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In the not-too-distant future, mankind relies on tiny, telepathically controlled robots to perform such dangerous tasks as deep-sea research, disaster relief and interplanetary exploration. These popular and easily customized Robos also form the favorite sport of tomorrow: battling in the holographic arenas called holosseums. Now that criminals have taken to using these mighty miniature machines as weapons, the Custom Robo phenomenon has grown into a problem for the whole of society. A young boy transfers to a new school, where he meets Robo-battle champion Saki, a young girl who won the championship partnered with her brother. Now, shes looking for a new Robo Commander to groom into a champion, and in this young boy, she sees remarkable potential. However, Saki has a secret, and when the young boy discovers the truth about his new partner, his world changes forever.

Custom Robo Arena is an Action/Adventure video game for Nintendo DS developed and published by Nintendo on March 19, 2007. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and 14 of our users have voted it 3.7 out of 5 stars.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Hadron's Second Charge

Whoever owns Hadron knows that it can do a regular charge like any other robo. But if you hit the jump button ONLY ONCE and hit the charge button, it will do sort of a flying kick towards your opponent.

King Class

You know the class where it says "Fellow", "Journeyman", "Viscount", or "Duke"? Well you can upgrade it to "King". If you get your EXP. points up to 9999, your class will become "King".

Hurt Hardon

Ok, if you've beaten the game (like I have), you know the part where you have to fight an ALMOST invincible Hardon. You can do damage to him if you hit hit before he becomes invincible. There is NO WAY to kill him in this small amount of time. But it is cool to see him with some damage.

Fighting Cheepers

You know Cheepers, the parrot that hangs around with Marv? Well, you can fight him. In the "Onto the Grand Battle" portion of the game, go talk to Marv. He is in Midheart High's school cafeteria. He wants you to beat level 10 of the arcade battle challenge in the Robocenter with the Chick Robo. To get the Chick set, go to the Team Numero Uno clubhouse. Go up the stairs and check out the boxes on the left. Someone should come out. Fight him and he will give you the Chick set. If you beat level 10 without the Chick Robo first, it will be easier. You don't have to use the whole set, just the robo. After that, go and fight Marv. When you beat him, talk to Cheepers. He'll say Marv is weak and wants you to battle him. Say yes and after you beat him, he'll be throwing his robo cube up and down with his beak.


If you have every body part except one, don't freak out. After you completely beat the "Onto the Grand Battle" portion of the game, go to the Team Numero Uno clubhouse and go inside. Eddy should be standing at the deck and wants to "talk" with you. Fight him and when you win, he will give you Mistral, the Power Lightning Sky.

The Underground & Dark Commander's Mark

To go into the Underground, you must have the Dark Commander's Mark. (This is only do-able in the "Onto the Grand Battle" portion of the game.) About when you are halfway done, go to the Team Numero Uno clubhouse. You should see a dark replica of you standing there. Battle him and get the Mark. Then go to the harbor district. Go to the most southwest house you can find. Talk to the man and he will open up a passage to the Underground where you can buy illegal parts. (They are really expensive. Leg parts and Holloseums are $200 a piece!)




Video Chips

During the Onto Grand Battles part of the game,go to the Team Numero Uno clubhouse. Then go to the thing that looks like a microwave and press A. Then go to the police station and talk to the guy by the right hand wall. He will give you a chip from Stark.

Ray & Sagiterrius Gun

After you completely beat the "Onto the Grand Battle" portion of the game, go to the Team Numero Uno clubhouse and go inside. Eddy should be standing there and he wants to "talk" with you. Fight him and when you win, you will get Mistral, the Power Lightning Sky. But then Liv runs in and tries to avenge him. Fight her and when you win, she'll give you the Ray and the Sagiterrius Gun. Dennis will run in, there will be talking, and then that is the complete end of the game.


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