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John Romero, codesigner of Wolfenstein 3-D , Doom , and Quake , unveils his action masterpiece in Daikatana . Using sidekicks, a supernatural time-traveling sword, and role-playing elements, Romero made the game of his dreams. Whether its the game of your dreams depends on your appreciation of classic action gameplay and your patience with sometimes screwy artificial intelligence. Utilizing id Software's Quake 2 engine (since eclipsed by Quake 3 , released last fall), Daikatana 's graphics are sharp and serviceable but lack the cutting-edge special effects of recent games. Gameplay follows the standards set by Romero's Doom and Quake designs and rarely deviates from "shoot first, ask questions later." Daikatana 's enormous amount of content offsets its graphical and gameplay shortcomings--there's simply a lot of game to uncover. Players assume the role of Hiro Miyamoto, on a mission to uncover the secrets of a mystical sword called the Daikatana. Over the course of 24 large levels, Hi

Daikatana is an Action/First-Person Action video game for PC published by Eidos Interactive. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Daikatana were added May 7, 2002. We also have the game available on Nintendo64, in addition to PC.




Level Names

Use one of the following entries with the changelevel or map codes.

Location                     Level name 
Marsch 1                        E1M1A 
Marsch 2                        E1M1B 
Marsch 3                        E1M1C 
Sewer System 1                  E1M2A  
Sewer System 2                  E1M2B  
Solitary 1                      E1M3A 
Solitary 2                      E1M3B 
Crematorium 1                   E1M4A  
Crematorium 2                   E1M4B  
Crematorium 3                   E1M4C  
Processing 1                    E1M5A  
Processing 2                    E1M5B  
Icelab 1                        E1M6A 
Icelab 2                        E1M6B 
Icelab 3                        E1M6C 
Vault 1                         E1M7A 
Vault 2                         E1M7B 
Lemnos Isle 1                   E2M1A  
Lemnos Isle 2                   E2M1B  
Lemnos Isle 3                   E2M1C  
Catacomb 1                      E2M2A 
Catacomb 2                      E2M2B 
Catacomb 3                      E2M2C 
Athens 1                        E2M3A 
Athens 2                        E2M3B 
Athens 3                        E2M3C 
Acropolis 1                     E2M4A 
Acropolis 2                     E2M4B 
Acropolis 3                     E2M4C 
Acropolis 4                     E2M4D 
Acropolis 5                     E2M4E 
Lair of Medusa 1                E2M5A  
Lair of Medusa 2                E2M5B  
Lair of Medusa 3                E2M5C  
Lair of Medusa 4                E2M5D  
Lair of Medusa 5                E2M5E  
Plague Village 1                E3M1A  
Plague Village 2                E3M1B  
Plague Village 3                E3M1C  
Passage 1                       E3M2A 
Dungeon 1                       E3M3A 
Dungeon 2                       E3M3B 
Dungeon 3                       E3M3C 
Wyndrax Tower 1                 E3M4A  
Wyndrax Tower 2                 E3M4B  
Crypt of Nharre 1               E3M5A  
Gharroth`s Throne 1             E3M6A  
Alcatraz 1                      E4M1A 
Alcatraz 2                      E4M1B 
Alcatraz 3                      E4M1C 
Beneath the Rock 1              E4M2A  
Beneath the Rock 2              E4M2B  
Tower of Crime 1                E4M3A  
Tower of Crime 2                E4M3B  
Tower of Crime 3                E4M3C  
Mishima Labs 1                  E4M4A  
Mishima Labs 2                  E4M4B  
Mishima Labs 3                  E4M4C  
Mishima`s Hideout 1             E4M5A  
S.E.A.L. Training Center 1      E4M6A  
S.E.A.L. Training Center 2      E4M6B  
S.E.A.L. Training Center 3      E4M6C  

Cheat Codes

Start the game with the "+set console 1" command line parameter. Press ~ to 
display the console window, then type "cheats on" to enable cheat mode. Then, 
enter one of the following codes in the console window to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. Note: Cheats are only effective after starting a new 
game; they cannot be used with an existing saved game.


God 			modegod
Additional health		health [100 or greater]
Increase power		boost power
Increase attack		boost attack
Increase speed		boost speed
Increase acro		boost acro
Increase vitality		boost vitality
Increase all stats		boost all
Weapon select		weapon_give_[1-10]
Infinite ammunition		g_unlimited_ammo 1
Kill all monsters in current level	massacre
Invisibility			notarget
Rampage mode		rampage
No clipping mode		noclip
Cycle three camera view		scam_toggle
Camera focused on next monster	cam_nextmon
Cycle all characters on level	cam_nextmon
Cycle sidekicks on level		cam_nextsidekick
Screenshot			screenshot
Change game speed, 1.0 is default	timescale [speed]
Level select			map [level name]
Key command binding		bind [key and command]
Select active server		connect [server]
Toggle game engine messages	developer [1 or 0]
Toggle clean map load
 with no caching 		flushmap [1 or 0]
Toggle rendering speed display	r_speeds [1 or 0]
Toggle flat-shaded polygons	r_drawflat [1 or 0]
Toggle lightmaps on surfaces	r_fullbright [1 or 0]
Toggle line drawing (not available
 on Voodoo cards)		gl_polylines [1 or 0] 
Disable cheats		cheats 0


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