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It's thousands of years in the future, and humanity has turned on itself. Now divided into six subspecies, these mortal enemies have little respect for each other and even less trust. Without warning, a strange race of aliens attack, and the human race is quickly on its way to extinction. The survivors band together on Earth and devote their lives to defeating the Armada. Develop your character and advance to levels that will allow you to improve your ship as you try and save the world. Part RPG, part action and part strategy, ARMADA puts the fate of humanity in your capable hands.

Armada is an Action/Adventure video game for Dreamcast published by Metro 3D, Inc. on November 1, 1999. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Unlimited Lives

Go to the title screen and use controller C to HOLD Start then press A, B, A, B, Up


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Change Races

While playing a game if you decide you would like to try out another race, but you don't quite feel like giving up your 20+ hours of work then just follow this little trick. Load up the game and as you are playing with your main char hit X, Y, A, B, Start to reset the system. Now start a new game with whatever name, and race you desire. Your new guy will have as many EXP as the previous one, but you have to kill one Armada ship for each level you had previously gained. The only down side is all the credits you previously had will be lost, and the ultra techs will be gone. But, if you do some trading with a friend beforehand you can keep the UltraTech as well

Easy Money/Level Ups

First, once you have a ship roughly level 16 go to the planet a -9000, 6000, here you can get tons of money, since you get more money on planets than in space, and you can level up pretty fast as well. Once you get to high enough levels (32 - 40, that will take a while) than go to the secret base. there you can by this item called The Armada Disruptor (the base is roughly at -29000, 31000. with the disruptor all small ships die from one shot and all large ships from 4 shots, no matter what level they are. this way you can take a level one ship somewhere that the enemies are like level 32 and kill them with one hit, you will level up really fast.

Continue Game Play

Press Start on controller two immediately after your last ship explodes to continue game play. Then, have player two quit the game and player one will be able to continue.

Extra Credits

When you finish escorting a ship to its destination, stay with it after you are paid. The ship and the others will destroy enemies for you, leaving credits behind. At times, you can receive 200 to 300 credits before returning home.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


Armada FAQ v.1.5

Last updated: July 29, 2001 by ThornMartin

Strategy Guide

Last updated: July 29, 2001 by Thorn Martin


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