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Command & Conquer (also known as C&C) is a Strategy/Action Strategy video game for PlayStation developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Command & Conquer were added February 13, 2009. We also have the game available on Nintendo64, PC, in addition to PSX.




NOD Covert Ops Mission Passwords

Mission		Password

Bad Neighborhood	C99X6L0D9
The Tiberium Sun	W1N4V4TKB
Cloak & Dagger	C99FJ8DM5
Hostile Takeover	C99F1A8VH
NOD Death Squad	0LF0D3T25
Under Siege: C&C	457E1D682

NOD Special Ops Mission Passwords

Mission	Password

20	3O5MO802

NOD Mission Passwords

Mission	Location		Password

2A	Egypt		C99FAXKW8
3A	Sudan		EDT4LLS9D
4A	Chad		JY2RPNB0L
4B	Chad		4QHTTEY4B
5 	Mauritania		W15DASRS8
6A	Ivory Coast		9QYUCB63B
6B	Benin		208F7432R
6C	Nigeria		Q0WRYGFWX
7B	Cameroon		OX3UJ0V6Q
7C	Central African Republic	C9R67C70W
8A	Zaire		OH1Y3FSC2
8B	Zaire		GTJKE8W7B
9A	Egypt		Y4UMW1NWE
10A	Angola		BBK5ONRL4
10B	Tanzania		MILZJC113
11A	Namibia		OX3UKOP94
11B	Mozambique		GTJ26Z72A
12A	Botswana		A9G1KD5FJ
12B	Botswana		CSZZGEJ8H
13A	South Africa		W3C6NH4OV
13B	South Africa		AJ5CEQE7I
13C	South Africa		25UJG3YHZ

GDI Covert Ops Mission Passwords

Mission		Password

Blackout		GT1BEQHY8
Hell's Fury		8PH1RPW9W
Infiltrated!		SHDZUI8ID
Elemental Imperative	8PZAIF13P
Ground Zero		GT1TAEXF9
Twist of Fate	C9RO8NZGU
Blindsided		W15VEC3SQ

GDI Special Ops Mission Passwords

Mission	Password

3	878FR0G1M

View Credits

Enter "JC" as a password.

View FMV Sequences

Enter "CINEMA" as a password, then wait until the FMV sequences appear.

Japanese Narration

Enter "GODZILLA" as a password.

Cover Operations Missions

Enter "COVERTOPS" as a password. This password may be enabled on either disc with different results.

Bonus Level

Enter "PATSUX" as a password on the GDI disc. Then, a bonus level with $10,000, extra tiberium, and tweleve commandos will begin.

Unlimited Money

Pause the game and press Right, Down(2), Left, L1, Left, Right, Down, Left for an additional $5000. Repeat this code as needed for unlimited money.

Instant Nuclear Strike

Pause the game and press Right, Down, Left(2), Down, Right(2), Down, Left, X, Up, X.

Instant Air Strike

Pause the game and press Right, Down, Left(2), Down, Right(2), Down, Left, X, Square, Circle.

Instant Ion Cannon

Pause the game and press Right, Down, Left(2), Down, Right(2), Down, Left, X, Square, Triangle.

View Entire Map

While the game is loading, hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Circle + Square. Keep the buttons pressed until the mission briefing begins. Now the entire battlefield will be displayed. Alternatively, pause the game and press Circle(3), Up, Circle, Square, R1, Circle(3).

Air-strike And Ion-cannon Together

One way to make both air-strike and ion-cannon together with just one method, press Start to pause the game. Then press Right, Down, Left(2), Down, Right(2), Down, Left, X, Square, then press Triangle + Circle. Unpause the game and you will see both air-strike and ion-cannon together.

GDI Mission Passwords

Mission	Location		Password

2	Estonia		IY2E4RGPK
4A	Poland		1NXZDC3MK
4B	Poland		LHGHL19AI
4C	Belarus		LHY8GYVDS
5A	Germany		W1N457LJ4
5B	Ukraine		OXL3NYNNO
6	Czech Republic	1MVDCPIIM
7	Czech Republic	OX3CS3D4G
8A	Austria		WMJ8FPOQH
8B	Slovakia		AAY1YZS9J
9	Hungary		CSGUOJ7AQ
10A	Slovenia		Z6J3CUD9V
10B	Romania		W5741QXPJ
11	Greece		PZBVQGKOK
12A	Albania		0M86O28IO
12B	Bulgaria		LWO3SMF6F
13	Yugoslavia		YM3XI0625
14	Yugoslavia		WMJQ8C0HG
15A	Bosnia		GTJ2PV460
15B	Bosnia		4QLR9NRLA
15C	Bosnia		C9RO0JST0


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Easy Enemy Kill

If you want to beat the enemy fast, just build about 20 men. Tt the first battle, attack the enemy while his base isn't built up. It will be really easy to beat them.

Alternate Introduction Sequence

While the game loads, hold Select to view an alternate introduction featuring Kane and his acting career.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs



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