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As the half-vampire BloodRayne, you have sworn your life to protect humanity from the supernatural. Your latest assignment: Seek and destroy the nefarious vampire Jurgen Wolf before he can use powerful occult relics to unleash untold horror upon the world. Slaughter, dismember, and behead devious enemies that seek reinforcements and plan ambushes. Acquire supernatural skills and master brutal weaponry as you progress. BloodRayne is a pulse-pounding thrillride that gets you by the jugular and won't let go until it's over.

BloodRayne is an Action/Survival Horror video game for GameCube developed and published by Majesco on October 17, 2002. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and 14 of our users have voted it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for BloodRayne were added January 23, 2008. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, in addition to GameCube.




Level Select

Enter ONTHELEVEL at "cheats" screen located under Options.

Gratuitous Dismemberment

Enter INSANEGIBSMODEGOOD at appropriate name or password entry screen.


Enter JUGGYDANCESQUAD at appropriate name or password entry screen.

Show Weapons

Enter SHOWMEMYWEAPONS at appropriate name or password entry screen.

Fill Bloodlust

Enter ANGRYXXXINSANEHOOKER at appropriate name or password entry screen.

Enemy Freeze

Enter DONTFARTONOSCAR at appropriate name or password entry screen.

Restore Health

Enter LAMEYANKEEDONTFEED at appropriate name or password entry screen.

Time Factor

Enter NAKEDNASTYDISHWASHERDANCE at appropriate name or password entry screen.

God Mode

Enter TRIASSASSINDONTDIE at appropriate name or password entry screen.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Gun List

Note: These go in order of power, though no damage number is available.

Louisiana Act:

W&S M1917 Pistol Ammo: 6
W&S Double-action Pistol Ammo: 6
Cole44 Pistol Ammo: 6
Springbrook Rifle Ammo: 5
Winkesler Rifle Ammo: 16
Kennings Rifle Ammo: 20

(Note: The following are the special weapons, which are all shotguns, except for the M1918 GAR, which is a machinegun.)

Breaning A5 Shotgun Ammo: 5
Ethica 33 Shotgun Ammo: 8
Double Barrel Shotgun Ammo: 2
M1918GAR Ammo: 40
Dynamite Ammo:N/A  can carry 2 (Explosive, or grenade weapon)

Argentina/Germany Act:

Walthrum PP Pistol Ammo: 7
Mauz 9mm Pistol Ammo: 10
Leug P08 Pistol Ammo: 8
(Note: All of the following are semi-auto fire.)

Leug P08 Artil Pistol Ammo: 32
Greaser Sub Machinegun Ammo: 30
SMP34 Sub Machinegun Ammo: 32
Greaser Artil Large Sub Machinegun Ammo: 50
SMP34 Artil Large Sub Machinegun Ammo: 32
Bergstein MP28 Large Sub Machinegun Ammo: 50
Blitzgewehr32 Assault Rifle Ammo: 20
ZZG33 Assault Rifle Ammo: 30

(Note: The following list contains the auto fire special weapons.)

Kaxik Mg08 Machinegun Ammo: Belt
MG32 Machinegun Ammo: Belt
Mg06 Machinegun Ammo: Belt 

(Note: The following are the shotgun/rifle special weapons.)

G33 Sniper Rifle Ammo: 10 (The best weapon to use anytime because of it's supreme 
damage/dismemberment abilities, and is the best weapon to use with the zoom mode because it is the only weapon that is 100% accurate.  Slowest fire rate.)
Ethica 33 Shotgun Ammo: 8
Double Barrel Shotgun Ammo: 2

(Note: The following are the explosive special weapons.)

Granatewurf Grenade Launcher Ammo: 10 (Fires grenades, delayed explosion.)
Panzerfaust Rocket Launcher Ammo:1 (Wide explosive damage.)
Panzershrek Rocket Launcher Ammo:3 (Wide explosive damage.)
Tatermasher Grenade Ammo: N/A  can carry 2 (Explosive, or grenade weapon.)

Kill The Queen

The boss, if you will, of the Louisiana chapter is a big marrisreq, and it is a big pain if you dont kill it fast. It'll just keep pumping out regular sized marrisreq, and can rip you up from a good range away. You may think that the M1918GAR, the only Machine-gun special weapon of that act, will do the trick, but ammo goes quick and it's not very powerful. The gun to use is the Ethica 33 shotgun spec. weapon, because although it only has 8 shots max, it is very powerful and has scatter fire. Keep shooting at the upper body, and it'll die quick. (Hint: if you're lucky, you might blow its head clean off!

God's Wrath

This is an odd trick that my cousin discovered once while he was messing around. In the very first level, where you must follow Mynce into the church, there will be a statue of Jesus. Now, although this may seem un-ethical, if you destroy the statue, a second or two later, the whole church will shake and deep thunder will sound.


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