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"Popular or not army men games are known as unique and classic games that shows us one of the ways how to make a game fun. This is the first RTS style game of the army men games and it is fun, but too light to call a classic. The game style is similar to C&C and it's 3D renderd(looks great). And as I already said it has tons of that unique army men humor(i.e. melting doggy bowl for resourse, pencil fences, weird characters, take over the PS2 mission(-_-), Saving lego people from the enemy and stuff) that makes us smile as we play. And there are unlockables and other fun things(plastic is resourse, and you even use one from destroyed buildings and units.)"

Army Men Real Time Strategy is a Strategy/Action Strategy video game for PC published by 3DO Company. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Army Men Real Time Strategy were added July 29, 2002.




Retyping Codes

To have more Plastic press Alt+Backspace and type fantastic plastic to have 2000 more plastic to retype the code easily type the code and highlight it,press Ctrl+C then press Enter press Alt+Backspace again and press Ctrl+V to paste the code this trick can be used with electric too

Extra Electricity

Type alt+backspace to open code window then type "zap me".

Extra Plastic

Type alt+backspace to open code window and type in "fantastic plastic".

Change Colors

To change colors: First press Alt+ Backspace to bring up the code box. Type "color me stupid". Click "OK".


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Army Men RTS Ultimate Game Guide V0.2

Last updated: April 29, 2002 by MIMICMASTERAX


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