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If you have never before played Gauntlet, get ready for the most intense gaming experience of your life. If you are a fan of the original, hold onto your seats because Gauntlet Legends will make you forget that the original even existed!

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is a Role-Playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG video game for PlayStation 2 published by Midway on April 30, 2001. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 28 of our users have voted it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Gauntlet: Dark Legacy were added April 18, 2009. We also have the game available on Xbox, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, in addition to PS2.




Stronger Starting Characters

Type your name as "69793B". If do correctly you should see that the starting characters have had an increase in either their speed,strength, magic, or defense.

Strongest Fighter

To be the strongest fighter in the game, first you have to write "10000k" as your name. When the game begins and your there with the sumner, you'll see that you have 10000 gold. Now, go shopping by going and touching the sumner, there will be a list and there it will say "SHOP". Go to shop and press X. Now when you have 10000 gold, go and buy level's for 1000 gold each. After your gold finish's, get out of shop and when you start again, you'll see that you still have 10000 gold. Keep on doing that until you max out all your level's, then you'll be the the strongest human fighter in the game, unless your playing 1,2, or three players, then you'll just be one of the strongest fighter's in the game.

Wizard As Sumner

Enter "SUM224" as a name.

Wizard As An Alien

Enter "SKY100" as a name.

Wizard As A Pharaoh

Enter "DES700" as a name.

Wizard As An Undead Lich

Enter "GARM00" as a name.

Wizard With An Evil Appearance

Enter "GARM99" as a name.

Warrior With A Rat Head

Enter "RAT333" as a name.

Warrior As An Orc Boss

Enter "MTN200" as a name.

Warrior With An Ogre Costume

Enter "CAS400" as a name.

Valkyrie As A Cheerleader With Baton

Enter "CEL721" as a name.

Valkyrie As A Japanese School Girl

Enter "AYA555" as a name.

Valkyrie As The Grim Reaper With Bloody Scythe

Enter "TWN300" as a name.

Knight Wears Black Outfit And Cape

Enter "DARTHC" as a name.

Knight Wears Black Karate Outfit With Twin Scythes

Enter "SJB964" as a name.

Knight Is A Quarterback

Enter "RIZ721" as a name.

Knight Wears Street Clothes And Baseball Cap

Enter "DIB626" as a name.

Knight Wears Street Clothes

Enter "ARV984" as a name.

Knight Wears Street Clothes (Chris Sutton)

Enter "CSS222" as a name.

Knight Is An Orange-skirted Waitress

Enter "KAO292" as a name.

Knight Is A Bald Man In Street Clothes (Sean Gugler)

Enter "STG333" as a name.

Knight Is A Ninja (Sword And Claws) Costume

Enter "TAK118" as a name.

Knight Is A Roman Centurion

Enter "BAT900" as a name.

Jester Is A Stick Figure With Mohawk Head

Enter "PNK666" as a name.

Jester Is A Stick Figure With Baseball Cap Head

Enter "KJH105" as a name.

Jester Is A Stick Figure With Smiley Face

Enter "STX222" as a name.

Dwarf In S&M Costume

Enter "NUD069" as a name.

Dwarf Is A Large Jester

Enter "ICE600" as a name.

10,000 Gold Per Level

Enter "10000K" as a name.

Throw Quickly

Enter "QCKSHT" as a name.

Run Quickly

Enter "XSPEED" as a name.

Always Have Nine Potions And Keys

Enter "ALLFUL" as a name.

Permanent Shrink Enemy And Growth

Enter "DELTA1" as a name.

Permanent Full Turbo

Enter "PURPLE" as a name.

Permanent X-ray Vision

Enter "PEEKIN" as a name.

Permanent Invisibility

Enter "000000" as a name.

Permanent Anti-Death

Enter "1ANGEL" as a name.

Permanent Pojo The Chicken

Enter "EGG911" as a name.

Permanent Reflect Shot

Enter "REFLEX" as a name.

Permanent Triple Shot

Enter "MENAGE" as a name.

Permanent Super Shot With Large Crossbow

Enter "SSHOTS" as a name.


Enter "INVULN" as a name.

View All FMV Sequences

While the game is loading, hold X. After the Midway legal screen is displayed, all FMV sequences from the game will begin playing. Press X to skip to the next FMV sequence.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Quickest Way To Level Up

Buy a Hammer with $10000 then go face the Spider Queen. When you start the level walk right into her and start attacking. It will deplete her health fast and get you alot of experience. Do this until the hammer runs out. Note: This can be done easier if you're invulnerable.

Lots Of Level Ups

To get easy level ups, get near a generator (where the enemies spawn) and keep killing the enemies as they come out. This does take time but to speed up the process go by one of the big generators not the small ones.

Screen Saver

This is just for fun. Pause the game wait about 10-15 min. and the screen will turn black and axes on fire will be flying around.

Extra Levels

Play through the first level 3 times to get extra levels.

Easy Money

You don't NEED the javeline to defeat the plague fiend, but it helps. It also helps if you have a strong character. Just go in and defeat the plauge fiend to be rewarded with $9000 in gold! Then just go and purchase drumsticks to replenish your health until its full. use the balance to build your characters attributes (ie: strength, speed, magic etc...)this can be done as often as you like, or until your attributes are maxed out.

Ultimate Characters

First you have to get to the mountian realm. You can get the ice sword if you want but you don't have to. First get up to a high level so you can defeat the dragon easier. You defeat him a lot of times and when you defeat him you get 5000 gold and that is enough to buy 5 of any attribute at the shop and you keep on doing this until your character is at 999 for every attribute!

What To Equip Jekhar By Final Demons

Warhammer(90 damage.50speed),medalion of vigor (maxHPplus five),warrior's platemail(protection 60),hero's sabaton(protection 15, max HP plus15),ring of health(max HP plus30),ring of the gods(speed plus 5, max HP plus40, max AP plus20),and horseman's gauntlets(protection 25,maxHPplus5

What To Equip Rosalind By Final Demons

Bow of Piercing(40 damage1.43 Speed),Hellfire Necklace(Dark +3,Fire +3),Draco Robe(40 Protection,Speed 1.05),Magus Leggings(10 Protection,Magic Resist +1),Magus Boots (Protoction 10 Magic Resist +2),Ring of Mastery (Max AP +40),Ring of Might(Max AP +10,Max HP +30),Magus Gauntlets(Protection 9,Heal +1

Old N64 Version Characters

To get the classic gus all you have to do is keep pressing over and you will sooner or later find them.

Hints And Tips

At the beginning of the game, there is a wizard that looks like if he was reading a book. Go up to him and a light will shine down. Wait for a couple of seconds and then the wizad will ask you what you need help in. He can even tell you where all the runestones are located in!


When you start to play the game, press Start and then press quit. A movie will come on showing a Skorne killing the magician.


After the "Midway" logo disappears, a movie will start to play. Watch the movie if you want to know how it all got started.

Hidden Worlds

To get into the hidden level you need to look on the floor and look for something that looks like a trap door. Step on it and you will get transported to a hidden level where you have to collect all the coins in a certain time limit. If you get all the coins you will receive a new character. Hint: Not all worlds have these hidden levels.

$1,000 Upgrades

If you have over $1,000 then when the list to buy things comes up you can buy upgrades for your armor, magic, speed, etc.

$1,000 Coins

To get coins that are each worth $1,000 you need to kill the level boss. When you beat him/her coins will fly out each one worth $1,000.

Exploding Potions

Break a barrel and see if there is a potion inside it. If there is then shoot the potin and it will explode. Tip: Explode a potion when there are a lot of monsters around you.

Magic Tips #1

Like potions? Who doesn't. Like the acid kind? Who does. If you find yourself without a full batch of potions, and don't like the weak acid kind, also the only one that you can but, then here's a tip. Buy all the potions you can carry. Then save, and quit. Load your character back up and presto! All the acids turned to fire, light and, my personal favorite, lightning. Enjoy, and use them well. ( You can do this as many times as you wish. )

Become A Legend

First make sure you have a high level character otherwise it will take forever to do second go to the Yeti or Wraith (Wraith is harder but gives more gold) last get your character to level 99 then once you get out of the Yeti level or Wraith level the summoner will tell you you are now a legend!


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


All Unlockable Characters

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