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It's a whole new season of great baseball action with the backyard kids and real pro players as kids.

Backyard Baseball 2001 is a Sports/Baseball video game for PC developed and published by Humongous Entertainment on June 1, 2000. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Special Pitches

When you strike the other team out, you will here a sound and get a different pitch (Fireball, Big Freeze, Corkscrew, Spitball, etc). Each special pitch will make your juice go down.

Fireball - Super fast ball.
Slo-Mo - Super slow ball.
Corkscrew - The ball keeps looping around.
Zig-Zag - The ball zig-zags back and forth.
Crazyball - The ball flies all over the place.
Laughingball - The ball laughs very loud and is very hard to hit.
Big Freeze - The ball freezes right before the batter swings.
Elevator - The ball rises up over the bat once the batter swings.
Spitball - The ball sticks to the bat, causing it to go foul 90% of the time.
Sometimes you will get more juice instead of a special pitch.

Special Hits

When playing the CPU, get a person on first. If the computer hits a grounder, throw to second then first. If the play is turned correctly, you will hear a sound get either an Aluminum Power, Screaming Line Drive, Under Grounder, or Crazy Bunt.

Aluminum Power - Hit back to back homeruns with a power swing.
Screaming Line Drive - Hit a homerun with a line drive.
Under Grounder - Hit a homerun with a ground ball.
Crazy Bunt - Hit a homerun with a bunt.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


The (Real) Best Team

This is legit.

P: Randy Johnson
C: Pablo Sanchez
1st: Cal Ripken Jr. 
2nd: Nomar Garciaparra (Note: Take Tony Gwynn instead. I made a mistake. )
SS: Derek Jeter (DUHHHH! )
3rd: Alex Rodriguez
LF: Barry Bonds
CF: Ken Griffey Jr. 
RF: Sammy Sosa

Batting Order:
1: Cal Ripken Jr. 
2: Ken Griffey Jr. 
3: Pablo Sanchez
4: Barry Bonds
5: Sammy Sosa
6: Derek Jeter
7: Alex Rodriguez
8: Nomar Garciaparra
9: Randy Johnson.

Another Bat Power Up

If The Pitching team takes to long getting the ball to the pitcher it will give you a bat power up!!!!!

More Time To Catch Fly Balls

When your in the field and you get a pop fly press the space bar and if you can still see the blue dotfor where the ball was hit put your arrow on the dot and then press the space bar again and then click on the blue dot.

Dropping Balls

When you hit a pop fly tap escape 3 times. If you don't tap escape 3 times in three seconds it won't work.

Good Days And Bad Days

When you look at pictures of players in the background, it will be different colors. These colors are blue, orange, and green. When the background of a player is blue, that player is going to have a bad day. When the background of a player is orange, that player is going to have a great day. When a player's background is green, that player is going to have an average day.

Easy Ground Rule Double

Hit a ball on bounce out of view in left or right field in fair territory in any stadium, and it will be counted as a ground rule double.

Easy Homerun

Hit a ball on a fly out of view in left or right field in fair territory in any stadium, and it will be counted as a homerun.

Automatic Fielding

When the CPU hits the ball, click on first base to field the ball and throw it to first automatically.

Special Pitch

To get a special pitch, strike out a batter when you are pitching.

Special Hit

In order to get a special hit or bat, get a double play in the field. A sound will confirm correct code entry. When you get up to bat you will either have an Aluminum Power Bat, Screaming Line Drive, Undergrounder, or Crazybunt. Another way to get a base hit off of a special pitch thrown to you while you are batter. A noise will confirm correct code entry. Another way to get a special hit is to use a regular bat, either power, line-drive, grounder, or bunt, and get either a single, double, triple, or home run safely. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Skip Opening Sequence

Press [Esc] to skip through the opening sequence.

Maria Luna And Kimmy Ekman Dinamic Duo

CLick on Single Game window and click on pick-up or exhibition button. Then choose your field to be Ekman Acres. On the team select screen choose backyard team and make your uniform to be all pink. Finally when you check your strategy Maria Luna and Kimmy Ekman they should be powered-up. Let's Play Ball! Note: Kimmy will only be powered up when you play in your home field.

Three Strickes, Your Out!

First pick "Amir Khan" then make him the pitcher. Pick a throwing style then quickly look at "Amir Khan." If he shakes his head "no" throw it in one of the corners, it will be a strike. If he nodes yes the batter might hit it. (note: work on saeson play too.)

Knock Down The Catcher

To charge the catcher you have to tap B 4 times in 3 seconds.

The Best Team

For the best team do the following. First get to the drafting part of season,thenpick these people. Pablo,Barry Bonds,Ken Griffey Jr., Kiesha, Derek Jeter,Achmed, Kenny Lofton, Nomar, and Peete (he is very fast).

Fun And Easy Strikeouts!

In season mode go to new coach. When you're in the field, pitch the ball on the upper inside or outside corner and repeatingly press escape. Do that 3 times when you face a batter and you will most likely strike them out.

Maria Luna As A Star!

Create your own team and make their colors all pink. Pick Maria Luna to be on your team. Her batting will be 10, running 10, pitching 9 and fielding

English-speaking Pablo Sanchez

At a close up on Pablo Sanchez, hold down Shift and Enter and click once on Pablo's picture.

Play As Mr. Clanky

While you are in the clubhouse hold down Shift and click on the robot that is on the shelf. Mr. Clanky will be on the bench in single game mode and you can pick him to be on your team.

Easy Homers

When you make your team put a good batter then a bad batter and you can get a double run sometimes.


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