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Disaster Report is truly a new and original title that almost defies classification! With elements that include actionadventure, survival, mystery, and puzzle, Disaster Report offers more than just a test of your quick reflexes, but of your quick thinking skills as well!

Disaster Report is a Simulation/Miscellaneous Sim video game for PlayStation 2 developed by Agetec and published by Tommo on February 20, 2003. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Disaster Report were added March 16, 2003.




All Maps


All Compasses


Low Water Consumed


Low Distance Traveled


No Falls


No Game Overs


Always 1st Save


Low Play Time


Infinite Health


Never Thirsty


(Master Code) - Game Shark / Code Action Replay



Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Combination To Safe

Depress X at all the office desks and you'll end up finding some books. Read the novel and you'll find a memo that has the combination to the safe.

Photo Album

Successfully complete the game to unlock a photo album.

Store With Boxes And Patrol

Head out into the backroom where the lockers are and go through the next door down leading out behind the counter. Take the MARKET KEY from the wall behind the till and use it to open the door to the right of the lockers. Go out. Once in there, wait until the guy with the torch has snooped around and then walk up, through the boxes, into the area where he was. If you walk to the top of the screen, a cut-scene will show the area behind you being cut off. Now you have to crawl under the beds (head right) and then avoid the other guy before going up the escalator.

Stealth Level (Plaza)

On this level you need to hide from the guys with the guns and rocket launcher. Once they enter the building, one of them will shoot rockets and block your direction towards the right. You will need to go through the small area towards the left, you previously cleared with the water hose. There you will find a bottle and a water fountain to drink/save. Move further along this direction and you will a guy patrolling left and right in the mall. Make your way towards him by hiding behind the colums/etc.. when you get close enough, he will go up the escalator and turn left. Pick up the crank (car jack) in this area before going up. Go up the escalator and turn right (remember, he turned left and you want to avoid him). From there you can find a spot to put the crank and lift the gate so you can pass.

Office Building (8th Floor) Hint

Once you have located the replacement backpack and escape map, go back past the lockers. Press R1 when the controller rumbles to brace. Go to the pile of rubble under the metal hatch that you saw from above that was bent. Press X on the rubble to reveal a new hatch that you can open and go down one level.

Speedboat Vs Helicpoter

Press R1 to brace yourself and you won't fall out of the boat.


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