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"The Gulgan thus prophesied: This earthquake is only the beginning. The great tremors that swallowed the crystals, the light of our world, only to spawn monsters from the depths of the scarred land, are nothing but harbingers of what is yet to come. Something is coming...fathomless, ominous, and full of sorrow... But hope is not yet lost. Four souls will be blessed with the light, and so it shall begin... A chance encounter with a sentient crystal changes Luneths life forever. Luneth must leave the peaceful village of Ur behind, and seek three others who share his destiny. Together, the four young adventurers set out on a dangerous journey to banish the darkness that threatens their world.

Final Fantasy III is a Role-Playing/First-Person Action RPG video game for Nintendo DS developed by Square Enix and published by Square Enix USA on November 16, 2006. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and 55 of our users have voted it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Final Fantasy III were added May 2, 2009. We also have the game available on iPhone, in addition to DS.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Beat The Iron Giant

The iron giant is an optional boss you can fight. To get to it, you have to send mail to eight friends via wifi connection. Then send mail to the 4 old men and then king allus. Make sure you have the ship that can go underwater. Go right of the floating continent where you started the game. You can train on red, yellow, and green dragons there if you want. The iron giant has roughly 200, 000 health. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD HEALER! I used a devout but you can use whatever you want. Make sure you have some elixers also. You can get them by fighting the dragons in the cave. ALWAYS HAVE YOUR DEVOUT CAST CURAJA ON ALL PARTY MEMBERS. EVEN ON THE FIRST TURN. I recomend having all job levels at 99. After his health is about 1/2 gone, he will attack all of your guys with swipe. It does a considerable amount of damage. A minimum level for beating it would be about 85.

Guest Charaters

To all of you who play the game first and ask questions later, here is the best hint I can give at my current knowing of this game. If you have a guest character in your party/team, hit the Y button to reveal hints to help you on either boss weaknesses or even know what they have on their minds.

Airships Pt 1.

The first airship you get is Cid's airship, you are required to talk to the ghost form Cid in the Inn of Kazus. Once you find the airship, you meet the 3rd main character in the game.

Rat Attack

To beat the rat in the dragons mouth, you need to have all your characters using magic, physical attacks do nothing. Thunder works the best, but use your items and the fire staff. Attack it a few times and it will be gone.

Item Duplication

During game play, get the item that you want to duplicate and move it to the top of your item list. Go get into a fight. When you pick what you want to do, go to items. Click up+a at the same time. If done correctly it will go to the part where you select the person/monster you use it on. Push B and go back to your items. You will see your items has been duplicated. Repeat as much as you want. Just don't try to get more than 99, it will mess your game up.




New Jobs

Once you defeat Gutsco the Rouge twice you get the Ranger, Knight, Scholar, and Geomancer jobs


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