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Part of an ambitious multimedia campaign that includes a serialized TV drama on the SyFy network, Defiance is a massively multiplayer shooter set primarily in the San Francisco area of a near-future Earth. In the world of Defiance, a group of seven alien races fled the dying star system of Votan in the hopes of peacefully assimilating on Earth. But war broke out, and the alien ark-ships were destroyed, leaving many floating in near orbit, and sending others crashing into the ground where they released terraforming technology that drastically altered the globe in mere decades.

After years of fighting, some humans and aliens formed a tenuous alliance as their cultures gradually melded, while other groups remain at odds with one another and with various creatures that now roam the planet. Gamers step into this world as an Ark Hunter, nanosuit-wearing mercenaries who specialize in combat and salvage, and head into the frontier-like wilderness of the new Bay Area to seek out fallen ships in hopes of turning alien technology and minerals into large sums of money. Players can choose their gender, decide to be human or of the alien Irathient race, customize their appearance, and then select from four different origins.

The main storyline in Defiance centers on wealthy industrialist Karl Von Bach, who is known for encouraging Ark Hunters to help him find valuable alien technology. But a ship carrying Von Bach is shot down, and gamers must travel across the Bay Area helping survivors and seeking out the missing C.E.O. Defiance is littered with side missions for fans of both solo- and multiplayer action, including raids on enemy bases, vehicular time trials, and destruction-filled rampages. Gamers earn XP and level up as they complete missions and kill enemies, accessing new weapons and technology, including powerful EGO nanosuits that can temporarily imbue characters with superhuman abilities.

The multiplayer aspect of Defiance manifests itself in a variety of ways. Gamers can team up with friends to investigate minor Arkfalls (when chunks of Votan ship crash into Earth), while majors Arkfalls are often guarded hoardes of giant beasts and large groups must work in conjunction to loot the wreckage. The team-based Shadow War and free-for-all Deathmatch PvP modes are typical of multiplayer shooter action, while Defiance also includes the crafting, trading, and guilds more often associated with MMOs.

Defiance is a Role-Playing/Online video game for PlayStation 3 published by Trion Worlds on April 2, 2013. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Defiance were added April 6, 2013. We also have the game available on PC, Xbox 360, in addition to PS3.





  • A Friend in Need : Revive another player outside the tutorial : Bronze
  • Abundance of EGO : Earn 50 perks : Silver
  • Arkhunting : Complete your first minor arkfall : Bronze
  • Arkhunting Party : Complete your first major arkfall in the Bay Area : Bronze
  • Arkhunting Safari : Complete 10 major arkfalls in the Bay Area : Bronze
  • Bit of an EGO : Earn your first perk : Bronze
  • Brain Surgeon : Kill 50 players with headshots : Bronze
  • Broom Closet : Complete the Soleptor Excavation co-op map : Bronze
  • Calculated Killer : Kill 10,000 enemies : Silver
  • Call Me Psycho : Complete the Island of Lost Soldiers co-op map : Bronze
  • Chasing Shadows : Capture 50 points in Shadow War : Bronze
  • EGO Maniac : Completely upgrade 25 perks : Silver
  • EGOcentric Arkhunter : Reach EGO Rating 2500 : Gold
  • EGOtistical : Reach EGO Rating 500 : Bronze
  • Everyone Will Die : Complete Act 4 : Bronze
  • Executive Wash Room : Complete a daily contract for Von Bach Industries : Bronze
  • Freight Magnate : Win 10 matches in Freight Yard : Bronze
  • Good Cardio : Swim a total of 1 kilometer : Silver
  • Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! : Complete the Motherlode co-op map : Bronze
  • High Speed Pursuit : Complete 15 pursuits in the Bay Area : Bronze
  • Holy Shtako! : Complete the tutorial : Bronze
  • Hot Pursuit : Complete 5 pursuits in the Bay Area : Bronze
  • Individual Pursuit : Complete your first pursuit in the Bay Area : Bronze
  • Key to Paradise : Increase reputation with Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Top Notch Toolworks and Echelon : Bronze
  • Legend of Defiance : Complete all other trophies : Platinum
  • Monolithic Landmark : Cross the Golden Gate Bridge : Bronze
  • Not Bad at All : Complete the Commandeer Cronkhite co-op map : Bronze
  • Office in Back : Complete a daily contract for Top Notch Toolworks : Bronze
  • Overdosing : Complete the Liberate the Lost co-op map : Bronze
  • Powerful EGO : Completely upgrade an EGO Power : Bronze
  • Private Booth : Complete a daily contract for Soleptor Enterprises : Bronze
  • Pursuit of Excellence : Complete 20 pursuits in the Bay Area : Bronze
  • Pursuit of Happiness : Complete 10 pursuits in the Bay Area : Bronze
  • Save Your Ganchis : Complete the Explosions 101 co-op map : Bronze
  • Secure Channel : Complete a daily contract for Echelon : Bronze
  • Seven Days a Week : Complete 4 weekly contracts : Bronze
  • Shoot to Skill : Max out one weapon skill : Gold
  • Skruggin' Ark Core : Complete Act 1 : Bronze
  • Stargazer : Win 10 matches in Observatory : Bronze
  • Stroking Your EGO : Completely upgrade a perk : Bronze
  • Super Excited : Complete the Scrapworks Salvage co-op map : Bronze
  • That Hagisi Lied : Complete Act 3 : Bronze
  • Upper Echelon : Kill 100 players : Bronze
  • Vehicular Manslaughter : Kill 25 players by running them over : Bronze
  • Wait For It… : Equip your first legendary weapon : Gold
  • Wharfie : Win 10 matches in Waterfront : Bronze
  • Who... Are You? : Complete Act 5 : Bronze
  • Widely Regarded : Get max reputation with Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Top Notch Toolworks and Echelon : Silver
  • Wrong Hands : Complete Act 2 : Bronze
  • Yeeeeeeehaaaaawww! : Jump a total of 5 kilometers with vehicles : Silver

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