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Backyard Baseball 2003 is a Sports/Baseball video game for PC developed by Infogrames Entertainment and published by Humongous Entertainment. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 10 of our users have voted it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Backyard Baseball 2003 were added July 17, 2003.




Tony Delvecchio Power-up

When you are picking teams, if your opponent picks Angela Delvecchio, immeadiately pick Tony, and he will get 5 bonus points.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Delinquint Duo

When Ashley and Sydney Webber are on the same team on single game, They Go from 5 Hitting, 5 running, 6 pitching, and 3 fielding to 8 hitting, 8 Running, 7 pitching and 8 fielding.

Always Strike A Person Out

Where ever you are pitching pick the slow ball and pitch to the top corner closest to their head. But leave half the ball on yellow and half in the grey

Skip Opening Intro

Getting tired of waiting for that stupid intro? Just hit esc. then u can play right away. ( same for when the announcers are talking and your ready to bat.)

Mr. Clanky

If you win the world series you get the Super Colaasal Stadium and you can play with Mr. Clanky in the pickup games.

Great Codes Finishing Others!!

you can get powerups by hearing a noise some powerups like hear a noise get a double play strike someone out or do something good then you will have a powerup you can only get alumium bat powerup by getting a double play and then striking someone out. pitching powerups can be getten by srikeout or something good. screaming linedrives scream nobody can catch them and hit hard. under grounders the ball digs itself under ground and pops out somewhere straight from the starting dighole.

Batting Power Ups

To get a batting power up you get two people on your team to get on first and second. Then you should hear a sound. Aluminum Power: gets you more homers. Screamin' Line Drive: I Forget. Under Grounder: I Forget. Crazy Bunt: Makes it harder for the other team to get the ball.

Play On Yourt Birthday!

Try to play a game on one of your player's birthdays. Their birthdays are listed on their cards, and they play really well on their special days. If you have the twins on your team, play on February 18, when you get two birthdays for the price of one!

Play Better With Maria

Maria plays pretty well , but she plays even better if shes on a team with the uniforms pink (her favorite color).

The Love Bird

Everytime you pick Billy Jean Blackwood and Marky Dubois together Marky Dubois powers up, but Billy Jean Blackwood loses skill points.


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