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Exile 3: Ruined World is a video game for PC published by Unknown. It's rated Unknown by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Exile 3: Ruined World were added April 29, 2002.




Cheat Codes

While playing a game, enter one of the following codes:


[Shift] + [Period]	Towns ignore previous bad actions
[Shift] + W		New jobs and inventory in shops

Hex Cheat

Here's a fun cheat for those who has beaten the game and don't want to put it away yet. The hex locations in the save file for the 4 soul crystal slots are 7920 7922 7924 and 7926. By editing these locations, you will have the ability to summon pratically any monster to fight for you; even the ones that are impossible to capture with the spell. Imagine summoning an Order Mage or Vahnatai Lord! or perhaps Erika! Monsters that are larger than 1 square have screwed up graphics but work otherwise. Heres a list of monsters and their hex values:

0A - Mung Demon
0B - Haakai
18 - Vampire
19 - Lich
27 - Doomguard
34 - Ur-Basilisk
37 - Crystal Soul
39 - Gazer
3A - Eyebeast
3C - Vahnatai Keeper
3D - Vahnatai Bladesmaster
3E - Vahnatai Lord
41 - Wizard
42 - Order Mage
46 - Empire Archer
48 - Evil High Priest
4A - High Priest
4C - Empire Dervish
50 - Guard
62 - Mutant Giant
72 - Ogre Mage
D4 - Naga
D5 - Efreet
D9 - Giant Slug
DB - Rakshasa
E0 - Elhioc
E4 - Khoth
E8 - Erica
EA - Solburg
ED - Rentar
EE - Athron
EF - Solfras
F4 - Dark Wyrm
F6 - Drake Lord
FB - Pack Leader
FE - Jewel Golem
FF - Demon Golem
Be warned, if you don't know how to edit binary files with a hex editor; you could royally screw up your savegames.


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