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Rovio, the creators of the ultra-popular mobile game Angry Birds, have released a game based on the protagonists - the little piggies that stole their eggs. And now your job is to help the piggies cross the finish line in crazy contraptions of your own design. Instead of using a giant sling-shot, you help design unique vehicles with various building blocks and help them get the eggs.

To successfully complete each puzzle, you must put together items including: wooden boxes, wheels, TNT, umbrellas, wings, fans, engines, balloons and many things more. And they must be interlocked in the right configuration or you'll crash and burn. The game also includes over 60 levels (with more likely coming with free updates!). There's also a "Sandbox Area" where you can use all the components to create unique and custom contraptions.

Bad Piggies is a Puzzle/Action Puzzle video game for iPhone developed by Rovio Mobile Ltd and published by Apple on September 27, 2012. It's rated Not-Rated by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Getting Three Stars

Unlike Angry Birds, you don't have to get a perfect single turn to get all three of the stars. You can get each one individually by designing an appropriate vehicle. You can design for speed or for durability, or even for maneuverability. So, there's no reason you can get three stars on every single one of the sixty levels.

Component Guide/Tips (Directions)

For most directional components (including bottles, fans, and rockets) you can change their direction by tapping on them once you've placed them on the vehicle. Keep tapping them until they're pointing the direction that you want. Timing on some of these are very important to solving each level correctly. Things like the bottles have a delay before taking effect, so plan ahead and practice to get the timing just right.

Wheel Placement

If you place your wheels further apart, you can make more stable vehicles, and they'll be less likely to tip over. If you're crashing directly into a wall and you think you have an extra wheel, you can place it on the front of back of your design. For some levels you even need to put the wheels on the top. Wooden wheels aren't as fast as the metal/rubber wheels, so when speed is required, use the metal ones.

Official Gameplay Trailer

The piggies are back, but this time you're trying to help them instead of stop them. Get those bird eggs and make those angry birds even more upset. Build crazy vehicles to get those eggs, anything from two wheeled carts to biplanes and helicopters.




More Tokens

If you click on the hat/wrench icon, you can then go on Facebook and "Like" your Bad Piggies game. When you do that, you'll receive three free tokens for hints. Plus, all your friends will know how awesome the game is, so "like" it.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


FAQ And Walkthrough

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