Nemesis, 007 Packs Announced for 007 Legends Pre-Orders


Two exclusive pre-order download content packs for Activision’s upcoming Bond shooter, 007 Legends, were announced Friday morning. Customers pre-ordering through Amazon will get access to the Nemesis Pack, while the 007 Pack will coming home with Gamestop shoppers.

The Nemesis Pack will give you control of two all-time classic Bond villains, Baron Samedi and Moonraker-era Jaws, who will both be playable in Legends mode (I assume that is the Story Mode) and in split-screen multiplayer. The 007 Pack lets you don a classic-style Bond suit in split-screen multiplayer, as well as adds the Fast Swap gadget (reducing time between weapons switching) and the legendary Walther PPK pistol to your arsenal.

Any commentary as to how one puts together a game that is supposed to be a ‘greatest-hits’ list of all of James Bond’s most memorable exploits, yet somehow manages to decide that Bond’s signature gun and two of his most iconic villains are ‘extras’, was noticeably absent.

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