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Step out and step into a portable Dynasty Warriors and experience unlike any other. Up to four friends can team-up for a wide range of heroic action‐packed quests. Become one of history's greatest warriors and work as a team to conquer heavily-armed fortresses, infiltrate enemy strongholds and more. Spectacular battles await!

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is a Fighting/3D Fighting video game for PSP developed and published by Koei Corp on April 28, 2009. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 6 of our users have voted it 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce were added February 15, 2010. We also have the game available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, in addition to PSP.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Using The Right Weapon

If you lock on to an enemy there will be a cirlce.

green= very easy kill
blue= easy kill
yellow= medium kill
orange= hard kill
red= very hard
User the color to determine if you need to change your weapon.




Unlock Other Warriors

  • Diao Chan : Finish Hu Lao Gate, High Difficulty
  • Dong Zhuo : Finish Battle of Luo Yang and Battle of Mei Castle, High Difficulty
  • Lu Bu : Finish Chapter 6 of any kingdom.
  • Meng Huo : Finish Nan Zhong requests in Chapter 3.
  • Yuan Shao : Finish Zenith Tower in Chapter 6
  • Zhang Jiao : Complete Yellow Turban Rebellion
  • Unlockable Alternate Costumes

  • Fourth Costume : Clear a Minimum of 50 Quests with the Character
  • Third Costume : Obtain Level 10 with the Character
  • Trophies

  • Academy Disciple (Bronze) : Acquire first Chi Skill
  • Blacksmith Patron 1 (Bronze) : Make first weapon
  • Blacksmith Patron 2 (Bronze) : Power up first weapon
  • Budding General (Bronze) : Issue first command to Allied Officer
  • Budding Strategist (Bronze) : Use first Card Tactic
  • Card Collector (Silver) : Collect all Officer Cards
  • Dynasty Warrior (Platinum) : Unlock all trophies
  • Grand Developer (Gold) : Upgrade all City Facilities to maximum
  • Grand General (Gold) : Reach Level 50
  • Grand Strategist (Gold) : Use all Card Tactics
  • Heretics Suppressed (Bronze) : Completed Chapter 1 in any Story
  • Invincible General (Silver) : Complete all Quests
  • Legend Collector (Silver) : Collect all Legends
  • Minnow K.O. (Bronze) : Defeat first rank and file soldier
  • Mutual Exchange (Silver) : Trade Officer with another player for the first time
  • Officer K.O. (Bronze) : Defeat first Officer
  • Online Venture (Silver) : Connect to Online City for the first time
  • Orb Collector (Silver) : Collect all Orbs
  • Three Kingdoms Established (Silver) : Completed Chapter 4 in any Story
  • Three Kingdoms United - Shu (Silver) : Completed Shu's Story
  • Three Kingdoms United - Wei (Silver) : Completed Wei's Story
  • Three Kingdoms United - Wu (Silver) : Completed Wu's Story
  • Traitor Crushed (Bronze) : Completed Chapter 2 in any Story
  • Treasure Collector (Silver) : Collect all Treasures
  • Tyranny Sealed (Silver) : Completed Chapter 3 in any Story
  • Tyranny Vanquished (Gold) : Completed Chapter 6 in any Story
  • Victory Banquet (Silver) : Complete first online Quest
  • Victory Toast (Bronze) : Complete first Quest
  • Weapon Collector (Silver) : Collect all Weapons
  • Weaponry K.O. (Bronze) : Defeat first Weaponry
  • Workshop Patron (Bronze) : Make first Orb

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