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Your Rating: allows you to play CastleMiner Z exactly how you want with our collection of hints, tips, and cheats. In this online, co-op, survival horror game you travel with your friends in a massive and ever-changing world while trying to defend yourself from the oncoming zombie horde. This is more than just a slice-and-dice zombie game, though. You will need to maintain your mining operations to gather the necessary resources to craft the weapons you need to survive.

CastleMiner Z is a popular 2D real-time strategy game on the Xbox 360, and it can be a real challenge. With our list of cheats, hints, guides and secrets you can develop better strategies, get past the most frustrating bits, and extend the life of the game. Try some of the codes that have been validated by our staff and other users and see how the game experience can change.

CastleMiner Z is a Strategy/2D Real-Time Strategy video game for Xbox 360 developed and published by Unknown on November 9, 2011. It's rated Not-Rated by the ESRB and 17 of our users have voted it 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Assault Rifle At Beginning Of Game

First, you go to Castle Miner Z (duh) and go down to redeem code (still duh) and type in the words (and numbers): 2BE172F6 and a screen will pop up and say "Start of with Assault Rifle". Well there ya go, enjoy!

Unlimited Supplies

First you make a crate. Then, for example, you want to duplicate a diamond. Put the diamond in the crate, then you hold left analog stick up or down and press A really fast.

Dubble Stuff

You can dubble wepons and blocks by dowing this glitch
You need 2 people a block/wepon to dubble
First get a block or wepon put it in a create someone keeps on pressing A on the wepon/create and the other person does the same to do with wepons someone presses A on it the other person moves the assult rifle and you can do that untill the box is filled and same with the blocks.

Unbreakable Tools

In the game make a pickaxe and collect as much bloodstone as you can build a closed house and make a pickaxe and it never breaks or make 1000 picks in a game.

Hard Core Castle Miner Z Hints

You need to get a iron pick axe and dig deep enough to get to blood stone exspand it and you can almost live for ever.

Big Money

Go to creative, start the game with 1 or 2 players, walk 4000-5000 paces then you get to rock and lava and there will be gold, diamonds, and there will be holes in the ground where There will be bloodstone in there. Make sure you have a diamond pick axe or bloodstone pick Then save the game. Whoever is host saves map. Make sure you have 1 or 2 safehouses in map. Make sure you have at least 2 crates to put the stuff you have in but keep the things you want to spawn with in your inventory. After you save the game you can go to endurance or survival or creative and edit the map.

Welcome to Hell

If you mine down far enough, you will eend you in hell, but the more fun way is to travel 3,100 blocks. If you go 3,100 blocks you will also go to mineral land. Mineral land is where all the minerals are. You can find diamonds, bloodstone, iron ore, copper ore, and many more things.

Getting Easy Supplies

First off make sure you have some sort of assault rifle and then go to Dragon Endurance (Single-player, or Online, doesn't matter) and keep playing for about 2 hrs and maybe, just maybe, you could have some diamond, bloodstone, gold, iron, copper and didn't move a step!





  • 28 Days Later : Survive for 28 days
  • 28 Weeks Later : Survive for 196 days
  • Air Defense : Kill a dragon with a guided missile
  • Alien Encounter : Get close to an alien
  • Alien Technology : Make a kill with a laser weapon
  • Anniversary : Survive for 365 days
  • Around the World : Travel 5000 blocks from start
  • Boom! : Kill an enemy with a grenade
  • Crafter : Craft 100 items
  • Deep Digger : Dig 20 blocks below the surface
  • Deep Freeze : Travel 3000 blocks from start
  • Demolition Expert : Craft TNT
  • Desert Crawler : Travel 1000 blocks from start
  • Dragon Slayer : Kill the undead dragon
  • Fire in the Hole! : Kill an enemy with TNT
  • First Contact : Travel 50 blocks from start
  • Hell On Earth : Travel 3600 blocks from start
  • Leaving Home : Travel 200 blocks from start
  • Master Craftsman : Craft 1000 items
  • MinerZ Potato : Play for 100 hours
  • Mountain Man : Travel 2300 blocks from start
  • No Fear : Kill 100 enemies
  • One Week Later : Survive for 7 days
  • Self Defense : Kill one enemy
  • Short Timer : Play for one hour
  • Survived the Night : Survive for 1 day
  • Survivor : Survive for 100 days
  • Tinkerer : Craft one item
  • Veteran MinerZ : Play for 10 hours
  • Welcome to Hell : Dig 40 blocks below the surface
  • Zombie Slayer : Kill 1000 enemies

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