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Test your tactical prowess against mages, monsters and madmen as you command your knights, winged soldiers, pikemen, and skinshifters in man-to-man, turn-based combat. Three-dimensional battlefields present all-new tactical challenges, and graphically stunning battle sequences put you right on the battlefield. War takes on new depth! Three-dimensional battlefields present all-new tactical challenges, and graphically stunning battle sequences put you right on the battlefield! Bring peace to the land! Take winged soldiers high into the air, or send your furious skinshifters and unleash their feral might on your enemies.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is a Role-Playing/Strategy RPG video game for GameCube developed by Intellegent Systems and published by Nintendo on October 18, 2005. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 26 of our users have voted it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Strong Leader

Train Ike to level 20 before you visit the king of the king of the beast tribes. Ike will change class there.

Silver Blade

To get a silver blade on Chapter 15, first put your cursor on the bottom left square. THen, move up 7, and to the right 5. Place a unit on that space and wait to get a Silver Blade. Note this is a very powerful weapon that you cannot buy for a while, so make good use of it.

How To Get 4 Iron Swords For Ike

When you start the first chapter go to the main menu and get back to the opening of the game. Then go and restart the game and you will see Ike has 4 iron swords instead of 1.

Super Starting Team

If you want some real kick-butt Greil Mercenaries, then this hint will really hit the spot. Whenever you get the chance to go to the base, work on getting EVERYONE in your party up to level 11. If you do this, and use them all in almost every battle, they should all be class changed (except for Titania) after a couple of levels.

Beat The Black Night

In Chapter 27, you face the black night. If you lose to him,you have to start all over. So to avoid that, suspend the battle before you arrive in the blue square. WARNING: If you play a restarted chapter, it will erase the suspended data. DO NOT RESTART CHAPTER!!!!!

Getting King Ashnard

Beat the game 13-14 times.




Get Shinon

On chapter 18 after the woods, Shinon is an enemy unit closer to the end of the map. Talk to him with Rolf and then kill him with Ike. Finish the map and you will get him after.


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