GTA 5 Full Vehicles List

Grand Theft Auto 5 Vehicle List

GTA 5 Special Vehicles

We know of one vehicle in GTA 5 that doesn’t fit anywhere else. We don’t have a lot of details, so tell us about this vehicle in the comments if you do!

Space Docker

Space Docker

Top Speed:










Based on:



All we know is that the Space Docker is reported to be a special vehicle inside the game. If you know more details, tell us about it in the comments!

There you have it! The complete list of vehicles in GTA 5. We’ve also got cheats to spawn vehicles in GTA 5, and can help you out with the complete weapons list, as well as tips on vehicle storage inside the game. And don’t forget we have all the GTA 5 cheats you’ll need, if that’s your thing.

And be sure to tell us about your favorite GTA V vehicles in the comments below!

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  • Fidel Ponce
    Very well done job gathering that list of carsnBest thing about gta5
  • Bradley Henry
    gta5 sweet
  • jeremiah dormeus
    • JJ FATIN
      • Danny
        Turn off caps lock, dude.
  • Adriano Mello
    can you add the beach bum cars?
    • JJ FATIN
  • devon
    yo this is so cool that it is unbelievable.
  • Matt Robinson
    Godsend. My gamertag MIST3R OB, add me on Xbox live if you like to race in GTAVO.
  • Adriano Mello
    rat-loader = hotknife beater version
    • JJ FATIN
      • malick
        Hey do u have the crown vic
  • Danny
    They really need to rethink what the stats for the planes are. They give a top speed of 8.6 to the Truffade Adder(Bugatti Veyronn) but a 0.5 to the P-996 lazer(fighter jet)?
    • Stephanie O’Neal Elder
      they are saying its 0.5 on the ground. i don’t know why but they did. i how that answered your question
  • jeremiah
    it nice i like the car
  • malick
    Plzzz give me police crown vic Iv been searching for 3weeksnn
  • malick
    Plzz give me crown vic xbox360 name cheeseisgood12
  • Jeff III
    On the Bravado Bison, it says it was based on a Dodge Ram Hemi Diesel. nThere is no such thing as a Hemi Diesel, there is a Cummins Diesel whichn is found in Dodge full size pick ups or Dodge 2500. This pick up is a nDodge Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7ltr gasoline engine with 8 cylinders yes.
  • David
    i love gta 5 boy and grils it ROCKS
  • Bo Treat
    no banshi?!
  • Josh Stoecklein
    What are the Cheat Numbers for them?
  • marquise
    who play gta 5 online on ps3 search me globa_shxt
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    Guys add me on xbox galva gamer5587nn
  • Emmanuel
    I play gta on my ps3 it’s not even mine my username is manbearpg5587
  • Daniel Scott McKinney
    the monroe is based on the lamborghini miura
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