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Enter the world of DRAGON WARRIOR MONSTERS on Game Boy Color. You're a young Monster Master in search of your missing sister in this RPG adventure. In order to gain the cooperation of the King, you must become the greatest Monster Master in the world by collecting, training, and breeding over 200 monsters. Your whole family is depending on you to find your sister and bring her home safely in DRAGON WARRIOR MONSTERS.

Dragon Warrior Monsters is a Role-Playing/First-Person RPG video game for Game Boy published by Eidos Interactive on January 1, 1999. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 5 of our users have voted it 5.0 out of 5 stars.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


How To Get Skydragon By Breeding

Breed a Pheonix and any Dragon.

Get Dragon

Breed two DragonKids to get the dragon.

How To Get Coatal

Breed skydragon and madknight with skydragon as the pedigree.

Mad Knight Travelers Gate

Beat the boss at the travelers gate of anger. Then there'll be an earthquake thing that makes the tree shake. Go to the farm and to where the Mad Knight was trying to jump the hole. Now you can get through to the travelers gate there.

Get Grizzly From Breeding.

To get Grizzly breed Demonite and Catfly with demonite as the pedigree. (Note: This monster is very strong.)

How To Get Skydragon

Go to the farm and look for the skydragon flying. Go under it after you spotted it then stay there until it fly`s over you. Then it will drop an egg, and in that egg is the skydragon. Go to the egg hatcher and hatch it and there is your skydragon.

Super Monster

Have a friend make a monster that you want to be very strong, but make sure your friend doesn't train it or give it any experience or seeds. Then enter a battle with your friend and have him/her submitt the lv.1 with no experience as a prize. Have your friend purposely lose the battle so you get the lv.1 monster, but the gameboy will mistake the lv.1 monster for a monster that can do a minimum of 800 damage in one blow! I am sure this code works, because I currently have 2 of these super monsters.

Double Your Monsters In VS Mode.

Find a friend to VS in VS mode. Submit a prize you want to double. Then lose purposly when game says Terry gave up whatever monster you chose shut your game off. You and your friend should both have whatever monster you chose. (note:This will only work if you have beaten B class in the starry night tournament.)


If You Breed A Servent With A Andreal To Get A Dracolord

How To Get Most Of The Bosses

Pedigree	Other		Baby

Servant	Andrel/Greatdrak*	Dracolord
Dracolord1	Divingon		Dracolord2 
Whiteking	Metalking		Hargon
Jamirus	Rosevine		Sidoh
Hargon	Orochi		Baramos
Dracolord*	Sidoh		Zoma
Durran	Divingon		Pizzaaro
Pizzaro	KingLeo		Esterk

Gat The Monsters Best Skill, Plus Breeding Tips

To bring out a monsters best skills you should....

1. Capture 2 monsters that have never been breed, and have the skills you want. 
Preferably a male and female which you will breed when they get the right skills.

2. Bring those monsters with you on your journey to a travlers gate with stronger 
monsters. Also bring lots of lovewaters, meat treats, and anything else thats 
useful (like warpwings, and warp staffs.)

3. Prolong battles with 2 or 3 monsters in it and give meat treats to the monsters 
you want to level up and learn skills.

4. When the monsters get the skills you want them to learn (you might have to 
get them to there max level) breed them. You'll have to get the new monsters up 
to the right level so it'll have all the skill you wanted.

5. Remember, a monsters can't learn a skill it's parents did not. If 2 monsters are 
breed and only learn heal, than the baby can only learn heal.

How To Get DeathMore3

Breed DeathMore2 with Mudou. DeathMore2 is the pedigree.

How To Get DarkDrium

Breed Deathmore3 with Watabou. Deathmore3 is the pedigree.

Betray The Kingdom

Rescue the Princess before you fight Dracolord. Take her with you to the final battle and the Dracolord will ask for her. You now have the choice of answering "yes" or "no."

Key To The Labyrinth

When in the Labyrinth go Up, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, and then Left. You meet Darkhorn, the monster master for that level. The treasure and the Warbou doll are fake, forget about trying to get them it is impossible.

How To Get Gophecada

To get a Gophecada go to the breeding area, breed a Madcat and a Giant Slug together and you will get a Gophecada egg. When he asks if you want to hatch it say "yes," and pay a certain amount of money.

Get Dragonlord From The Original Dragon Warrior

You must breed a Servant and a Great Drak. Servant MUST be the pedigree.

Get A Landowl

To get a Landowl breed a Bullbird with a monster from the Beast family. With the Bullbird as the pedigree.

Get Orchi

To get Orchi all you have to do is breed a monster from the Dragon family, with a Draco Lord. The Dragon has to be the pedigree.

Get MegaDrack

Get this extreamly powerful monster bye breeding dracolord as the predigree and watabou


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


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