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Alundra 2: The Mystery of the Machinevolution is a Role-Playing/First-Person RPG video game for PlayStation developed and published by Activision. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Alundra 2: The Mystery of the Machinevolution were added May 30, 2003.




All Special Powers

Press X, X, X, O, O, O, Square, Square, Square.

All Items

Hold L1+R2 and press Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start, Select.

All Puzzle Pieces

Pause the game, hold L1 and press X, X, O, O, Square, Square.

All Magic Rings

Pause and press X, X, Select, Square, Square, Up, Up


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Easy Cash

Get to Paco Villageand when you wake up, move the bushes to get some coins around 10-50 health or gold. When you go inside a place, you go back out and the bushes will be there again and do the same thing.

Shining Sword

Get to Turnkey dam, go to the room with the blue candle. Drop down to that other room. Solve the puzzle and inside the chest is the Shining Sword

Easy Money

When you get to the place, Toroledo first go into the Inn. There will be a fat dude in there, and ask him for a room. When Flint gets outta his bed, go into a room with some guy bragging about his wealth. Break his piggy bank and get 3 gold and keep doing it.

Rising Sword

The strongest sword in the game, the Rising Sword, is the reward for the Trade Quest. The Trade Quest goes as follows.

On Airship find Strange Key (or beat Mephisto's cat)
Strange Key--shop owner in Toroledo--Cow Statue
Cow Statue--blacksmith leaning on wall in Yagin Harbor--Hammer
Hammer--shop owner in Paco--Red Statue
Red Statue--blacksmith's daughter in Puerto Medusa--Pirate Earring
Pirate Earring--Cow Princess in Toroledo--Cow Princess Autograph
Cow Princess Autograph--left guard in Varuna City--Vanilla Wafer
Vanilla Wafer--old man in Eden Village--Goo Goo Bird
Goo Goo Bird--shop owner in Gwaba--Crimson Cloak
Crimson Cloak--Belgar in Mileena's Mansion--Rising Sword
Side Note: Nice little plot point when Flint gets the sword from his father (in case you hadn't figured out that Belgar is actually Flint's father, sorry for the spoiler, but man its so obvious).


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