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Disney Magical Racing Tour is a Racing/Miscellaneous Racing video game for Dreamcast published by Eidos Interactive. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Disney Magical Racing Tour were added March 10, 2001.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Secret Characters

When you want the secret characters you have to go to Adventure and collect all the firework pieces. To do that you have to come in first place on all the laps. Second you have to collect all the trophies. To do that collect them on all the stages. Next collect all the fairies. You have to collect all the green sparkly things flying around but you don't have to come in first. After you did all that you should have gotten three secret characters. But I won't tell you. Find out for yourself!!

Jungle Cruise

On Jungle Cruise there will be three rings. On the last ring you will see a white rock disappear. Go through that rock and there will be a booster. Drive through the booster and go off a ramp. Now you have taken a short cut.

Secret Door Trick

On the thunder mountain rail road stage drive down the road and you should see a ring. there are three. Drive through the rings and when you drive through the last ring look to the left and the pile of rocks will disappears before you go through the tunnel. NOTE:If you want to do it on the second lap you have to do the same thing again.

Haunted Mansion

When going op the stairs in the dining room, don't take the regular path. Turn down a long hallway. You will see a booster at the end and jump off that and it will bring you through a window and then a wall. But be careful you may get stuck in the hall!


When you see blue rings pass through them all. You should pass through a total of three. At the last ring a secret passage shall open up, but hurry it may disappear!


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