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Driver is a Racing/Miscellaneous Racing video game for Game Boy developed by Crawfish and published by Infogrames. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Driver were added August 30, 2001. We also have the game available on PlayStation, PC, in addition to Game Boy.




Level Passwords

1 Bank Job  Face, Face, Face, Face  
2 Hide the Evidence  Tire Tread, Badge, Cone, Red Siren  
3 Boat Chase  Stoplight, Key, Key, Blue Siren  
4 Hit 5 Restaurants  Cone, Cone, Cone, Badge  
5 Superfly Drive  Key, Red Siren, Red Siren, Stoplight  
6 Bait for Trap  Key, Badge, Tire Tread, Blue Siren  
7 Take out DiAngelo  Badge, Cone, Badge, Red Siren  
Los Angeles   
8 Steal a Cop Car  Red Siren, Badge, Key, Tire Tread  
9 Get Lucky to Doctor  Cone, Blue Siren, Red Siren, Red Siren  
10 Beverly Hills Getaway  Badge, Badge, Stoplight, Cone  
New York   
11 Grand Central Station  Blue Siren, Key, Key, Key  
12 Trash Granger Car  Stoplight, Tire Tread, Red Siren, Badge  
13 Stop Grangers gang (5 cars)  Key, Badge, Badge, Cone  
14 Chase down Grangers Boy  Red Siren, Blue Siren, Red Siren, Blue Siren  
15 Crosstown Race  Tire Tread, Key, Cone, Stoplight  

Cheat Mode

At the main menu, highlight the "Undercover" option, then press Up(2), Down(2), Up, Down, Up, Down, Up(2), Down(2). Select the new cheat option that appears. Once in the cheat menu, press Right to activate or Left to de-activate the various cheats.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Strange Screen Colors

Enable cheat mode, then enable the "Test Stuff" option. Press Select during a mission or game. This changes the screen colors. Additionally, the car's coordinates appear where the damage and felony normally appear. City and type of ground Color Miami road Red Miami other drivable area Yellow Miami non-drivable area White Miami car tracks White/Yellow Los Angeles road Blue Los Angeles other drivable area Green Los Angeles non-driveable area Purple Los Angeles car tracks Green/Purple New York road Black New York other drivable area Yellow New York non-drivable area Red New York car tracks Red/Yellow The car tracks are the little crosses on the roads. The second color on the cross is the direction of cars. The cars stop at the crosses that are differently colored.

Elude Police In Survival Mode

Use the following steps to get a rank with a best time of up to 1 hour: Miami Drive north until you have to make a left turn. Take the freeway until you get to the alleyway bridge. Lose the cops on the bridge and stop. The police cars cannot regenerate on an alleyway. Los Angeles Drive to LAX (L.A. Airport), and avoid using the oncoming traffic lanes to get there. Once at the airport, drive to the south parking lot. Then, lose the cops in the parking lot. New York You will start in front of a park with a cop behind you. Lose the cop by turning around into the park. Lose the cop in the park and stop. The police cars cannot regenerate on a park area.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs



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Strategy Guide

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