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It's a video game, it's a cartoon, it's a toy, it's a lunch box, and now it's a PC CD-ROM game. In under two years Earthworm Jim has made the evolutionary circle complete by returning to its roots, the computer, where Shiny entertainment first breathed (programming) life into this lovable, sardonic, super-powered nematode for their cartridge game. Now Activision has brought that same fast-paced, side-scrolling action game to the PC with more levels, more weapons, and a chance to trick-out your work area with a Jim desktop theme that plugs into Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95. Like The Simpsons, this animated character traverses the terrain between slapstick humor and social commentary--you could even call it subversive. With the same mastery that ported Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure from a cartridge game to a PC game, Activision has done justice to Jim with a righteous conversion. The keyboard serves as a decent controller for this side-scrolling game, but to skillfully dodge and shoot the big

Earthworm Jim is an Action/Comic Action video game for PC published by Activision. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Earthworm Jim were added June 28, 2003. We also have the game available on Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, in addition to PC.




Level Passwords


What the Heck	Kettle, Faucet, Cow, Faucet, Cow, Faucet
Down the Tubes	Paint, Faucet, TV, Faucet, Cone, TV
Pod races		Cone, Kettle, Cone, Cow, Cow, Kettle
Snot a Problem	Cow, Kettle, TV, Cow, Kettle, Paint
Level 5		TV, TV, Cow, Can, Cow, Hammer
Darkness		Kettle, Paint, Can, Faucet, Paint, Faucet
Peter Puppy		Cow, TV, Kettle, Cow, Kettle, Paint
Buttville		Can, TV, TV, Kettle, Cone, Cow
Andy Asteroids	Cone, Faucet, Cow, Cow, Cow, TV

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the game screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Invincibility			you are sod
Full energy			noble
Extra life			gimmie jimmie
Maximum continues		onandonandon
1000 bullets		popquizhotshot
Maximum plasma gun		justwhatyouseepal
Maximum life and energy		threemileisland
Homing missile		apollo13
Stick figure mode		hatman
Access first five levels		slaugtherhouse
Access first 11 levels		romario
Access all levels		getthecheesetosickbay
Appear as Groucho Marx		pulsating
Appear with red afro		festering
Appear with black afro		bloated
Appear with antennae		pusfilled
Appear with big lips		sweaty
Appear with huge glasses	malformed
Appear with arrow in head	slugforabutt
Display framerate		framerate
Display development team	iddqd
Displays testing team		idkfa


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Psy -Crow

When you're on the Andy Asteroids(1)level, you HAVE to beat Psy-crow in the asteroid race or he will fight you at the end of every level.


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