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Cyberstorm 2 is a video game for PC developed and published by Unknown. It has an unknown or pending rating from the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Cyberstorm 2 were added May 9, 2002.




File Hack

Edit your STORM.INI file by adding the following codes on a new line, which will add a menu item that you can use during the game.


I'll Buy That For A Credit-Get 1 credit 
Will work for credits-Get 1,000 credits 
Mo money-Get 10,000 credits 
Too much wheat-Get 100,000 credits 
You may have already won-Get 1,000,000 credits 
CUC-Get Mega credits 
As Good as it Gets-Max-O-Repair 
He Who Dies With The Most Toys-Gain all technologies 
Home is where the heart is-Max-O-Facilities 
Must have!-Max-O-Chassis 
It was nice while it lasted-Go back to normal technologies 
You da man-Max-O-Commander (Tech + Credits + Facilities) 

Death to all who oppose us-Crush all enemies 
Did I break your concentration-Touch 'o Death (one) 
Feel my wrath-Restock selected vehicles 
Fly Away-Get Mega turn-based move points 
Freaky Friday-Become another player 
Go Go Power Ranger-Reset selected units 
It's just a flesh wound-Repair selected vehicles 
Let there be light-Fog of War Changes 
Let there be light v2-Fog of War: Godlike 
Tarsus-Heal selected pilots 
That must hurt-Touch 'o Death (many) 
There can be only one-I am invincible! 
Vengeance is mine-Get Mega turn-based action points 


While in the BioDerm facility, you can use the Ctrl - LeftBrace / Ctrl-RightBrace to give yourself any pilot face.

Face Select

At the BioDerm facility to select a new pilot face, press [Ctrl] + [Left Square Bracket] or [Ctrl] + [Right Square Bracket].


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