode.

CO Olaf

Complete blue moon campaign.


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