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This game was also released in August of 2012! The Final Fantasy VII is a single-player role-playing video game developed for PC. With nine playable characters, this PC video game features Cloud Strife who is an unsociable freelancer and Barret Wallace, leader of the AVALANCHE group, who fight against Shinra, an energy manufacturing company. In this role-playing video game, Mako and Materia, products of Shinra made from the planet's lifeforce, are being constantly exploited which poses a dreadful threat. Also a warrior, thought to be dead for long, threatens the planet in the Final Fantasy VII. A small group of rebels dwelling in slums must fight with these threats to restore peace and harmony. With over a variety of mini games, this PC video game is one thrilling adventure. This role-playing video game consists of three modes: a 3D overworld map mode helping you to navigate between the various locations; a 2D field map mode with realistically scaled environments, and a 3D battle screen mode representing a building's interior where you battle against CPU-controlled enemies.

Final Fantasy VII is a Role-Playing/Strategy RPG video game for PC developed by Eidos and published by Square Enix USA on May 31, 1998. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Restore Energy Cheat

You can do this during the Chocobo Races. Hold [Page Down] + [Target] while racing a Chocobo.




Achievements For The 2012 Re-Release

  • All Creation : Obtain Yuffie's ultimate Limit Break, All Creation.
  • Bahamut ZERO : Obtain the Summon Materia "Bahamut ZERO".
  • Battle Square : Start a battle in the Battle Square of Gold Saucer.
  • Beat Rush : Use Tifa's Beat Rush Limit Break.
  • Big Shot : Use Barret's Big Shot Limit Break.
  • Boost Jump : Use Cid's Boost Jump Limit Break.
  • Braver : Use Cloud's Braver Limit Break.
  • Catastrophe : Obtain Barret's ultimate Limit Break, Catastrophe.
  • Chaos : Obtain Vincent's ultimate Limit Break, Chaos.
  • Cosmo Memory : Obtain Red XIII's ultimate Limit Break, Cosmo Memory.
  • Diamond Weapon : Defeat the Diamond Weapon.
  • Dice : Use Cait Sith's Dice Limit Break.
  • Emerald Weapon : Defeat the Emerald Weapon.
  • End of Game : Defeat the final boss, and thusly the game as a whole.
  • End of Part I : Complete the first part of the game.
  • End of Part II : Complete the second part of the game.
  • Final Heaven : Obtain Tifa's ultimate Limit Break, Final Heaven.
  • Galian Beast : Use Vincent's Galian Beast Limit Break.
  • Golden Feather : Obtain a Gold Chocobo through any desired means.
  • Greased Lightning : Use Yuffie's Greased Lightning Limit Break.
  • Great Gospel : Obtain Aeris's ultimate Limit Break, Great Gospel.
  • Healing Wind : Use Aeris's Healing Wind Limit Break.
  • Highwind : Obtain Cid's ultimate Limit Break, Highwind.
  • Knights of the Round : Obtain the Summon Materia "Knights of the Round".
  • Master Materia : Master any single Materia.
  • Master of Gil : Obtain 99,999,999 Gil.
  • Materia Overload : Master every single type of Materia.
  • Omnislash : Obtain Cloud's ultimate Limit Break, Omnislash.
  • Ruby Weapon : Defeat the Ruby Weapon.
  • Sled Fang : Use Red XIII's Sled Fang Limit Break
  • Slots : Obtain Cait Sith's ultimate Limit Break, Slots.
  • Top Level : Get any character to Level 99.
  • Ultimate Weapon : Defeat the Ultimate Weapon.
  • Vincent : Recruit Vincent into your party.
  • Won 1st Battle : Win a battle, your first one.
  • Yuffie : Recruit Yuffie into your party.

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