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The fighting game they said would never happen has happened! CAPCOM VS. SNK finally allows players to pit their favorite characters from each company over 25 in all against one another, to see who comes out on top! Think your skills with Capcom's Ryu can top your friend's mastery of SNK's Terry Bogard? Settle all those old arguments once and for all, using characters from Capcom and SNK's most popular fighting games, or create a team mixing your favorites from both stables and see how they measure up in a tournament, using either the Capcom or SNK power-up styles. You may even unlock a few hidden characters along the way!

Capcom vs. SNK is a Fighting/3D Fighting video game for Dreamcast published by Capcom on November 1, 2000. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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EX Characters

Successfully complete arcade mode with a character to unlock their EX (Extra) form in the secret shop. The "EX" form is the exact same character with new, different, or slightly altered moves. To use a characters "EX" form (after purchasing it in the secret shop) go to the character selection screen. While choosing your characters, hold Start to switch from the "Normal" to the "EX" character. While still holding Start, press A, B, X, or Y to choose that character.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Play As Evil Ryu And Evil Iori

Successfully complete both the Capcom and SNK grooves in arcade mode with "Normal" Ryu and "Normal" Iori. Secrets 34 ("Evil" Ryu) and 49 ("Evil" Iori) will now be available for purchase in the secret shop. They cost 7,000 vs. points each.

Fight Against Gouki (Akuma)

To fight Gouki in arcade and pair match modes, unlock and purchase Gouki's "Shadow" (secret 62) in the secret shop. It will cost 500 vs. points. To get them to appear, you must have at least 80,000 GPS (groove points) before the start of the final match to get him to appear.

Fight Against Morrigan And Nakoruru

To fight Morrigan and Nakoruru in arcade and pair match modes, unlock and purchase their "Shadows" in the secret shop. Morrigan's "Shadow" is secret 63 and Nakoruru's is secret 64. They will cost 700 vs. points each. To get them to appear, you must not continue and have at least 60,000 GPS (groove points) by the end of the third match (the third team you face). To fight Morrigan, choose the Capcom groove. To fight Nakoruru, choose the SNK groove. Note: The easiest way to fight them is to go to the game options and set the difficulty to the lowest (easiest) setting, time to infinite, damage to the lowest (minimum) setting, and change gauge to max.

Gouki's (Akuma) Stage

Defeat Gouki in arcade mode on the SNK groove to unlock his stage (secret 69) in the secret shop. His stage will cost 1,500 vs. points.

Morrigan's Stage

Defeat Morrigan in arcade mode to unlock her stage (secret 67) in the secret shop. Her stage will cost 1,200 vs. points.

Nakoruru's Stage

Defeat Nakoruru in arcade mode to unlock her stage (secret 68) in the secret shop. Her stage will cost 1,200 vs. points.

Pair Match Mode

Defeat Morrigan and Nakoruru in arcade mode to unlock pair match mode (secret 71) in the secret shop. Pair match mode will cost 1,800 vs. points.

Adjustable Ratios In Vs. Mode

Defeat Gouki in arcade mode on the Capcom groove to unlock adjustable ratios (secret 72) in the secret shop. It will cost 1,500 vs. points and unlock the option in vs. mode.

Get Points Without Playing

You can earn free vs. points for the secret shop if you go to training mode, choose your characters and opponent, then just leave the game on for around 2 to 2.5 hours at the battle screen. After that time you will have earned about 999 vs. points. Note: 999 is the maximum number of vs. points that can be earned in one training match. To earn more points, simply exit training mode, enter again and repeat the process.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs



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In-depth Blanka FAQ

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FAQ/Move List

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