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Last Updated: July 16, 2014

Stylistic soccer returns to PlayStation 3 with FIFA Street. Designed using the same engine that powers EA's FIFA Soccer 12, FIFA Street emphasizes nimble dribbling and trick moves designed to fake out or embarrass opponents. The fancy footwork is not limited to the ground, either, with aerial skills that allow you to perform acrobatic feats of agility to get by defenders. More than 50 skill moves are included as you compete in over 35 international venues, from simple parking lots to the streets of the world's largest cities. The World Tour story mode lets you create a custom team and gradually upgrade attributes and unlock new skill moves and dribbling styles. You'll also choose from an assortment of match types, including Panna Rules, Freestyle, Futsal, and Last Man Standing formats.

FIFA Street is a Sports/Soccer video game for PlayStation 3 developed by Electronic Arts and published by EA Sports on March 13, 2012. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for FIFA Street were added September 12, 2012. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Xbox 360, in addition to PS3.




Easy Mode - Get All Difficulty Mode Rewards

While you play in World Tour mode, this trick will allow you to unlock the rewards for Hard (gold) and Medium (silver) but you can still play in Easy mode. First, enter the event or tournament and select Gold (hard) mode. Now, before the 1st match, exit World Tour and back out to the main menu. Press SQUARE and bring up the options menu and change the difficulty back to easy. Now you can go back to World Tour and the match/tournament you had already started. Now when you complete the tournament/match, it will have the original difficulty for the trophy/achievement! They might fix this glitch in a patch, but for now it still works!

Green Locker Password: Nail Gun And Double Axe

At the green locker, enter the code: 171678

Green Locker Password: Pistol And Bat

At the green locker, enter the code: 353479

Green Locker Password: Rifle And Golf Clubs

At the green locker, enter the code: 911977





  • 5 Tool Player (Gold) : Upgrade 5 attributes on a created player to maximum
  • Are we there yet? (Bronze) : Reach the World Tour map screen for the first time
  • Attributed Success (Silver) : Upgrade one of your created players attributes to Max
  • Career Milestone (Silver) : Score 100 goals with your created player in any game modes
  • Challenge the pros (Bronze) : Win a street challenge against an authentic club team in stage 4 of world tour
  • European Champion (Silver) : Win stage 3 of World Tour
  • Friendly Publicity (Bronze) : Watch a video posted by one of your Friends
  • Geometry was good for something (Bronze) : Score a goal by deflecting the ball off a wall
  • Globetrotter (Gold) : In any game mode win a match/event in every venue
  • Got any Nutmeg? (Bronze) : Panna your first Opponent
  • It's Tricky (Silver) : Unlock 10 tricks on a created player
  • Local Heroes (Bronze) : Win the final national tournament with at least 8 created players on your team
  • Making new Friends (Bronze) : Add a new Friend using the Friend Recommendation feature
  • Mighty Heroes (Silver) : Have a team with at least 8 created players that are level 50 or higher
  • Mister Entertainment (Silver) : Earn 100,000 Style Points with your created player in any game mode
  • Moving on up (Silver) : In a street season obtain promotion to the next division
  • National Street Champion (Silver) : Win stage 2 of World Tour
  • New Champion (Bronze) : Win a World Tour Tournament for the first time
  • Online Cup Champion (Silver) : Win any Online Cup
  • Online Dominance (Gold) : Win all 9 online cups
  • Online-Enthusiast (Bronze) : Win a game of 5 a side, 6 a side and Futsal online
  • Regional Street Champion (Bronze) : Win stage 1 of World Tour
  • Rush Keepers! (Silver) : Score a goal while controlling your Goal Keeper
  • Shopping Spree (Bronze) : Wear an Unlocked item in any game mode
  • Sightseer (Silver) : In any game mode win a match/event in 50% of the venues
  • Street Legend (Silver) : Defeat Messi in a street challenge game
  • Time to Celebrate (Bronze) : Unlock a created player celebration and perform it in game
  • Total Street Domination (Platinum) : Collect all FIFA Street Trophies
  • Ultimate Humiliation (Bronze) : Score a goal with a Panna
  • Very Entertaining (Silver) : Earn at least 1500 Style Points without losing possession
  • Video Proof (Bronze) : Upload a saved video
  • Watching Film (Bronze) : Watch a gameplay tutorial video
  • Who brought the snacks? (Bronze) : Win a tournament with a local Co-Op player
  • World Grand Champion (Gold) : Win stage 4 of World Tour
  • World Tour Around the World (Silver) : Win any World Tour tournament Online

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