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EA's sci-fi themed survival horror series returns with a new emphasis on online co-op action and weapon crafting as players once again take control of Isaac Clarke as he battles mutant Necromorphs and struggles to maintain sanity and in Dead Space 3. Much of the action takes place on the frozen planet Tau Volantis as Clarke and newcomer John Carver attempt to find the source of the Necromorph infestation and track down their missing friend Ellie Langford. Gamers can take on the main campaign alone, but the co-op storyline reveals more intricate details of the plot. Dead Space 3 presents a variety of new challenges, including the unforgiving elements of Tau Volantis, massive foes, and a new human adversary in the form of Unitologist soldiers. Other new features include the ability to roll and take cover, and a weapon-crafting system that finds gamers collecting and combining parts to create thousands of different custom firearms. As always, players can access holographic menus to check their health and supplies, and the key to combat is once again to strategically dismember mutants before they get too close.

Dead Space 3 is an Action/3D Platform video game for PC developed by Visceral and published by Electronic Arts on February 5, 2013. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Dead Space 3 were added December 19, 2013. We also have the game available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, in addition to PC.




DLC Achievements: Awakened

  • Bad Moon Rising : Complete Dead Space™ 3 Awakened. : 50
  • Get to the Chopper! : Awakened: Escape from Tau Volantis to the Terra Nova. : 50
  • Heaven Can Wait : Awakened: Stasis your Co-Op partner when he is downed to slow his bleed out timer. : 20
  • Heretic : Awakened: Kill the Unitologist Cult Leader. : 20
  • Just the Tip : Awakened: Craft a weapon using a MK-II Weapon Tip. : 20
  • Pure Lunacy : Complete Dead Space™ 3 Awakened in Pure Survival Mode. : 50
  • Supercharger : Awakened: Finish charging the reactor in under 90 seconds. : 20
  • True Believer : Awakened: Allow the Unitologist Cult Leader to survive. : 20
  • Unlockable Devil's Horns (The Foam Finger)

    To unlock the Devil's Horns weapon, you just need to finish the game while in "Classic Mode".

    Unlock Retro Mode

    To unlock Retro mode, you must complete the game while on "Hardcore Mode"

    Steam Achievements

  • Get On My Level (10 points) - Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
  • The Explorer (25 points) - Complete all optional missions.
  • Aren't You Thankful? (50 points) - Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.
  • Epic Tier 4 Engineer (40 points) - Complete the game in Classic Mode.
  • Survivalist (40 points) - Complete the game in Pure Survival Mode.
  • Gun Collector (25 points) - Collect all Weapon Parts.
  • The Professor (25 points) - Collect all Artifacts.
  • The Librarian (25 points) - Collect all Logs.
  • The Armorer (25 points) - Collect all Circuits.
  • There's Always Peng! (50 points) - Find Peng.
  • My Buddy (10 points) - Retrieve Resources from a Scavenger Bot at a Bench.
  • Metal Detector (30 points) - Successfully deploy Scavenger Bots to 15 Resource Areas.
  • Strapped (10 points) - Craft a Weapon.
  • Circuit's Edge (10 points) - Add a Circuit to a Weapon.
  • EMT (25 points) - Craft a Large Med Pack.
  • Full House (25 points) - Craft a Weapon with 2 Tools, Tips, and Attachments with all Circuit slots filled.
  • RIG Master (50 points) - Fully upgrade your RIG.
  • Master Plan (25 points) - Create a Blueprint that needs at least 2000 resources worth of parts and Circuits to build.
  • From the Jaws (10 points) - Save your Co-Op partner from an execution by killing the attacker.
  • Share and Share Alike (10 points) - Use the RIG to give an item to your Co-Op partner.
  • Medic! (10 points) - Revive your Co-Op partner 10 times.
  • Ghosts of the Past (25 points) - Face all of Carver’s demons by completing all Co-Op only optional missions.
  • Architect (10 points) - Share a Blueprint with your Co-Op partner.
  • Axes High (20 points) - Kill 30 enemies using Fodder axes.
  • Payback (15 points) - Kill a Soldier by TK'ing a grenade or rocket back at them.
  • Go for the Limbs! (10 points) - Dismember 500 limbs from living enemies.
  • And Then We Doubled It! (10 points) - Dismember 1000 limbs from living enemies.
  • Slow Mo (10 points) - Kill 50 enemies while they are in stasis.
  • Blast Corps (10 points) - Kill 30 enemies with explosion damage.
  • Shootbang (10 points) - Kill 30 Soldiers with head shots.
  • Empty Chamber (10 points) - Kill 30 enemies using melee strikes or a melee Weapon Part.
  • Dropping Acid (10 points) - Dissolve 50 enemies with acid.
  • Electric Lawnmower (10 points) - Kill 30 enemies using an electrified Ripper blade.
  • Overpowered Healing (10 points) - Use quick heal to heal yourself 20 times.

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