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Chasm is a video game for PC developed and published by Unknown. It has an unknown or pending rating from the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Chasm were added August 21, 2001.




Reset All Frags

(multiplayer only) At console window type - RESETFRAGS. Resets all frags on the server.

Set Your Name For Multiplayer

(multiplayer only) At console window type- NICK NEWNAME. To set your name for a multiplayer game.

Multiplayer Name

(multiplayer only) At console window type- NICK. Without the current name it show's a new name for your player.

Kill Player's

(multiplayer only) At the console window type - KILLP #. In the place of the # put the player you want to kill. ex. KILLP 4

Kick Players

(multiplayer only) At console window type - KICK #. Replace the # sign with the player you want to kick off the game. ex. Kick 3

Change Shadows

At console window type - SHADOWS #. Sets the a higher limit on the shadows casted by 3D objects.

All Weapons

At console window type - WEAPON.

Toggle With Sound

At console window type - REVERSE. To reverses left and right sound channels.


At console window type - RESPAWN # - Which ever number you place in the # determins the speed of respawn for the monsters.

Bring Monsters Back To Life

At console window type - REANIMATE.

No Monsters

At console window type - NOMONSTERS.

Destroy All Monsters

At the console window type - KILL.


At the console window type- INVISIBLE. To gain 2 minutes of pure invisibilty.

Level Warp

At console window type - GO# - In the place of the # type the number of the desired level you want.

Full Map

At console window type - FULLMAP.


At console window type- DEPTH. To change the disant fade.


At console window type - CHOJIN

Full Armor

At Console window Type- Armor. Gives you 200% armor.

Full Ammo And All Weapons

At the console window type- Ammo


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