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Boasting new characters, modes, and upgrades, and incorporating elements of 2012's Dead or Alive 5 and the Vita-exclusive Dead or Alive 5+, Team Ninja's titillating fighting series returns with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Five new characters join the action, including two from the Ninja Gaiden franchise, and five new battle stages include the deck of an aircraft carrier, a desert wasteland, and the near-future rooftops of Tokyo. There are a host of new gameplay tweaks and additions as well, including a new mode that allows for two-on-two online co-op tag-team matches. Combat once again takes a rock-paper-scissors form, with participants exchanging a series of strikes, holds, and throws to outmuscle their opponent. Landing specific moves leaves opponents in a Critical Stun state, which prevents blocking and can lead to devastating Critical Combos, Power Blows, and the new Power Launcher move. The new Team Fight mode lets crews of seven fighters duke it out for ultimate supremacy, while the new Prize Fighters system, character points, and added grades have been included to reward the most skilled players with another challenge. Other new features include extra costumes, an expanded tutorial mode, and customizable soundtrack music.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is a Fighting/3D Fighting video game for PlayStation 3 developed by Team Ninja and published by Tecmo on September 3, 2013. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate were added September 7, 2013. We also have the game available on Xbox 360, in addition to PS3.




OMG Breast Motion Unlock

Achieve the "Failure Teaches Success" trophy by seeing 10 characters' losing poses to unlock the OMG breast motion option in the menu.


  • A Fight to Remember : Save a replay. : Bronze
  • A Fighter is Born : Complete all lessons in Tutorial. : Silver
  • A New Challenger Appears! : Played in Combo Challenge. : Bronze
  • Ahhh, Memories : View your photos in the Album. : Bronze
  • Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere : Set "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have 10 Throwdowns in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode. : Silver
  • Arcade (Solo) Cleared : Clear 1 course in Arcade (solo) mode. : Bronze
  • Arcade (Tag) Cleared : Clear all courses in Arcade (tag) mode. : Bronze
  • Blow 'Em Away : Successfully land a Power Blow. : Bronze
  • Catch and Release : Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Sky City Tokyo. : Silver
  • Change of Power : Press H+P+K during a Power Blow to tag in a partner and deliver a Tag Power Blow. : Silver
  • Cliffhanger Comeback : Successfully block an opponent's attack during a Cliffhanger. : Bronze
  • DOA5 Ultimate Is My Life : Fight online 100 times. : Gold
  • DOA5 Ultimate Master : Unlock all trophies. : Platinum
  • Down You Go : Successfully attack during a Cliffhanger. : Bronze
  • Exercise Newbie : Complete all moves for a character in Command Training. : Silver
  • Failure Teaches Success : See 10 characters' losing poses. : Silver
  • Fighter, Know Thyself : View your results in Fight Record. : Bronze
  • Fighting Entertainment : Have your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes. : Bronze
  • Fighting For Real : Play a Ranked match. : Bronze
  • First Tag Team : Fight a tag match. : Bronze
  • Fledgling Fighter : Fight a Versus (solo) match. : Bronze
  • Gesundheit! : Trigger the Special Danger Zone in The Show. : Silver
  • Get out there and Fight! : Play a Lobby match. : Bronze
  • How Do I Fight Like a Pro? : Display the Move Details. : Bronze
  • How Do I Fight? : Display the Move List. : Bronze
  • I Read Every Move : Win without taking any damage. : Silver
  • My Fight, My Rules : Create your own online lobby. : Bronze
  • On the Edge of Your Seat : Play Spectator mode. : Bronze
  • Power in Numbers : Have a Team Fight. : Bronze
  • Rival Rampage : Fight online 10 times. : Silver
  • Rival Rumble : Fight online. : Bronze
  • Rivals : Register a fighter in your Fighter List. : Bronze
  • Safety First : Turn Danger Zones off on the Stage Select screen. : Bronze
  • Say Cheese! : Take a photo in Spectator mode. : Bronze
  • Survival (Solo) Cleared : Clear 1 course in Survival (solo) mode. : Bronze
  • Survival (Tag) Cleared : Clear all courses in Survival (tag) mode. : Bronze
  • Tango Kilo November : Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Hot Zone. : Silver
  • The Power of Two : Perform 10 kinds of character-specific tag throws. : Silver
  • Time Attack (Solo) Cleared : Clear 1 course in Time Attack (solo) mode. : Bronze
  • Time Attack (Tag) Cleared : Clear all courses in Time Attack (tag) mode. : Bronze
  • Training Hard : Play Free Training mode for 1 hour. : Silver
  • Turn it Up : Change the background music settings. : Bronze
  • Unchallenged Champion : Complete all lessons for a character in Combo Challenge. : Gold
  • We Have Liftoff! : Successfully deliver a Power Launcher. : Bronze
  • Who's Got Popcorn? : Watch a movie. : Bronze
  • You Asked for It! : Set "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have a Throwdown in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode. : Bronze
  • You're It : Fight a Versus (tag) match. : Bronze
  • Your Education Begins Now : Play in Tutorial. : Bronze
  • Unlockable Music

  • DOA2 Music : Finish Arcade mode twice
  • DOA3 Music : Finish Arcade mode once

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