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Godzilla: Unleashed is a fighting game on a gigantic scale players are thrust into a world in which monsters are larger than life and the mother of all giants reigns. Specially designed for the Wii, the intuitive wand motions allow you to unleash your inner monster; battle with the legendary Godzilla and a slew of the most renowned monsters in a challenge to ultimately save the planet from mayhem and complete annihilation. Godzilla: Unleashed provides an environment perfect for epic worldwide obliteration with interactive 3D cityscapes, an innovative non-linear storyline, big destructible buildings, soaring skyscrapers and towering alien crystal formations. No major city is safe from total destruction as players claw, kick, stomp, throw, and blast each other in order to claim the title: King of the Monsters.

Godzilla Unleashed is an Action/Adventure video game for Wii developed by Atari Games and published by Atari on November 22, 2007. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and 29 of our users have voted it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Godzilla Unleashed were added June 24, 2013. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, in addition to Wii.




Unlock All


Toggle Game Version Number


Set Day In Story Mode

0829XX (The "XX" is the exact day you want +1. So 09 would generate a result of Day 10. Please note that you must have started a save game already for this to work.)

Add 90000 Store Points


Show Monster Moves


Cheat Code Menu

To get to the cheat menu simply press A and Up at the same time.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Monsters To Buy First And Last

When you play on story mode and get new monsters available for purchase, here are the ones you will and will not want to buy. The ones you will want to buy:

Mecha King Ghidorah
Godzilla 1954

Who you shouldnt buy:
Space Godzilla
MechaGodzilla 2
Jet Jaguar
MechaGodzilla 2
I know that some of those guys you may want to buy (especially Obsidius), but they are only good when you fight them because they spam. Or in some cases because they have better defenses. But, the ones that you should buy, are some of the best in the game.

Easy Wins

To win matches easy, all you have to do is select destroyah and use his A+B attack. It doesn't matter which direction to move your wii remotes because it will still be his horn attack. If you go down though, you inflict about 45% damage. Do this 3 times, and they will be on their next live. (This works on all monster with the exception of Titanasourus as he is immune to most attacks from destroyah).

50's And 90's

From the store you can also buy Godzilla 1990's and Godzilla 1950's. If you are planning to but them I suggest that you only buy the cheaper one because they have the same moves and Godzilla 1950's is just all black. But this is your game so it is your decision.




Unlock Biollante

Become a Earth Defender and play "Rumble in the Surf" at Tokyo. Destroy the building with vines and Defeat Biollante later on and buy her for 30,000 pts.

Unlockable Monsters List

  • Baragon : Free Baragon from the crystals in "A Friend in Need" at Monster Island as a Alien. Defeat him in the "Baragon" stage and buy him for 15,000 points.
  • Biollante : Be a Earth Defender and play "Rumble in the Surf" at Tokyo. Destroy the building with vines and defeat Biollante later on and buy her for 30,000 pts.
  • Godzilla 1954 : Buy a monster from each faction or beat the game with a monster from each faction. Then buy him for 20,000 points.
  • Godzilla 90's : Unlock every monster for purchase or play a set number hours. Then buy him for 100,000 points.
  • Krystalak : Play "Terran Mind-Control" at New York as an Alien. Destroy large crystal in crater and nine days later defeat Krystalak and buy him for 20,000 pts.
  • Mecha-King Ghidorah : Play "Invasion" as a Earth Defender at San Francisco and defeat Ghidorah. Play "M.K.G" and defeat Mecha Ghidorah and buy him for 50,000 points.
  • Megagurius : Be a ED and play "Enter General Gyozen" at London. Destroy three teal crystals. Return near the end and defeat Megaguirus. Buy her for 20,000 pts.
  • Obsidius : Play a mech from GDF and play "Big Trouble" at Seattle. Destroy three cone crystals. Defeat Obsidius later and buy him for 20,000 pts.
  • SpaceGodzilla : Play as a Mutant and obtain four Power Surges and beat "Tyrant" at the end of the game. SpaceGodzilla will be added to the shop and will cost 100,000.
  • Titanosaurus : Use a mech from GDF and play "Soloist" at Sydney. Destroy three circular ice structures. Return later and defeat the dinosaur. Buy him for 25,000 pts.
  • Varan : Play as an Alien and destory the crystals on the Mothership in "On the Mothership". Return to the level and defeat Varan and buy him for 30,000 pts.
  • Mutant Faction

    If you want to get the mutant faction (biollente, megaguiris, titanasaurus, spacegodzilla, krystallac and obsidius) you must defeat story mode.

    Unlock Krystalak

    Play "Terran Mind-Control" at New York as an alien. Destroy large crystal in crater and nine days later defeat Krystalak and buy him for 20,000 pts.


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