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Double Dragon was one of the original co-op greats, so we're eagerly biding our time until Wayforward's modern day sequel finally hits the downloadable market. Billy and Jimmy's girlfriend Marian has been kidnapped again, so it's time for these fashionably dressed brothers to hit the pavement, and a lot of dude's faces, on their way to rescue her. This time Marian has been kidnapped by a supernatural foe called Skullmageddon, who could always get a job as a one man metal band.

Double Dragon: Neon is a Fighting/2D Fighting video game for Xbox 360 developed by WayForward Technologies and published by Majesco on September 12, 2012. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Double Dragon: Neon were added September 13, 2012. We also have the game available on PlayStation 3, in addition to Xbox 360.




Unlock Playable Ro-Bro

To unlock a playable Ro-Bro, go to the Stage-Select/Map screen, press L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3, and Select and Start at the same time. Input the code again on the same screen to revert back to normal.





  • A Boo Boo (5 GP) : Knock Abobo into a pit
  • Are You Awake? (10 GP) : Win an airlock battle without attacking
  • Audiophile (20 GP) : Find one of each mix tape song
  • Bone to Pick (5 GP) : Hit Skullmageddon with a hair pick
  • Bro-merang (5 GP) : Catch a boomerang thrown by your bro!
  • Cultured (10 GP) : View every pages of the concept art gallery
  • Double Dragon (40 GP) : Finish every stage cooperatively on Double Dragon difficulty with friendly fire enabled!
  • Fuzzface!! (5 GP) : Befriend everyone's most favoritest helpful character!
  • Gleam On! (10 GP) : Dodge and get the Gleam 50 times
  • Grand Slam! (10 GP) : Defeat 4 enemies with a single bat swing!
  • High Fidelity (10 GP) : Max out a single song to stage 50
  • Is That a Quarter? (5 GP) : Knock Williams into a pit
  • Jawsome!!! (5 GP) : Expose the twin bulbs simultaneously
  • Later Ro-bros! (20 GP) : Beat every stage as a Ro-bro
  • Max Fidelity (50 GP) : Max out every song to stage 50!!
  • Metal Head (5 GP) : Upgrade a song at the Tapesmith
  • Misters Perfect (20 GP) : Finalize any stage in co-op without taking any damage... with friendly fire enabled!
  • Mr. Perfect (10 GP) : Finalize any stage without taking any damage
  • Pick a Winner! (15 GP) : Nail every enemies with the hair pick
  • Put Your Heads Together (5 GP) : Grab two enemies at once!
  • Single Dragon (50 GP) : Finish every stage solo on Double Dragon difficulty!
  • Skullmageddon's Curse (1 GP) : Nyah ha ha! Now complete what you have started!
  • The Key to Victory (5 GP) : Defeat an enemy by unlocking his potential
  • This Channel Sucks (10 GP) : Break every of the Skullmageddon monitors in the Rocket Dojo
  • Tone Deaf (25 GP) : Finalize the game without using any Sosetsitsu!
  • Tossin' on Air (5 GP) : Grab an enemy out of the air 10 times
  • Victory! (19 GP) : Defeat Skullmageddon!
  • Weapon Master (5 GP) : Use every weapon once
  • You Did What!? (10 GP) : You got 50000 on Double Dragon!?

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