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Bugs & Taz Time Busters is an Action/Comic Action video game for PlayStation published by Infogrames. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Bugs & Taz Time Busters were added September 5, 2001.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Launching The Catapult

In Moon Valley (found in the Viking era), you need to flip over the circular mirrors to lower the bridge. Most of these can be reached by being thrown by Taz, or jumping from a ledge. However, one is only accessible via the hidden catapult. Do the following: Entering Moon Valley, head to the right where you will see some climbable ledges which lead to a cave. The cave is guarded by a wolf, but just jump over him (he's not very fast). The cave brings you to a room with two platforms connected via a pulley. Bugs needs to stand on the lower one, while Taz picks up boxes and puts them on the higher on. This will cause the lower platform to rise up to the opening near the top of the cave. Once at the top, exit through the opening. Once through the opening, you will see a mirror to flip, but this is not the one you need the catapult for. On the far side is another cave. Go in and Bugs needs to pick up the mallet to break free the very large cog on the floor. Once all the chains are broken, Taz must jump up on top of the cog and spin. This will reveal the catapult. Exit the cave. In addition to the catapult, another "spin disk" appears near the catapult. Taz must spin this one to wind up the catapult. Once wound up, Bugs must have control and walk on top of the catapult. Pressing the triangle button will have Bugs sit down on the catapult (the game never tells you how to sit down). Once seated, press the X button to launch the catapult and Bugs will fly through the air, landing on the top of the mirror.


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