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Dynasty Warriors 4 is an Action/Adventure video game for Xbox developed and published by Koei Corp on September 5, 2003. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 9 of our users have voted it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Dynasty Warriors 4 were added March 22, 2004. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, in addition to Xbox.




Unlock Lubu

To unlock Lubu, go the Main Menu screen. Type A, A, A, A, B, B, Y, X. If you enter the code correctly, you will here a sound.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Red Hare Saddle

At the Battle Of Xia Pi level, while on Lu Bu's forces, do not kill any enemy officers. You can kill peons, it is recommended that you not do this until you have gotten the item. Let Guan Yu find the Red Hare, then defeat Guan Yu. He has high attack and high defense. To do this easier, play in two player mode. Use the second player to defend Lu Bu. When Guan Yu finds the Red Hare, go and kill him. This way you do not have to worry about Lu Bu dying.

Dynasty Warrior 3 Costumes

If you are in your first costume and you are facing yourself (for example, Sima Yi vs. Sima Yi), you will see yourself in the Dynasty Warriors 3 costume for that character.

Cao Cao: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Chi Bi level under the hard difficulty setting with Cao Cao. First, approach Pang Tong to see through his trick, then defeat Zhuge Liang to stop the wind prayer. Next, defeat Gan Ning and Lu Meng to trigger the all out attack. Then, defeat Huang Gai to stop the fire attack. Finish the level with your level 9 Sword of Heaven to get Cao Cao's level 10 sword.

Cao Ren: Level 10 Weapon

On the Siege Of Fan Castle level under the hard difficulty setting, destroy all enemy castle- attacking vehicles without the castle being compromised. Lu Meng will exit the enemy castle and attack. Defeat Lu Meng. Note: Time will be extremely tight for this task. The following is the best order to destroy the four castle- attacking vehicles. Equipping a saddle is recommended. Immediately, run to the south wall. There will be a cloud ladder vehicle moving towards the west gate. Destroy the vehicle as quickly as possible. Then, immediately run to the east wall. There will be a cloud ladder vehicle approaching from the north. Destroy the vehicle as quickly as possible. Then, run to the stone toss vehicle at the south gate and destroy it. Next, run to the stone toss vehicle at the north gate and destroy it. Do not stop to fight enemy generals In between, as there is not enough time.

Da Qiao: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Xu Chang level under the hard difficulty setting on the Wu side. Defeat Deng Ai, Hu Zhi, and Dian Wei.

Dian Wei: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Wan Castle level. Defeat Hu Che Er, then join with Cao Cao. After the Cao Cao conversation with Dian Wei event, deplete about half of Zhang Xiu's HP and he will retreat. After the castle gate closes, clear the map of enemies for Cao Cao to advance. After Cao Cao reaches the dead end, two fire blocking exit messages will appear. After the Xu Chu breaks through wall event, Dian Wei earns his Level 10 Weapon.

Diao Chan: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Si Shui Gate level on Dong Zhuo's Side. Allow Sun Jian's messenger to complete his task. Then, wait for Sun Jian to defeat Hua Xiong. You must now defeat Sun Jian and Cao Cao to gain her level 10 weapon, Diva. You must quickly do this before your forces retreat and you lose the map. Play The Battle Of Si Shui Gate level. Sun Jian will send a messenger to Yuan Shao, and you must let the message be received before you defeat any enemy officers. After this, defeat two officers out of Sun Jian, Liu Bei, or Cao Cao. You should receive a message stating "Diao Chan has earned her ultimate weapon, Diva". Then, complete the level.

Dong Zhou: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Lu Bu's Revolt level under the hard difficulty setting. Kill everybody on the screen where Lu Bu is the only one alive. If done correctly, Dong Zhou will make a comment.

Gan Ning: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle of Xia Kou level under the hard difficulty setting, defeat Su Fei and Chen Shen. Wait for Zhou Yu to tell you about gun powder on Huang Zu's northern ship. A burning gun powder pot appears on the ship. Go near the gun powder pot. The gun powder pot discovery message will appear. Destroy the burning pot on Huang Zu's northern ship. Then, defeat all enemy generals on the map (Chen Jiu, Deng Long, Zhang Hu, Cai Mao) before Huang Zu's northern ship and southern ship connect. Huang Zu's two ships will connect and Huang Zu's southern ship starts burning (about three minutes after destroying the gun powder pot), with Ling Cao and Ling Tong alive. Note: In free mode, Gan Ning will appear in place of Chen Shen. Defeat him instead of Chen Shen.

Guan Yu: Level 10 Weapon

Kill all the Wu generals at the Fan Castle level under the hard difficulty setting. Make sure that all your soldiers switch sides before you kill the Wu generals.

Huang Gai: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle Of Chi Bi level under the hard difficulty setting, eliminate all enemy entry points before the fire attack, then defeat Cao Ren, Cao Hong and Cao Pi.

Huang Gai: Easy Duel Win

When the duel starts, put a bomb on the ground. Run to the wall and put another bomb down. Make sure your clear of your own bomb and put another one down. Keep hugging the wall and setting down bombs. Do not bother looking back; look at his health bar to see large chunks of health dropping. When about seven explosions hit Lu Bu or any other opponent, he will have no health but the bombs cannot actually kill him. Jump in the air and do your stomp. If you cannot jump over Lu Bu's jumping attack, stand on the ground and counter him when he attacks for his last desperation attempt.

Huang Zhong: Level 10 Weapon

Play The Battle Of Jian Ye level under the hard difficulty setting with Liu Bei's forces. You must play with Huang Zhong and defeat the officers with Huang Zhong. First, do not defeat any of the fake Sun Jians (that appear in four different places). Defeat Huang Gai, Taishi Ci, or Zhou Tai. This allows for the gates of the real Sun Jian's main camp to open. After this is done, you must defeat Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang at least once before any of them become commanders of the Wu army. A message stating that you have acquired Huang Zhong's level 10 weapon, the Oracle Sword, will appear. Then, finish the level.

Huang Zhong: Strong Character

In order to have an unbeatable Huang Zhong with two elements (Fire and the element of your choice), max out his stats. Get his tenth weapon. He should carry four items by then. Set these items: Special: Fire arrows (T attack and SST attack will have a fire element); Tiger Amulet 15+; Tortoise Amulet 15 +; Huang's Bow 15+ Orb: Level 3 Ice Orb recommended. Harness: Shadow Hare recommended

Jiang Wei

Play the Shu Musou mode as any character. Play the last level for every act until you get to the Battle Of Tian Shui level. Wait for Zhuge Liang to reveal his plan. Then, kill Jiang Wei's sub officers. Later in the level, Jiang Wei will surrender to you. Do not kill Jiang Wei. Finish the level. Alternately, play in Musou mode with Zhuge Liang. Then, kill Lu Bu in a duel under the hard difficulty setting.

Jiang Wei: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle of Tian Shui on Musou mode. To unlock this area, play the Shu Musou mode and skip to the Battle of Chi Bi on Act 3; do not play the battle of Bo Wan Po. Allow the enemy to spoil all of your ploys (Pang Tong's ploy, Zhuge Liang's calling of the wind and Huang Gai's fire attack). After all of your ploys fail, finish the battle of Chi Bi and play through the rest of the Musou mode normally. The Battle of Tian Shui will appear before the final act. When the Battle of Tian Shui begins, run quickly to the right side of Ji Castle. Kill the Guard Captain there to open the gate. Step inside to activate an enemy ambush. Then, run back around to the southern gate on Ji Castle. Kill the Guard Captain there. Once again, run inside to activate an enemy ambush. Run inside and kill Cao Ren and his two Sub-Generals. You have to do this before Cao Ren decides to charge out and attack Zhuge Liang. At this point, it would be a good idea to eliminate all enemy troops that are not inside Tian Shui Castle, including all Officers and Gate Captains. Zhuge Liang gets in trouble very easily on this map, and the enemy morale stays high throughout. Once that is done, kill the Guard Captain on the left side of Tian Shui Castle to open the gates. Just like in Ji Castle, run in to activate an enemy ambush. Then, move back out and around to the southern gate. Kill the Guard Captain there. Run inside to activate one more ambush. Run in and kill Yin Shang and Liang Xu. You then recieve Jiang Wei's level 10 weapon, Blink. Note: This map only gives you thirty minutes to finish; you must act quickly.

Liu Bei: Level 10 Weapon

In the Battle of Ru Nan under the hard difficulty setting, meet with Zhao Yun after he appears on the map (about ten to twenty seconds into the game at the bottom right horizontal path). After the Zhao Yun swears allegiance event, defeat Li Dian, and join with Zhang Fei. At the Xiahou Yuan appearance, defeat Xiahou Yuan before Guan Yu appears (about 4:30 to 5:30 into the game), defeat Yu Jin, defeat Xu Chu. At the Xiahou Dun appearance, defeat Xiahou Dun, defeat Zhang He, and defeat Yue Jin. Note: Other than defeating Li Dian after meeting with Zhao Yun and defeating Xiahou Yuan before Guan Yu appears, all other enemy generals can be defeated in any order.

Lu Bu

Play in Musou mode under the normal or hard difficulty as any character (edit officers included). In the Battle of Hu Lao Gate level, locate and defeat Lu Bu. You will unlock Lu Bu and Lu Bu's Musou mode story.

Lu Bu: Guan Du Level Appearance

This must be dome in Musou mode. Get to the level at Xi Pi as Cao Cao forces Destroy the carriage that will make Yaun Shu appear as a ally for Lu Bu. Do not kill Diao Chan, but make all Lu Bu's men surrender and kill the general at the top, because he will not surrender. After all that is done, Lu Bu will retreat with Diao Chan. Then, go to Guan Du and Lu Bu will appear. He mostly appears when you destroy the Wen Chou compound. Note: If you kill Lu Bu, Yuan Shoa's morale will drop massively, allowing you easy victory.

Lu Bu: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Lu Bu Rebellion level. Clear the entire stage of every enemy so that only Dong Zhuo remains alive. Be sure to kill every general and sub-general yourself. Lu Bu will earn his Level 10 weapon. Note: If the weapon does not appear after only Dong Zhuo is alive, move around the map awhile. There may still be ambush troops you did not encounter.

Lu Bu: Unlimited Combo

Equip Lu Bu with the Lightning Orb. Having his level 10 weapon makes this easier. Go to an officer and use Lu Bu's second charge attack where he swings his halberd around. The lightning will hit the officer into the air and you can continue hitting him. Make sure you hit him before he lands on the ground or his body will disappear. You have to do this on an officer that does not have a death intermission sequence or a Gate Captain. It is possible to get a 100+ combo by doing this.

Lu Meng: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Mai Castle level on the Wu side. First, allow Liao Hua to escape from the battle. Enter the castle through the northern gate. Kill Jiang Wei's Sub-General Wan Fu. Then, kill the Gate Captain at the north wall, then the one at the south wall. Liao Hua will return with additional troops. Destroy them, including the Sub-General in the group. Return to the castle and kill Guan Ping. This causes Guan Yu to attempt an escape. This is why the two Gate Captains had to be killed; he will try to escape to one of them if they are not sealed. Kill the northern-most Gate Captain. Guan Yu will change direction and head for the southern-most Gate Captain. Once both of those are shut off, go back into the castle and an ambush troop will appear. Destroy them. Zhang Fei should appear soon, if not already. Eliminate all Generals and Sub-Generals (besides Guan Yu). Kill Zhang Fei and you should then receive the White Tiger. Finish the level.

Lu Xun: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle of Yi Ling level under the hard difficulty setting, protect and keep Zhu Ran alive until he successfully triggers the fire attack. Enter stone maze, and pass through it.

Ma Chao: Level 10 Weapon

In the Chen Du Suppression level go to the left side of the map to trigger the appearance of enemy back-up troops. Kill the enemy back-up troop generals Pang De and Ma Dai. Note: This can only be done in Musou mode, because the generals will be Ma Chao and Ma Dai in free mode.

Meng Huo: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level under the hard difficulty setting as Meng Huo on the Nanman Forces. Kill every character that is playable. Note: Make sure you personally kill the character and have his level weapon. You will get his level 10 weapon, King Of Beast.

Meng Huo And Zhu Rong

Note: You must be in Musou mode. Defeat Meng Huo seven Times throughout the stage. At least one defeat must be a duel. Also, duel and defeat Zhu Rong. Complete Musou mode and Meng Huo and Zhu Rong will be unlocked.

Pang Tong: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Luo Castle under the hard difficulty setting on the Shu side. When Zhang Ren appears, decline his duel challenge. Destroy the bridge and kill Zhang Ren.

Qiao Sisters

In order to get the Qiao Sisters, clear the Wu Musou mode once. Then play it again, but play the Yellow Turban Fort Attack level first, then the Yellow Turban Rebellion level.

Sima Yi: Level 10 Weapon

Ho to Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains level under the hard difficulty setting and defeat Wei Yan, Jaing Wei, and Ma Chao. A message will appear, stating that Dark Feather has been unlocked.

Sun Ce: Level 10 Weapon

On Unification of Jiang Dong level under the hard difficulty setting, defeat Liang Gang. Wait for Zhou Yu to be defeated and the ally food supply fort to fall (about ten minutes). Then, defeat Chen Ji and Yue Jiu. Defeat Yuan Shu, go the bottom left path, and meet with Ji Ling. Liu Xun orders an attack on the ally food supply fort and starts moving towards it. Defeat Li Feng before Liu Xun enters the ally food supply fort. Note: Do not stop to fight Ji Ling, as there is not enough timeRun past him and head directly for Li Feng in the ally food supply fort. Riding on a horse is recommended.

Sun Jian: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Search For The Imperial Seal level under the hard difficulty setting with Sun Jian. You must defeat Li Jue, Zhang Liao, Diao Chan, and Lu Bu. Finish the level with Sun Jian's level 9 weapon to get his level 10 weapon.

Sun Quan: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of He Fei level on the Wu side. First, allow Zhang Liao to retreat. After the bridge is destroyed and Sun Jian is trapped, defeat Li Dian. Run back around to where Sun Jian is located and wait for Zhang Liao to make his ambush. Kill Zhang Liao. Then, go up the left side of the map and defeat Xiahou Yuan. Next, run across to the right side of the map and defeat Xiahou Dun. After that is done, you will receive the Master Wolf. Complete the level.

Sun Shang Xiang: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Race For Nan Territory level. Defeat Wang Lang to open the gates on the right side castle. Enter and wait for the event where Zhou Yu gets hit with an arrow. Then, kill Cao Ren. You get Sol Chakram. Finish the level.

Taishi Ci

Play the Wu Musou mode as any character. At the Campaign For Wu Territory level, defeat Taishi Ci. Then, go and secure the supply depot. Taishi Ci will then appear as reinforcement. Finish the level.

Taishi Ci: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Campaign For The Wu Territory level. There is a bridge directly in front of you. Once you cross that bridge, a message will appear stating that Yu Mi is retreating towards the Niu Zhu Fort. Catch up with him before the fort gate closes behind. Note: Have a Hare equipped. Defeat Yu Mi and Zhang Ying before they retreat. The "Taishi Ci earns Tiger Slayer weapon" message will appear.

Wei Yan: Level 10 Weapon

On the Jing Zhou Strategic Battle level under the hard difficulty setting, defeat the enemy ambush troop general Xing Dao Rong, defeat Liu Du and Liu Xian, do not defeat Jin Xuan (decline the duel), and defeat Han Xuan's sub-general Yang Ling. After Huang Zhong exit castle and attack message, defeat Huang Zhong, Wei Yan and Huang Zhong defect event.

Xiahou Dun: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle of Xia Pi level under the hard difficulty setting, after the Xiahou Dun shot by an arrow event, defeat Diao Chan.

Xiahou Yuan: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle of Mount Ding Jun level under the hard difficulty setting, immediately kill the exchanging hostage Chen Shi. Then move directly to Huang Zhong. Defeat Huang Zhong.

Xiao Qiao: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level under the hard difficulty wetting on the Wu side. Trigger the "Advance on Cheng Du" event without triggering "Cheng Du closes gate" or "Mian Zhu ambush" before Ma Chao appears. Defeat Guan Yu and Guan Ping. Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level under the hard difficulty setting on the Wu side. This has to be done in Musou mode. Trigger the "Advance on Cheng Du" event without triggering "Cheng Du closes gate" and before Ma Chao appears. Defeat Guan Yu and Guan Ping.

Xu Huang: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle of Guan Du as the Wei forces. Defeat Wen Chou and Yan Liang to trigger Yuan Shao to appear and order a charge. Shortly after that, Guan Yu will "return to his brother's side", and Liu Bei, Zhang Fei along with Guan Yu will withdraw. After this happens, wait for your two castles/forts to fall to Yuan Shao's forces. Cao Cao will retreat into his castle. The enemy supply depot will be spotted and Cao Cao will charge up the right side path to attack it. Cover him while he moves. The castle walls should soon be destroyed by the rams. Then at the supply depot, defeat Chen Yu Quiong and Lu Wei Kuan. Continue to kill enemy troops to allow Cao Cao inside to burn the enemy supply depot. Zhang He will defect to your forces and you will get Xu Huang's level 10 weapon, the Marauder.

Xu Zhu: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle of Tong Gate as the Wei forces. First, defeat both of Ma Chao's sub-generals Ma Dai and Pang De. Then, defeat Cheng Yi, Wei Yan, and his sub-general Meng Da. Next, wait for the event where Cao Cao meets with Han Sui. Afterwards, defeat any two of Han Sui's sub- generals; either Li Kan, Yang Qui or Hou Xuan. Li Kan and Hou Xuan are easiest to get, as they run ahead of Han Sui to the upper left enemy Gate Captain. After defeating them, Han Sui will join Cao Cao's Forces and you will get Xu Zhu's level 10 weapon, the Stone Crusher.

Yi Ling: Stone Sentinel Maze

When you get to the Stone Sentinel Maze, turn left and navigate on the sides in a clockwise direction. You will end up where Liu Bei is located. In the Stone Sentinel maze, do not waste your time trying to destroy all the broken statues of men in it. They do not do anything.

Yue Ying: Level 10 Weapon

On the Nan Man Campaign under the hard difficulty setting, defeat all enemy generals except Wu Tu Gu (and the defected Dong Tu Na and Ah Huei Nan). Defeat Zhu Rong in a duel, defeat Meng Huo six times (including one duel). Meng Huo appears for the seventh time in his base. Approach Wu Tu Gu. Zhuge Liang says that he has a strategy. Battle Wu Tu Gu but do not defeat him. Zhuge Liang's fire arrow attack to deal with the bamboo armored enemy soldiers event will play.

Yuan Shao: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Guan Du level under the hard difficulty setting as Yuan Shao. Protect the ramming vehicle until the castle wall falls. You will then get the Sword Of Kings.

Zhang Fei: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle At Chang Ban Bridge level under the hard difficulty setting. Defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou En, and Xiahou Ye to keep Zhao Yun alive. Accompany Liu Bei down the path across the bridge. The Chang Ban Bridge yell event with enemies in the bridge will occur. J A Do is left in the castle. A message will appear, Rescue him; go on a horse to get there fast. An event where J A Do defeats Xiohou Yaun will happen. Zhao Yun must still be alive. The weapon message will appear.

Zhang He: Level 10 Weapon

On the Battle Of Jie Ting level under the hard difficulty setting, surround Ma Su and defeat him. Then, defeat all enemy generals and sub- generals.

Zhang Jiao: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Yellow Turban Rebellion level under the hard difficulty setting on the Yellow Turban side. Defeat every General. When He Jin is killed, Dong Zhou will appear. Kill Hua Xiong. Note: Make sure Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang are still alive when Hua Xiong is killed.Information in this section was contributed by The Chen Dynasty. Play the Yellow Turban Rebellion and defeat all enemy generals and sub-generals. Defeat He Jin last. Dong Zhuo troops will appear. Defeat Hua Xiong, with Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao alive. The weapon message will appear.

Zhang Liao: Level 10 Weapon

In Lu Bu Musou mode, play the Battle At Si Shui Gate under the hard difficulty setting as Zhang Liao with your level 9 weapon. Defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei, then complete the level. Then on Hu Lao Gate, do not defeat any enemy generals until the enemy's fire attack event. To activate it, go directly towards Sun Jian, Cao Cao, or Liu Bei and it will commence. Then, defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei.

Zhen Ji: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle of Chang Ban level as Cao Cao's forces: Any Harness, the Tiger Amulet, Tortoise Amulet, Peacock Urn, and Wind Scroll are recommended. Ride towards Zhao Yun. He will challenge you to a duel; defeat him. Wait for Liu Bei to cross the bridge. Ride toward Zhang Fei. Bridge event. Zhang Fei will challenge you to a duel; defeat him. You must defeat Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei in the duels to get this weapon. Ride south to Mi Zhu and defeat him. Li Qui will arrive with Guan Yu and his navy. Defeat Li Qui first, then Guan Yu. This will prevent Liu Bei from escaping. Ride north and defeat Zhuge Liang. The "Zhen Ji earns her level 10 weapon" message will appear.

Zhou Tai: Level 10 Weapon

To get Zhou Tai's weapon, Dusk, play under the hard difficulty setting. Zhou Tai must have the weapon Dawn, at level 9. Go to the Nanman Campaign, and play on the Wu Forces. Using the Red Hare for this is recommended. Ride down and kill Wu Tugu, then get into Meng Huo's castle before Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Ne defect to the Wu side.

Zhou Tai: Over 100-hit Combo

Select Zhou Tai from the Wu forces and play the Battle Of Chang Ban level in free mode. Equip Zhou Tai with the Way Of Musou and a harness, preferably the Shadow Harness. Go through the level to clear the path for Liu Bei. Either path will do, but do not kill Cao Cao. Make sure to kill all the main officers (except Cao Cao), even the reinforcements, to ensure Liu Bei's safety. When you reach a bridge, a message will appear stating, "Liu Chan, Liu Bei's infant son, is still inside the central fortress!". Find and retrieve the son, which is in a red valuable item box. After the story line, get the item and you will have unlimited Musou for sixty seconds. Go to a group of enemies or just one and hold Circle until the Musou runs out. Keep it on one enemy and a numerous combo will happen.

Zhou Yu: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle For Fan Castle level. At 10:20.00 into the battle, the enemy Supply Team will appear at the top right corner of the map and move towards the castle's right entrance. Defeat the Supply Team Captain before the Supply Team reaches the castle. Zhou Yu will earn his Level 10 Weapon. This weapon can be obtained in the Siege of Fan Castle on the Wu side. Note: If you try to get Zhou Yu's level 10 weapon without taking care of Wu's siege weapons, Lu Meng will come forward and get killed by Cao Ren's all out charge. However, if you have an already powered up Lu Meng, choose him as player two and equip him with a Shadow Saddle, level 15 Horned Helm, Tiger Amulet, Tortoise Amulet, and Elixir. You need two good bodyguard teams, one for each player. Make them wait at Lu Meng's camp entrance. Play fast, as you have ten minutes to kill the generals and Zhen Ji's entire side. While doing this, Wei must have destroyed all your siege weapons and charged. After you clear Zhen Ji's area, make Zhou Yu wait there until the Supply Team Captain comes up. Kill him, and once you get the level 10 weapon message, switch to Lu Meng and go for Cao Ren. Cao Ren is weak against mount attacks. Keep moving and bounding him until he dies.

Zhu Rong: Level 10 Weapon

Play the Battle Of Xu Chang level under the hard difficulty setting. Join the Nanman side. Defeat Man Chong, then to to Cao Hong. Defeat him and fight off the other soldiers while you wait for the siege ramp to be set up. After that, defeat Xiahou Dun. Then, go back over to the supply depot and kill Cao Zhang. Finish the level with her level 9 Magma Wheel and you will get the level 10 Inferno.

Zhuge Liang: Level 10 Weapon

First, clear the Battle Of Jie Ting level, then choose the Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains level. Go to the left path and approach Zhang He. After the consecutive arrow vehicle event, defeat Zhang He. Approach the enemy base, and start the enrage Sima Yi event. A Supply Troop appearance message will appear. Backtrack and defeat Xiahou Dun to protect the Supply Troop. The "Supply Troop broke through battle lines and reached the ally base" message will appear. Note: This weapon can only be earned in Musou Mode. If you do not clear the Battle Of Jie Ting level first, there will be no Supply Troop appearance.

Art Of War Scroll

Follow the exact procedure to get the Charge Bracer, but with Dong Zhou's campaign at the Campaign against Sun Jian. Kill the generals until the Supply Captain appears, then kill him to get the item.

Bodyguard Manual

Play the Guan Yu's Escape level on the Shu side. When Xiahou Dun appears, let him catch-up to Guan Yu. Let them talk. The item will appear near the boat. Note: Make sure the carriage or Guan Yu does not die. Play the Guan Yu's Escape level on the Shu side as Guan Yu (recommened). Get to gate three or four and Xiahou Dun will appear. Run to the last gate and wait for him to get there. Once done, a message will appear and you will have acquired it.

Charge Bracer

Play the Sun Jian Invasion Battle level on Yuan Shao's side. Enter the castle at the top before the enemy backup troops arrive. A supply team will appear to the south of the castle. The Supply Team will not stop to attack you; they will just keep running. Defeat the Supply Captain to get it.

Elephant Saddle

Play the Nanman Campaign level as the Nanman forces. In order to get the item, you must get on an elephant and ride into the enemy's main base. The special item message will appear in your main fort. The best way to get an elephant is to play as Huang Gai and use his attack where he lays a bomb. Lay it near one of your elephant units and the rider will fall off.

Fire Arrows

Play the Unification Of Jing level on Sun Jian's forces and defeat Wang Lang's Sub-General. Make sure he is the first General you kill. You must do this before the other Generals decide to stage a joint attack. The Supply Captain appears near the upper left side castle and runs east.

Hex Mark Saddle

Win all the Musou modes until you get the Yellow Turban Musou mode. Choose the Yellow Turban Fort Attack level. Win it, then choose the Liu Bei invasion battle. Defeat Zhou Yun and Guan Yu before all the backup troops arrive. Then, defeat all other enemy generals (to ensure Zhang Jiao's safety). Bring Liu Bei's health down to about half and the special item report should appear on the little island on the lower right corner of the level.

Power Scroll

Play the Yellow Turban Fortress level on the Yellow Turban side. Kill Liu Bei and the Supply Captain will appear near the upper left side of the map and run northward. Do not worry about catching him; he stops once he gets there. Kill him and get the Power Scroll. Play the Yellow Turban Fortress level. Kill Zhao Yun in a duel, then defeat Guan Yu.

Shadow Rider Saddle

Play the Battle At Tong Gate level as the Shu forces. First, defeat the four generals in the bottom right corner, then defeat Xu Huang's sub- officer and then Xu Huang. Defeat Cao Cao's two sub-generals, then wait for Han Sui to meet with Cao Cao. After that, fight Cao Cao's men until his morale is one star. Wait for both of the following things to happen: an intermission sequence showing some of Cao Cao's men finding lots of horses; and Han Sui declining defection where he says "Ma Chao is like a son to me". The special item will then appear near the bottom right enemy Gate Captain.

Shadow Rider Saddle: Never Get Knocked Off

If you start any level on the Shadow Rider and get onto another animal (horse or elephant), you will not get knocked off, no matter what. This means that you could knock Lu Bu or Guan Yu off the Red Hare you could ride and not get knocked off.

Storm Saddle

Play the Campaign Against Cao Cao level on Lu Bu's side. Kill all the generals on the right side of the screen (near the circle object). Get ambushed by Xu Huang, then kill him. Next, go and discover the other ambush party (behind Xiahou Yuan). Kill Xiahou Yuan, then go into the castle and get ambushed again. Xiahou Dun will appear as reinforcements. Kill him and the saddle will appear near Cao Cao. Note: After you get ambushed by Xu Huang on the right side of the map, go down and discover the ambush. The ambush will retreat. Kill Xiahou Yuan, then proceed to do the rest.

Survival Guide

In order to get Survival Guide, you need to have the two Qiaos. To do this, use Wu and complete the Yellow Turban Fortress and Yellow Turban Rebellion. Then, go to Xiao Qiao save her and her sister, Da Qiao. The "A valuable item has appeared" message will appear. Then, complete the mission.

The Way Of Musou

First, get Guan Yu's Escape for Wei. Do this by choosing Yellow Turban Rebellion first in Act 1, then in Act 2, clear both stages. After the Battle of Guan Du in Act 3, it will be Wei Tales, Guan Yu's Escape. When at Guan Yu's Escape, equip the Red Hare saddle, if available. Pass the fifth gate and a Supply Team will appear around the fourth gate. Dart back, kill the Supply Team, and get the item he drops. Forget about Guan Yu and all the other generals when you get the item, and focus on the Carriage. It is somewhat easy to defeat.

Wind Scroll

To get the Wind Scroll (which boosts your weapon range), play the Battle of Xu Chang level as the Shu Forces. When Yue Ying begins to set up the Siege Ramp, protect her. However, you also have to kill Xu Zhu before your rear flank dies. Note: The Red Hare is recommended. Kill the people around Hu Zhi, and him if desired. Find and kill Man Chong. You do not have to kill Man Chong and Hu Zhi, but it is recommended. The Siege Ramp will appear. Find and kill Xu Zhu before the Flank dies. There will be a precious item report. The item will appear around the top of map, slightly off center. If that was too long to do, just make sure Yue Ying sets up the ramp and that you kill Xu Zhu before the rear flank dies.

Eclipse (Edit Officer Pike)

Play the Hu Lao Gate level on the allies side under the hard difficulty setting. You must have a level 9 Star Pike. Defeat Lu Bu to get the weapon. You can get this weapon in Free Mode.

Holy Avenger (Edit Officer Sword)

In order to get the Holy Avenger, you must have a Great Sword from edit mode. You must get it to level 8 and do the final battle and defeat Cai Ren. He gives you 1,181 experience. You need 3,000 experience. Defeat all other generals and you should level up to Holy Avenger.

Nu Wa's Rapier (Edit Officer Level 10 Rapier)

You need to have a level 9 rapier. Select the hard difficulty setting and play the Yellow Turban Menace level. When it begins, defeat (in order): Gao Sheng, Deng Mao, Huang Shao, He Yi, and Yan Zheng. You should get a message reading "… has obtained the Ultimate Weapon Nu Wa's Rapier" or something similar.

Phoenix Tail (Edit Officer Sword)

You need to have a level 9 edit officer sword. The best way to level up the sword is to do the following. At the Yellow Turban Fortress, as the Allied Forces under the hard difficulty setting, kill the following in order: He Yi, Pei Yaun Shao, and Chen Yaunzhi. You must complete killing them in under six minutes. The weapon should have +54 attack power and at level 9.

Typhoon (Edit Officer Level 10 Spear)

First, you must have an Edit Officer with a level 9 spear. Then, go to the Si Shue Gate level. Kill only officers that are not in one of the two fortress. Once Sun Jian retreats and Yuan Shao says "Is there no one who can defeat Hua Xiong?", defeat Hua Xiong. Next, go into the main fortress and kill the main general's two sub-officers. After awhile, Zhang Liao will appear as backup for the enemy. Kill Zhang Liao then go into the supply depot (the fortress nearest to your main camp) from the back entrance and kill the officers in there. Then, defeat all other enemy generals besides the main commander. Next, after all officers are gone, defeat the commander. If your weapon was level 9, it should now upgrade to level 10, Typhoon. Play under the hard difficulty setting using a created officer with a level 10 spear. When the level starts, go south, and kill (in order): Li Su, Gao Shun, and Niou Fu, Then, wait for Sun Jian to retreat, and for Hua Xiong to charge. When Yuan Shao says "Are there no warriors here that can defeat Hua Xiong?", go forward and fight Hua Xiong. Killing his sub-officers is not necessary. Then, go past where Hua Xiong was located and kill Li Jue's two sub officers, Li Meng, and Yang Feng. After defeating those two opponents, wait for Zhang Liao to appear and defeat him. After defeating him, go north, past where Li Jue is located, up to the back entrance of the enemy supply depot. Defeat Wang Fang and Fan Chou. After this, you should get a message that reads "…has obtained the Ultimate Weapon Typhoon." Then, just finish the level.

Fu Xi (Edit Officer Level 10 Sword)

To get the 10th level great sword, play the Yellow Turban Rebellion level in the Ji Province. When the stage starts, move out and defeat Pei Yuanshao, Zhang Man Cheng, Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang, Zhang Bo, and Cheng Yuanzi in that order. You need to be maximum class and have the level 9 Holy Avenger.

Edit Level 9 Weapons

If you train up an edit character so they have a level 9 weapon then create another person (with the same type of weapon, but not the same one), you will have a level 9 weapon to start with.

Electric Orbs

Electric Orbs are one of the worst Orbs. They give a lot of damage, but there is a 75% chance that the Orb will steal the points that the player gives you (weapon and regular), if the last attack was a T attack that is affected by an Orb.

Vorpal Orb

Play the Battle Of Cheng Du, Battle Of Xu Chang, and Battle Of Jian Ye levels as any force under the hard difficulty setting with Xu Zhu without a Hare. You also cannot ride any horse. Kill every soldier and General, including sub- Generals, in each and every stage. You should get the orb at the last stage as one of the items. Note this does not always work.

Fire Orb

Play the Battle Of Yi Ling, Battle Of He Fei, and Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains levels as any force under the hard difficulty setting with Dong Zhou without a Hare. You also cannot ride any horse. Kill every soldier and General, including sub-Generals, in each and every stage. You should get the Orb at the last stage as one of the items. Note: This does not always work, but you can get a level 4 Orb.

Finding Hidden Items

Spend a few minutes riding around the battlefield, destroying pots that are in sight. Some power-ups are in areas you would never expect, such as location where there are no enemies.

Eliminate Zhang Jiao Level

To get a new level in the Yellow Turban Rebellion, play Musou Mode with Shu. Be any character, and do the Yellow Turban Rebellion first. Kill Zhang Jiao and make that the only general you defeat. After you finish the level, it will say Shu Tales. It is called Eliminate Zhang Jiao.

Battle Of Bo Wan Level: Elixir

Play the level under the hard difficulty setting on Liu Bei's side. Do not listen to Zhuge Liang. Defeat everybody, even Cao Cao's sub-officer. You should get the Elixir. If you do not, keep trying and it will appear.

Battle Of Cheng Du Level: Wei Yan's Defection To Wei

Play as Cao Cao's force. Wei Yan will be at the bottom left. He will want to attack, but Zhuge Laing will tell him to stop. Continue to kill officers at the top. However, do not go close to Wei Yan or fight him. After awhile, Sima Yi will offer him the chance to defect and he will accept.

Battle Of Cheng Du Level: Get Liu Zhang To Surrender

Note: Do not exit out of the forest at the start, as Liu Zhang will appear and he will not surrender. Select Campaign for Cheng Du and choose any character. When the level starts, wait until Zhuge Liang tells you that an ambush area is set up. Approach Li Yan and get him to chase you. Do not accept his duel, as he will ask you every time you meet up with him. Lure Li Yan to the ambush site for Guan Ping to appear. Kill Li Yan. You should get a message that Li Yan has been captured. Next, defeat all of Liu Xun's sub-generals. There should be four in total. Go south to engage Liu Han and Deng Xian's sub-generals and eliminate them. If you are lucky, Deng Xian may approach you instead. Also kill him. Defeat Liu Han. Also, defeat the guard captain that is near him. You should get a message that Liu Zhang is considering surrender. Go ahead and Kill Liu Xun. Approaching him will trigger enemy reinforcements. Do not defeat Pang De or Ma Chao, depending if you' ae playing Musou or Free mode. If they challenge you to a duel, ignore them. Go back and kill Yang Huai, Geo Pei, and Ma Dai. When everyone is defeated, go ahead and kill Pang De/Ma Chao. You will get a message stating that Liu Zhang will surrender.

Battle Of Cheng Du Level: Getting Ma Chao

Play the level as the Shu forces in Musou mode. Fight some enemies and wait for Zhuge Liang to say that they can lure Jiang Wei and some other general. Defeat more enemies and start getting closer to Jiang Wei. Jiang Wei will soon say that Zhuge Liang is a devious man. Zhuge Liang will say "Kill all the generals under Jiang Wei so he will be isolated.". Kill the two generals under Jiang Wei. Someone on Jiang Wei's side will say "Jiang Wei, you traitor! The enemy is not attacking you!" Jiang Wei will argue and say that he is not on the Shu side and that it is an enemy ploy. Find and kill Jiang Wei. Then, go after the main person in the castle on the left. Defeat more enemies and get closer to him. Ma Chao will arrive in the castle very near. Kill Ma Chao and complete the level to unlock him.

Battle Of Fan Castle Level: Hidden Items

A Life Up is on the top of the walls that the siege ramps lead to. The pot stands near five others. There is a Musou Up on the top wall that siege ramp also leads to.

Battle Of Guan Du Level: Make Yuan Shao Retreat

Play as Cao Cao's forces. Defeat every general including sub-generals to make Yuan Shao retreat

Battle Of Tong Gate Level: Hidden Items

A Life +10 can be found in the upper-left corner, directly next to the Wei's Gate. It is one of the two pots on the left. A Musou +10 can be found in the middle of the shallow waterway.

Battle Of Tong Gate Level: Make Han Sui Defect

Play as Cao Cao forces. Make Cao Cao and Han Sui meet. An intermission sequence will begin. To make Han Sui defect, you must defeat all of his sub generals. This will also earn Xu Zhu's tenth weapon if you are playing under the hard difficulty setting.

Battle Of Tong Gate Level: Prevent Han Sui From Defecting

Pay as Liu Bei's forces. To stop Han Sui from defecting to Cao Cao's side, defeat all generals, including Cao Cao's sub generals. This will lower his morale to one star. After awhile, Han Sui will not defect. This will also earn you the Shadow Saddle which prevents you from being knocked off by enemy attacks.

Battle Of Wan Castle Level: Lu Bu Appearance

Go to Musou mode and get to the Battle Of Xia Pei. Make Lu Bu retreat. Do not kill Diao Chan or he will be angered and try to kill everyone. Once he retreats, go to Wan Castle. At some point, he will appear and try to kill Cao Cao.

Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains Level: Orb

Go to Zhuge Liang's castle, but do not go inside. Instead take a right go until you are past the building. Then, go left. There should be a lot of hay in those sticks. Go to the end of all of them. There should be a wooden box there. Break it open. There will be a Get Item. Then, finish the level. Note: It is always an Orb under the hard difficulty setting.

Battle Of Xu Chang Level: Kills

Play as the Wu or Shu side. After every General is killed on your side, Sun Jian will struggle and will soon only have one or no guards. After Xu Zhu appears, he will bring Cao Cao srtonghold. It will be non-stop; advance slowly and protect Sun Jian while doing so. You will get about 800 to 1000 kills. If you do this and kill lots of Generals, 12,000 points will be given to you after the battle. This also works with Cheng Du on Wu or Wei side, where the non- stop stronghold is in Luo Castle (top where Ma Su is located), and in Jian Ye (bottom of map where Sun Jian is found).

Battle Of Ye Ling Level: Easy Completion

Play as Xiao Qiao and equip the Red Hair Harness. When you enter the Stone Sentinel Maze, after the figures start to move up and down you can ride over them. When one starts to rise, move directly towards it. When it is about a quarter up, you should run right up and over it. This makes it possible to enter the Bai Di Castle from the maze. If this does not work, try to ride up different parts, such as the sides.

Battle Of Yi Ling Level: Get Meng Huo And Zhu Rong As Reinforcements For Shu

In Shu Musou mode, finish The Nanman Campaign. Defeat Meng Huo seven times (once in a duel) and Zhu Rong (in a duel). An event with Zhuge Liang and Meng Huo will happen. Then, in the Battle Of Yi Ling, after the fire attack event and Zhuge Liang appears, wait about ten minutes. Meng Huo and Zhu Rong will appear.

Campaign For Jing Level: Wei Yan And Huang Zhong's Defection To Shu

Defeat Han Xuan's sub-officer Yan Ling. Then, defeat Huang Zhong after his attack message. An event of them defecting will occur.

Chang Ban Level: Special Intermission Sequence

Play under Liu Bei's forces. When you pass either bridge on the side of the map, a message will appear stating that Liu Chan is still trapped inside the castle. Locate where he is at the pause menu, then smash open the box while you are on a horse. You will get an intermission sequence where you save a baby.

Guan Yu's Escape Level For Shu

In Act 1 of Yellow Turban Menace, do the Fortress and Rebellion levels for the Yellow Turban. Then in Act 2 at Shi Shui, first let Hua Xiong come out of the gates. Yuan Shao will say "Isn't there anyone who can kill Hua Xiong?" Take out the Supply Depot and kill Xua Xiong. Then, finish the level (Red Hare or two players recommended). At Hu Lao Gate, kill Lu Bu and Diao Chan and let Dong Zhuo escape.

Hu Lao Gate Level: Hidden Items

There is a Life Bar on the top of the Hu Lao gate. Use the stairs behind the gate to walk up. There is Musou Up on the other side of the gate from the Life Bar.

Hu Lao Gate Level

When Lu Bu comes out, get his attention. Bring him towards other officers on your team. Defeat him, then take his horse and quickly go to Yuan Shou. Hux Iang from Si Shui Gate comes to kill Yuan Shou. Protect Yuan Shou, then wait and Dong Zhou's forces will retreat.

Hu Lao Gate Level: Defeating Lu Bu As Gan Ning In Duels

Choose Gan Ning. Go to Hu Lao Gate approach Lu Bu. He will challenge you to a duel. Accept the challenge. Let Lu Bu hit you or charge your Musou. Lure him into a corner or pin him on the wall. Use your Musou. His life will drop quickly. Note: Make sure Gan Ning is strong. Do the same to defeat Gan Ning in a duel.

Jian Ye Level: Hidden Items

There is a Life Bar near Yuan Shu's location. The pot stands alone.

Nanman Campaign Level: Hidden Items

There is a Life Up is in the poison swamp near King Mulu. There is a Musou Up is in the straight land leading to Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan in a pot on the left; the path under Jihuan Sanjie.

Nanman Campaign Level: Easy Completion

When the level starts, kill Zhu Bao, Gao Ding, and Yong Kai. In other words, kill Yong Kai's two sub Generals and Yong Kai in that order. After doing so, Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan will defect. Get a horse nearby or equip a saddle. Immediately ride or run to Meng Huo's castle. Defeat Wu Tugu or King Mulu to get the gate to open. Go in the castle. Meng Huo will appear immediately and you can kill him there. Note: When fighting Meng Huo, massive reinforcements will arrive and Gate Captains will appear every ten minutes. Lu Xun or Zhuge Liang will be struggling in battle. Be careful, because Zhu Rong will also march to kill your main commander. If you go into the castle, a 1000 kill possibility can happen.

Si Shui Gate Level: Hidden Items

There is a Health and Musou +10 in this level. The Musou +10 is located past the wall guarding the secret path to the Grand Generals Fort to the south. The Life +10 is located in the southern part of the supply fort in the north.

The Two Qiaos Level: Easy Completion

After rescuing Xiao Qiao, quickly rescue Da Qiao. Then, meet up with Sun Ce. Once all three are following you, go south. However, go over to the east side of the map, through the gate. When Dong Zhuo's troops arrive, they will hunt for you. If you try to meet them down the center, you will lose, as you will be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. You might survive, but odds are that you will be defeated. Going to either side causes them to split up, making it easier for you to survive. You will not have to deal with five to officers, their sub-officers (if any), and their troops. A fully decked general is recommended. Equipment should include: Red Hare Saddle (to move quickly), Charge Bracer, Peacock Urn, Tiger Amulet, and Vorpal Orb.

The Two Qiaos Level: Fighting Dong Zhuo's Army

If you want to fight Dong Zhuo's entire army but have problems with the Qiaos dying, get a second player (or control player two by yourself). Have player two collect both Qiaos, and then have player one attack some of Niou Fu's troops so that they will stop following player two. Let player one be found before Dong Zhuo's army splits, then seal a gate in a far-off corner with player two. Wait there and fight the army using player one. The Qiaos will be safe because everyone will be following player one.

Xia Kou Level: Make Gan Ning Weak

Go to Xia Kou and wait until Zhou Yu talks about the gunpowder on Huang Zu's northern ship. Break the burning pot so that his ship will be on fire. Leave the ship. Gan Ning and Su Fei will get on the burning ship. The ship will move and hit the other ship, causing a fire. Gan Ning and Su Fei will appear. Gan Ning should be very weak by now.

Yellow Turban Fortress Level: Orb

Play the Yellow Turban Fortress level on the Han side. Once you start, there will be two forts (left and right). Go to the left fort and defeat the officer outside the gate to get the gate open. Once inside, go to the bottom left corner. A crate should be there, near a fence. Open it, and an item that should be an Orb will appear. To help you get these Orbs easier, equip the Seven Star Luck.

Yellow Turban Menace Level: Hidden Items

There is a Life Up on the top left squared area near Zhang Liang with flame geysers. The pot stands by itself. There is a Musou Up in the top right squared area the opposite of where the life up is located. The pot stands alone.

Yellow Turban Menace Level: Persistent Opponents

You will find Huang Gai and Guan Hai fighting outside of a gate on the lower middle portion of the map. These two characters will always be fighting when you go to them. If you notice, Huang Gai is Guan Hai with the G and the H switched. The G at the end of Huang is also removed.

Yellow Turban Rebellion Level: Hidden Items

There is a Life Up near Zhang Jiao on his right. The pot near the brown box. Another pot has 200 HP+. A Musou Up is in one of the three pots near Zhang Liang's location, when coming in straight from below.

Yellow Turban Rebellion Level: Stop The Fire Cannons And Wind

At one time during this battle, Zhang Jiao will grant Zhang Bao powers. After this you must kill Zhang Bao, and at that time the fire cannons will stop, as well as the wind in the fort where Zhang Bao is located.

Yellow Turban Rebellion Level: Dong Zhou Appears In Dynasty Warriors 3 Costume

Note: In order to do this, you must have the Zhang Jiao team. Play the Yellow Turban Rebellion level on the Yellow Turban side as Dong Zhou. Kill all of the generals until Dong Zhou appears. Get close to him, and you will notice that he is wearing his costume from Dynasty Warriors 3.

Easy Weapon Experience

Play the Jian Ye level on the Nanman side under the easy difficulty setting. This requires a level 15 Tiger Amulet and a Red Hare Saddle. Play normally, killing the four fake Sun Jians, then kill sub-generals in the following order: Taichi Ci, Cheng Pu, Zhou Tai, Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang. Any unpowered-up character will instantly have there level 5 weapon and some ranks up. Do this four times and you will have the level 9 weapon and rank 1 or 3 at least.

Easy Level 10 Weapons

Play in two player mode. Use a low trained character who has a ninth weapon for player one and another trained character with at least a ninth weapon for player two. If you were supposed to defeat an enemy general, let player two weaken him. Then let player one defeat the enemy general.

Fourth Weapons

If your trying to get a fourth weapon and it is not working, make sure your weapon is at level 9. If it still does not work, then try it in Musou mode.

Flaming Geysers

The geysers will stop burning or shooting up in the air just before they explode.

Easy Weapon Levels

For easy second weapons or level 4 weapons, play The Yellow Turban Menace a few times. If you want to get your rank faster, also keep playing the Yellow Turban Rebellion.


For a second weapon, get your weapon to level 4. For a third weapon, get your weapon to level 7.


Luck gives you a chance to get better recovery items, Orbs, and special items. The items that increase luck are Seven Star Sash and the Hex Hare Saddle. For example, in Battle Of Jian Ye level, the elite guard next to Huang Gai gives you Life Recovery +100, but if you a Hex Hare equipped it should give All Recovery Full.

Raising Morale

To raise your army's morale, you must defeat a group of 50 soldiers. Every 50 soldiers defeated, one of your generals will make a comment such as "I bow to your skills", "We will all follow your example", etc. This will raise your army's morale. Defeating 1000 soldiers will raise every general to eight stars.

Easy Kills

Unlock Ma Chao and the Shadow Rider saddle (to avoid getting knocked off). Then, ride into a crowd of enemies and use your charge attack. It will send a shockwave into the enemies, taking anywhere to half or a little less than half of their health. Repeat this a few times and you will have killed any enemies around you. Using this, it is possible to get 1000 or more kills easily in a stage.

Recommended Characters

Lu Bu is of course the strongest character, but others can also be good. Ma Chao has a good mounted attack. Equip him with Herbal Remedy and Horned Helmet and he will be good. Storm Saddle is also recommended for higher attack. Also, if on foot, equip him with an Electric Orb, and do his final charge attack. He will hit everyone around him and shock them, doing massive damage. Zhou Tai also is strong with quick attacks, a strong final charge attack, and a very powerful Musou attack.

Dragon Class Bodyguards

You must have your Bodyguards set on bow from the start until they reach level 10. At level 10, switch them to spear until they get to level 13. When the guards are on level 13, set them to pike all the way through. Note: At about level 17, your guards will change to Phoenix, but when they get to level 20 they will be Dragon class, which gives them the Blast Orb elemental attack.

Items Dropped By Generals

If the General's strategy was tactical or balanced, it should give you defense. If the General's strategy was offensive or defensive, then it will give you attack. If the General's strategy was normal, it will most likely give you attack, but may also give you defense. There are some exceptions to the items at times.

Easy Duels

Use Huang's Bow at level 10 or more. When a duel begins, take out your bow and shoot. The officer will fly back and come towards you. This gives you enough time to use your bow. To do this easier, shoot the bow, release the button, hold it again, and shoot. Repeat this until he or she is dead. Note: This will not work for all generals, especially Lu Bu. While in Musou mode during a duel, if you are losing, run up as close to the wall as possible. Press R to aim with a bow and arrow. The general you are dueling will not attack, and you can survive to fight him on the battlefield. When you are losing a duel, go to the side of the dueling fences and hold R to switch to bow mode. While in bow mode, look outside the fence. Note: You must to be touching the fence and be looking outside for this to work.

Poem Meanings

After you have finished Musou mode with any force, you will receive a little poem which reflects your score during Musou mode. Each quote is related to how you performed. At the end of the poem, there is a result. You will get three results. [Strength of fire] or [Strength of the inferno] [Mind of lightning] or [Mind of the heavens] [Speed of the wind] or [Speed of the tempest] After the results have shown, there is a conclusion which includes either "Thus, a miracle was born", "Thus, conquest was achieved", "Thus, order was restored" or "Thus, the world was changed". Strength reflects your number of kills either by: Fire (worst): Less than 200 kills on average Inferno (best): More than 200 kills on average Mind refers to the number of points you got either by: Lightning (worst): Less than 4000 points on average Heavens (best): More than 4000 points on average Speed reflects the time it took you to complete a stage either by: Wind (worst): More than 20 minutes on average Tempest (best): Less than 20 minutes on average For example, if you got Strength of the inferno, Mind of lightning, and Speed of the tempest, that counts as two feats and the conclusion will be "Thus, conquest was achieved". This poem will help you get those endings.

Sniper Bow

When aiming at someone far away, hold R for a few seconds without touching anything else. You will zoom in on the target, making it easier to select who you want to hit with an arrow.

Dim Sums And Musou Wines

This can only be done in Musou mode. Choose the Wu Kingdom and play until you reach "The Little Conqueror" tale. Choose Campaign for Wu Territory first and take the supply depot. Then, choose Unification of Jiang Dong. The Dim Sum is located on the top fort, to the left of the bottom entrance. The next one is located inside the bottom fort, to the left of the center building. The two Musou Wines are located inside the Elft fort, in the smaller center fort, at the bottom left corner, next to a guard watch tower. The other one is on the top fort, to the right of the bottom entrance.

New Sides

In order to get new sides on levels (Shu on Cheng Du, Wu on Jian Ye, Wu on Battle of Fan Castle, Wei side in Tian Shui gate), you must activate some tales (Imperial Seal, Eliminate Zhang Jiao, etc.) depending on which character you use. For example, getting Jian Ye for Wu is very difficult, as you have to activate tales and finish levels in under the hard difficulty setting.

Horse Ability

Before you start a battle, equip any harness. During the, battle you will get the ability in any horse. For example, equip the Shadow Rider Saddle which prevents you from being knocked off when on a horse. Then, try to sit on other General' horse you will also get that effect.

Defense From Gate Captains

Go to a difficult level and let your Gate Captain get killed. A Defense +1 will appear.

Flip Up After Being Knocked Down Or Off A Horse

After being knocked down or off a horse, quickly press L to flip up and get ready to attack or guard. This also works well when fighting in duels.

Attack Range

The Attack Range determines how long the sword is ("Reach", according to Dynasty Warriors 3). The Wind Scroll item increases it. The characters with the most Attack Range are Lu Bu and Cao Cao. The ones with the least is Sun Ce and Nu Wa (edit female character with Raeper).

Unlock Opening Movie Edit

Unlock all 42 characters and beat all kingdoms in Mouso mode to unlock this option


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