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You are Bond, James Bond. Your mission is to recover the key to a devastating Soviet orbital weapon, GoldenEye. Fight your way through 18 action-packed missions, using a host of Bond-esque weaponry and gadgets. Along the way you'll have to escape from a bunker that's about to be vaporized by the GoldenEye satellite as well as crash through the streets in a tank. GOLDENEYE 007 also supports four-player multiplayer with a host of options and game modes.

GoldenEye 007 (also known as 007: Golden Eye) is an Action/First-Person Action video game for Nintendo64 developed by Rare and published by Nintendo on January 14, 1999. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 104 of our users have voted it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for GoldenEye 007 were added July 9, 2009. We also have the game available on Nintendo DS, Wii, in addition to N64.




All Guns

During gameplay:

hold L+R and press down
hold L and press C-left
hold L and press C-right
hold L+R and press C-left
ghld L and press down
hold L and press C-down
hold R and press C-left
hold L+R and press C-right
hold R and press up
hold L and press C-left


This is my favorite cheat for this game

hold L and press down
hold R and press C-right
hold R and press C-up
hold L and press right
hold L and press C-down
hold R and press C-up
hold L and press right
hold R and press down
hold L and press left
hold L+R and press C-right
if you do it to slow however, it will not work. when you successfully put it in a message will appear on the lower left corner of the screen.

Unlock Aztec

L-button + R-button + Up, L-button + R-button + C-Right, L-button + Down, R-button + Right, R-button + Up, L-button + Down, L-button + Left, L-button + C-Right, L-button + R-button + C-Right, L-button + Left.

Extra Characters In Multiplayer Mode

(You must have at least two controllers plugged in to acces this option.)When the multiplayer options menu appears, choose "Characters," then enter the following code at the Select Character screen: 1)Hold L+R and press C left 2)Hold L and press C up 3)Hold L+R and press left on Dpad 4)Hold L and press Right on Dpad 5)Hold R and press down on Dpad if you enterd this code correctly, you will have a total of 64 playable carracters. 6)Hold L+R and press C left 7)Hold L and press C up 8)Hold L+R and press Right on Dpad 9)Hold L+R and pres C down 10)Hold L and press down on Dpad If you entered this code

Breaking Rocket Launcher

During the game, put the game on line mode (R plus C down, L R plus down, L plus wright,R plus C up,L R plus C wright, R up, L down, L wright,R plus C left, and R plus C up.) and then pull out a rocket launcher. Fire the rocket launcher and then it will not fire. It will break in half. The rocket will disapear and you will reload. (You can have multiple cheats on wile you are performing this cheat code.)

Unlock Facility Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + R + C-Up, R + C-Left, L + Left, R + C-Up, L + Left, R + C-Down, L + C-Right, R + Right, L + R + C-Up, L + Right.

Unlock Runway Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + R + Left, R + Left, L + C-Up, L + Left, R + C-Up, R + C-Down, R + C-Right, R + Right, L + Down, R + C-Left.

Unlock Surface 1 Level

At the mission selection screen, press R + C-Left, L + R + C-Up, L + Left, R + Up, R + Left, L + Up, R + C-Down, L + Right, L + C-Right, L + R + Down.

Unlock Bunker 1 Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + C-Down, R + Right, L + C-Right, R + C-Left, L + C-Down, L + R + Left, L + C-Right, L + R + Up, R + C-Right, L + Up.

Unlock Silo Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + Up, R + C-Down, L + Left, R + Down, L + C-Left, L + R + C-Right, L + C-Up, R + Right, R + Right, R + C-Right.

Unlock Frigate Level

At the mission selection screen, press R + C-Up, L + Down, R + C-Right, L + Left, L + R + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + C-Right, R + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + Up.

Unlock Surface 2 Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + C-Down, L + R + C-Right, R + C-Right, R + C-Up, R + C-Left, L + Right, L + R + C-Up, L + C-Up, L + R + Down, L + C-Right.

Unlock Bunker 2 Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + Down, R + Down, L + R + C-Up, L + Left, L + R + Right, L + C-Left, R + Right, L + C-Up, L + Left, L + C-Down.

Unlock Statue Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + R + C-Down, L + R + C-Down, L + Right, L + R + Left, R + Left, R + C-Right, L + R + Left, R + C-Up, R + C-Down, R + Right.

Unlock Archives Level

At the mission selection screen, press R + Left, L + R + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + Left, L + R + C-Right, L + Left, L + R + Right, L + R + C-Down, L + Up, R + C-Down.

Unlock Streets Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + R + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + C-Right, R + C-Down, R + Left, R + C-Down, R + C-Up, L + Down.

Unlock Depot Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + Down, L + Down, R + C-Down, L + C-Right, L + R + Right, R + C-Left, L + Down, L + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up.

Unlock Train Level

At the mission selection screen, press R + Left, R + C-Down, R + C-Right, L + R + Left, L + Right, R + C-Down, L + Left, L + R + C-Left, L + Up, L + C-Up.

Unlock Jungle Level

At the mission selection screen, press R + C-Down, R + Left, L + R + Up, R + Right, R + Down, R + Down, R + Up, R + C-Left, R + C-Up, L + R + Left.

Unlock Control Center Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + C-Down, R + Down, L + Right, R + C-Right, R + C-Down, R + Left, R + Left, R + C-Up, R + Left, L + R + C-Up.

Unlock Caverns Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + Down, R + C-Down, L + R + Up, L + Right, R + C-Up, R + C-Left, R + Up, L + C-Left, L + Up, R + C-Left.

Unlock Cradle Level

At the mission selection screen, press L + R + C-Up, L + Left, R + Down, L + Down, L + C-Up, L + Down, R + Right, R + C-Up, L + C-Left, R + Right.

DK Mode Cheat

At the cheat menu, press L + R + Up, C-Right, R + Left, R + Up, Up, R + Right, Up, L + R + C-Down, L + R + Down, L + R + C-Left. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

2X Grenade Launcher Cheat

At the cheat menu, press R + Down, R + Up, Right, L + R + C-Down, L + Right, R + Left, Left, Down, Up, R + C-Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

2X Rocket Launcher Cheat

At the cheat menu, press R + Right, L + Up, Down, Down, R + C-Down, L + Left, L + C-Left, R + Up, R + Down, R + C-Left. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

Turbo Mode Cheat

At the cheat menu, press L + Down, L + C-Down, L + R + Up, R + C-Down, Left, R + Down, L + C-Down, Up, R + Down, L + Right. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

No Radar Multi Cheat

At the cheat menu, press R + Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Up, L + Down, R + Up, C-Left, Right, R + Left, R + Right. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

2X Throwing Knives Cheat

At the cheat menu, press R + C-Left, L + Left, Up, L + R + Right, Right, L + R + C-Left, L + R + C-Left, R + Down, R + Left, R + C-Left. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

Fast Animation Cheat

At the cheat menu, press L + C-Down, L + C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, L + R + Right, C-Right, L + R + Up, R + C-Left, L + Left. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

Enemy Rockets Cheat

At the cheat menu, press L + R + C-Down, C-Left, R + C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, L + R + C-Down, L + R + Up, C-Down, R + Up, L + Up. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

Slow Animation Cheat

At the cheat menu, press L + R + Left, L + R + Left, L + R + Down, L + R + Left, C-Right, L + R + Down, L + R + Down, L + Down , C-Left, C-Up. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

2X Hunting Knives Cheat

At the cheat menu, press R + C-Down, L + Right, R + C-Left, R + Right, L + R + Right, L + R + Up, L + Down, R + Left, L + Right, L + C-Left. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

2X Lasers Cheat

At the cheat menu, press L + Right, L + R + C-Left, L + Down, R + Left, R + Down, L + Right, C-Up, Right, R + Right, L + R + Up. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Exit, then return to the cheat menu to access the unlocked option.

Cougar Magnum Gun

Beat the game on the "Agent" difficulty setting.

Double Mixed Weapons

Obtain two sets of paired weapons that appear next to each other in your weapon list and some ammunition for each gun. (For example, in the Military Archives level, obtain two Dostoveis and two Klobbs). Then, cycle through the weapons until two of the second set of weapons are ready. Now, quickly press the following set of buttons: Hold A button, then before the weapons cycle forward, press Z(2). Release A, then press A once Press Z to fire two or three times while the weapons are cycling. If done correctly, firing the weapon will lock one of the weapons during the cycle, allowing a mixed set.

Copy Cheats To Another Folder

Highlight a cheat from a folder, then hold A and keep that button pressed until instructed otherwise. Then, press B(2) to return to the folder selection screen, and press Z to select another folder. Now enter the cheat menu, highlight any code, and press Z. Then, press B and release A. Now select any level to begin the game with the cheat from the first folder.

Bonus Multiplayer Areas

Beat the second Severyna bunker, the Military Archives, and Water Caverns levels on the Agent difficulty setting. Then, these areas will become available for multiplayer mode.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Kill Ourumov In Facility Level

In the facility you can't kill ourumov right? Wrong! although you must have invincible and all guns! First go to where ourumov stands. Then get out your golden guns and wait. When ourumov finally gets there shoot him and he will die. (YES!)

Cradle Glitch

You must have the FAST ANIMATION and the SLOW ANIMATION cheats to do this and then have one of them on (not both) and then get to the end of the stage with the missions done and if you have fast animation on and Bond jumps on the helicopter he will go into the air leaving the helicopter behind,if you have slow animation on Bond will jump on the helicopter and the helicopter will leave and leaving Bond hanging on air!It is funny.

Shoot During Ending Sequence

Set the game controls to "Domino" and complete a level. Then, press Z on controller two to fire whatever Bond is holding during the current scene. Natalya may also be shot at the end of some levels.

Invisible Flag

Begin a game of "Flag Tag" in multi-player mode. Find the flag, but do not pick it up. Instead, scroll through your weapons until your characcter is unarmed. Hold Fire and pick up the flag. The flag will now be invisible, and your character can kill the other players in the game. Note: Releasing Fire or scrolling the weapons will end this trick.

006 Doesent Die

In the facility level when you meet with 006 he usually gets shot by ourmov. There is a way to not let him die. As normal you half to talk to 006 now when your talking to him stand near the door that you entered in. Now here is the tricky part you half to exit that door EXACTLY when the alarm goes off. If done correctly no ourmov. Now you can have hours of fun blasting away Russians with 006!

Funny Glitch Of Natalya

On Control level, if you shoot Natalya in the butt while she's typing on the computer she'll jump up and scream!

Glitch With Shotgun

Go to a Mission With All guns and infinite ammo. Take out Your Shotgun or Auto shotgun and shoot a soldier and you will hear several sound effects at once!

Most Boxes

When you shoot the boxes (in most of the levels) they will blow-up. When they blow-up about half to about 2/3 of the boxes will give you guns and/or ammo. But there is a glich where you can blow-up the metal boxes and then they will give you those "lazer ray" guns.

FUN !! At The Silo

If you are sick of going around killing the guards then this is for you if u go around all the rooms and get all the scientists to run out then you go back to the begginning and plant plastique (after you have put Invincible,Max Ammo and All Weapons cheats on)in rooms with guards in them and they will go and shoot you if they miss the will hit the plastique and everywhere you go there will be an explosion blowing everything up killing every one (when all scientists have departed this could also help you complete the level in 00 Agent mode (Very Good Hint)

Multiplayer Flag Mode

When you are playing Flag mode in a multiplayer level don't pick up the Flag or you wont be able to choose a gun and your apponent will kill because flag doesn't let you pick a gun after you pick the flag. (Don't Pick up the flag if you dont want to be shot faster)

Get Under The Truck

To get under the truck in the first level, go to cheat options and turn on tiny bond and and other cheats you want go to the level and get on your knees and go in front of the truck, the truck will drive write over you, but don't go under when the truck stops because you will get stuck.

Blow Up Grenades Faster

If your playing a level with grenades and you need to blow up the grenades faster here's how: Grenades take 5 seconds to blow up, if you hold the Z button for 2 seconds and then through it, it wil blow up in 3 seconds, if you hold Z button for 2 seconds it will blow up in 3 seconds and so on. But if you hold Z for 5 seconds it will blow up in your face.

Different Ending 2

You need all guns and infinite ammo. and any other cheats you want and go to the statue level, play threw the level intill you get to the end where they have Natalya surounded and they ask you to leave will them. When you leave open the gate and trough out an proximity mine and walk out. Every one blows up besides bond.

Bunker Level (5) In Dam Level (1)

you may think that this is weird but the bunker level(1) is in the dam level(1).if you go to the spot on the dam level where you have to go to install the covert modem (on 00agent difficullty setting)destroy all of the boxes and look into the sewer and you will see a part of the bunker level. but I don't know if you can get through the bars so find out and see if you can brake the bars.

Person Sucking His/her Thumb

Play with any character in any level in multi- player, kill that person, and when the person lays on the ground, it will look like he/she is sucking his/her thumb. Note: This rarely happens, so if you try it, your person might not look like he/she is sucking his/her thumb.

Cycle Threw Guns Backwords

This is easy. You press A and Z at the same time.

Get Double AR33-Assualt Rifles At Caverns

First go to the room where you contact Jack.Then go to the far right. You will find some boxes. Blow the ones on the right until two computers pop out.After that blow the two computers and pick up the guns and you have 2 AR33-Assualt Rifles at the same time!

Duck And Die

You must not have any weapons on you're screen for this cheat hold R and C-down keep holding those buttons and turn the joy stick three times in a circle and let go of the buttons then you can pick up a gun and it will be closer to you and bigger and you will be ducking through the whole game. (multi player mode)

Summer Vacation House

On the dam level, when you get to the guard towers at the very end of the mission, get onto one of the towers and look out towards the water with the sniper rifle in zoom. Put the zoom all the way out and scan the base of the mountains. You should see a building and an umbrella. Supposedly you can get out there and be able to turn on all the cheats in the game from that point.

See What The Camera Sees

First go to the first surface level and the hut where the toy car and motorcycle are. Sneak up behind the camera and look through it. Its neat try it!!!

Ring The Alarm

While beside an alarm, press A+B at the same time. The alarm will ring to turn it off press A+B at the same time again.

Doors Don't Need Keys

Go to the Bunker 2 level with the ivisible cheat on and go to a locked door. Wait until a soldier comes to the door he will most likely open the door for you, so you don't need a key!

Beat Bunker 2 Easily

The easiest way to complete Bunker 2 is to get out of the jail but leave Natalya in her's. Now,go around killing all of the enemies. Once you have cleared all of them and destroyed the security cameras go back to Natalya's cell and open it and then take her to the control room and do the rest of the level. Now you can make sure that Natalya never get's trapped in crossfire again.

Always Start In Vents In Multiplayer

When you play multiplayer, and you select Facility as a level, always be Xenia. She starts in the vents every time you play, and is also very quick.

Get An RC-P90 In Train

Go to "Train" at the mission select screen. When you start the level, stand a good distance away from the baxes, as you can get hurt by explosions. Get past all of the guards and you will see a door leading into the next room. Stop facing the door, turn left, and you will see two boxes stacked on top of each other. Shoot each of them and an RC-p90 will fall out under "Agent" difficulty seeting, an a DD44 Distovei will fall out in "Secret Agent".

Grenade Launcher

In the first surface level, go to the hut where you find the key to enter the room with the radar system (Obj. for surface 2). You will see a general in the hut and a couple of soldiers. kill all of them and enter the hut. Go towards the left end and behind some boxes you will find a grenade launcher. There will also be some grenade round boxes. Have fun with it!!

Kill Xenia Easily!!!!

In the Jungle level, when you reach the bridge and go about 1/4 of the way on it, u will hear some music. as soon as u hear this just run all the way across the bridge to the other side and you will see Xenia coming out of behind some trees. Start shooting as soon as u see her and use the trees as protection. if u are fast enough then it will be alot easier to kill Xenia this way!

Cradle Level!

In the cradle level, when you destroy the pump and start running after Travelyn, give him some lead or else he will keep making you run!And he wont go down until running 3-4 times around the whole level.

Save Natalya Easily!

In the control room level, when you go down in the main computer room where Natalya sets of the alarm and you have to protect her, put the code for all guns and all ammo. then take out your golden gun. it will be a lot easier to protect Natalya if you can kill eeryone with just one shot!

Same Gun

(Note: Make sure you know how to input the R+C-Up kind for All Guns). On any level, type in the code All Guns on. Then select your weapon(s)then turn the code off. You will still have the weapon you selected! (Note: Switching weapons will end this effect).

Hidden Armor And Ammo

On the Frigate level, go down stairs the room with all the crates inside it. Then kill all the guys, then destroy the crates. Look around for some ammo and some body armor.

Diffrent Ending Seqence

On the Facility level, there are two ending sequences. One is the thingy on the left and the door by the gastanks on the same wall as the thingy. Go through the door, and that will create a diffrent sequence.

Timed Mines And Hand Grenades

On the Runway level, when you first start out, there will be a box of hand grenades. Turn to the right and there will be a doorway. Knock out the gaurd with your PP7, then turn to the right again. You will see another box full of timed mines. Then exit through the door and then head for the building on the left. You will see a green box on the side of the building.

Beat Your Friends Flag Cheat

Use this cheat on capture the flag mode. Choose your board (excluding the temples). Pick weapons that can't be fired through doors. Start the game and find the flag. Enter a room with a door that you push in instead of pull out. Make sure the room has only 1 entrence. Now stand in front of the door. When the other players come to get you they wont be able to open the doorbecause your in the way. If your having trouble finding a board with the necessary requirements, the archives on the bottom floor will do perfectly.

Hidden Guns

In the facilty level,when you go down the stairs from the bathroom, go straight and there will be boxes. SHOOT them, and when they blow up, there are gun where the boxes were.

Self Destruct

To self destruct, you should have the invincibility cheat and greenades. Switch to grenades, and hold the fire button for about 6 seconds. If you have invicibility on, you'll live. If there's no invincibility, there's probably no going to be a James Bond.

Floating Remote Mines

On the Facility level, go into the room with the white gas barrels and shoot the computer councle until it blows up. Then, switch to remote mines, and throw them where the computer used to be, thus you will have floating remote mines!

Cool Ending Sequence!

In the depot level, when you find the train and open its doors you will find some enemies inside. Dont bother to hit them! Just go in the train and Bond will shoot the enemies himself in the ending movie. Cool huh??

Get Behind The Door In The Train Level At The End

Go to the end of the end of the stage and then kill Oromov and Trevlon really quick and then go really quick to the door that shuts and you can get past it. Nothing is back there it is just for fun. It may take a few tries.

Get The Golden Gun Really Easily

When you are at the Temple stage go to the room with the golden gun and then run up to it as fast as you can and then press A on it and the glass will go back down. Note: This might take a few tries.

Hidden Drone Gun

Go to the dam stage and then go to the part where you jump off the dam but don't jump off and then get your sniper rifle out and then zoom all the way up by holding R and pressing C-up and then zoom out where all the water is and look to your left and there is a Hidden Drone Gun.

Frigate Glitch

If you have the All Guns cheat, turn it on. Go on the Frigate boat deck and back up to the front. Take out the Sniper Rifle and aim in the window that has a hostage and shoot the enemy. This will take the enemies out on the boat deck.

Dam Glitch

First you have to have Fast and Slow Animation. Put one on (not both) and jump off the cliff. With Fast Mode, Bond will go flying to his death and Slow Mode Bond will take forever!

Destroying Cameras Easily

Cameras can be destroyed with a single shot from any gun if they are hit directly in the lens.

Temporarily Disable Opponent's Auto-aim

Disarm yourself during a multi-player game by selecting Down until no weapons are held. Your opponent's auto-aim will not function, making it very difficult for your character to be shot. This trick is especially useful when you want to make a quick getaway to grab more power-ups and don't want to face a better-equipped player.

Dancing Characters

Begin a multiplayer match. Have both players face each other within sight. Have one player stare at the other player while the other player looks straight at the ground. (It will appear as if the other player is staring at his or her toes.) Then, have the character that is staring at the ground rapidly tap the "strafe left" and "strafe right" buttons. That character's arm will start to swing up and down as if he or she is dancing the Hustle. Have Jaws do this for a particularly funny effect.

Another Guard Tower

Begin a game on the Dam level (Level 1). Go to the middle (second) tower on the dam. Use your sniper rifle at maximum magnification to look the opposite way that you will bungee jump to find another tower across the water. This tower was going to be used in the game but was only left in for viewing.

Tank Cruise Control

Get into a tank and start driving. While driving, switch to the tank cannon. Reach the desired speed, then hold down the aim button (R by default), and release the Analog-stick. The tank will now drive in a straight line by itself.

Ride The Tank

Bond can drive the T-54 tank by climbing aboard and pressing B on the tower. Use the Analog-stick to steer, and switch to tank rounds to shoot targets.

Find The Tank

Begin a game on the Runway level (Level 3). Go outside, then move all the way to the right. The tank is located around that corner.

Kill Baron Samedi Permanently

Kill Baron Samedi two times with the golden gun, then find him a third time. Shoot him and change the controller type to "Domino". As the game is ending, continuously press the Z on controller two very quickly. Keep hitting the button during the ending sequence and you will be able to shoot Baron Samedi in the head with the golden gun. Note: This trick works better when a turbo controller is plugged into port two.

Destroy The Egyptian Level Trap Guns

The automatic trap guns on the Egyptian level are not indestructible; they can be blown up with explosive weapons.

Extra Time On Train Level

An additional twenty seconds can be added to your time on this level under the 00 Agent difficulty setting by killing Xenia. Run in the room and position yourself in a diagonal line with General Ourimorv and Xenia. Shoot Ourimorv and keep firing as he dies to quickly kill Xenia.

Bottomless Pit

First, earn the Bunker level for multi-player mode. Start a multi-player game at the bunker with grenade launchers, mines (any type), or any other type of explosive weapon. Take the explosive weapon outside the bunker. Move in the opposite direction from the bunker's entrance. You should come to an invisible black wall. Look down and toss any type of explosive. The explosive never hit bottom.

Return Into The Vents

Begin game play in the Facility level in multi-player mode. Enable turbo mode and face the door. Press C-Left immediately after jumping on the toilet to pop back up into the vents. Note: Another way to accomplish this without turbo mode is to hold L + C-Right + Analog-stick Left + Z.

Silenced PP7s

There is a set of two silenced PP7s on the second bunker level. There is a guard with a safe key in the room with the two double doors. Go to the room with the safe to find the two guns and a GoldenEye operating manual.

Hidden Guns

Locate the two boxes stacked on top of each other immediately before the first door on the left in the train level. Destroy them to collect a RC-P90 when playing under the Agent difficulty level. A DD44 will appear if playing under the Secret Agent difficulty level. There are crates located near the "bunker" on the Dam level that also contain guns. Go to the switch, turn around, and shoot at the boxes directly in front of Bond. Locate the control room with the master console in the Caverns level. Defeat all the enemies, then go all the way to the right to find two boxes. Shoot the box on the right, and another box will fall out. Keep destroying the boxes until two computers fall out. Each contains an AR30.

Use Two Different Guns Simutaneously

Obtain any paired set of guns. Then, hold A and press Z(2). Release A, then press A again. Press Z two or three times to fire while changing weapons. If timed correctly, the weapon being fired will be paired with another weapon creating a mixed set.

Kill Trevelyan Easily

The best way to kill Trevelyan on the Cradle level is to blow him up. Get the armor, then run up the ramp. Kill the first onslaught of men (the 3 or 4 on the top of the ramp). One of them should have a grenade; if this does not occur, start again. After taking the grenade, run down and power down the dish as usual. Exit through the back door and Trevelyan should be down the ramp. Instead of shooting him, switch to the grenade and aim it straight down so that it bounces down the ramp. When the grenade hits the bottom it will explode and kill Trevelyan completely, with no lines, chasing, or other nonsense. Just run to the helicopter to be picked up to complete the mission. This following trick works under any difficulty setting. In the Cradle, go to the bunker with the computer terminal. Go all of the way to the left of the door and turn around. You should now have your back to the wall, with the staircase directly in front of you and the door directly to your left. Shoot all of the men that walk down the stairs and out of the door. After about ten seconds you will hear an explosion, Trevelyan will start his "For England..." speech, and objective two will be complete. What happened was Trevelyan had dropped the grenade and forgot to run, thus killing himself. Now go in, destroy the terminal and leave.

Kill Xenia Easily

Continuously fire the AR33 armed with a full magazine as she runs towards you. Alternatively, position Bond adjacent to the bridge and shoot her. She can not hit Bond at this location. In the Jungle level on the two harder difficulty settings, the best and fastest way to kill Xenia is to set three remote mines on the front of the bridge. (The front being the closest part of the bridge as you come upon it.) Run about half way across the bridge, until you hear the music. Then turn around and run off the bridge and to the right. When you are far enough away from the mines, turn around the face the bridge. (You should facing the bridge at a 90 degree angle). Natalya will run across the bridge. Xenia will cross paths with her on the bridge. When Xenia gets to the end of the bridge she will stop and look around. This is when the mines should be detonated. Since the explosion will not kill her, scroll back to the AR33 and hit her will approximately ten shots to finish her. If done correctly, she will not have a chance to fire back.

Protecting Natalya

The easiest way to protect Natalya in the control room is to take out all the tables, except the one that she needs. This will give you a clean line of fire on the guards.

Falling Mines

Complete all the objectives on the Runway level except "Escape in plane". Place a few timed mines on your plane, then enter and take off. You will see the mines fall out and explode when you are in the air.

Invisible Mines

Begin game play in multi-player mode. Place a mine on ammunition, then take the ammunition. Although the mine will still be at that location, it will not appear on your opponent's screen.

Floating Weapons

Locate the control room in the Bunker 2 level with the big screen. Place a remote mine on each of the eight televisions that are attached to the ceiling and destroy them. Throw mines, grenades, knives or fire the rocket launcher in the room and the weapons will float. If this trick is done during a single player game, the enemies will die with their weapons in their hands.

Bonus Weapons

Complete each of the following levels to obtain the corresponding weapon:

Weapon	Level

Magnum	Antenna Cradle, Janus Base
Laser	Aztec Complex (as 00 Agent)
Golden Gun	Egyptian Temple

Kill Xenia In Under 5 Shots

When you get to the bridge in the jungle level, instead of throwing all your mines on the bridge run all the way across and stop at the very end. Aim your assault rifle at the side of he tree where she will pop out. You will see her running up to the tree aim at her head and fire a few times. Objective B completed.

Mad Scientists

In any level thet has a scientist in. You can get a gun from them. Shoot them in the foot 2 times. They will take out a gun shoot and kill them and you got a free gun. Neat ain't it.

Recover The Golden Gun

On the last level of the game go into the secret room and open the secret door. Go into the room on the first square then go two left, two up, three right, two up, one left, one up, one left, two up, one right. You will be the Golden Gun and believe it or not unharmed.

Beat Bunker #2 Without Alarm Going Off

Destroy all the cameras until you get to the last room. Run throgh the glass doors immediatly. Wait for Natlya to say, "We've got to escape!" Then wait for her to come upstairs. (Note: You may have to kill some enemies before you and Natlya escape).

Shoot Both Guns At The Same Time

If you want to shoot both of your guns at the same time all you do is shoot all of the bullets hold Z to hear that its empty. Then you let go and hold in Z. It should work.

Explode Remote Mines In Mid Air

When you throw a remote mine at someone, press A+B at the same time to make it explode in mid air.

Cool Silo Glich

First, complete the silo mission, (It helps to have invisibility on) Go to the end, have some plastique handy. Do not kill the last 2 guards at the end, instead, throw a couple of plastiques on the consoles, then shoot one. It will set off a chain reaction, and as soon as you shoot it, enter the elevator. You should see explosions around bond, it makes for an excellent ending.

Flying Bond

Enable the TINY BOND code, then go to the bunker. When you are about to exit, crawl (or kneel), then walk back down the stairs. You won't go down the stairs -- instead you'll be floating in midair! To do this in the Facility, go to the large room where the small gas tanks are. At the entrance there should two doors. Go throuh them and you should be in the room that was described above. Go to the side of the room to your left where to flights of stairs are facing each other. Go up one of them and turn around so that you are facing the other flight of stairs. Then kneel down and slowly walk foward.

Flaming Bond

This code requires that you have the invincibility cheat. Go to the Silo level with invincible Bond on. Select the plastique explosives from your watch and throw it on the wall. Now, shoot the explosives with your gun. Wherever you run, the explosions will follow you and kill everything in your path.

Floating Bond

First Turn on tiny bond and go to any level that has a flight of stairs. Now crouch down before walking onto the stairs. Now walk onto the stairs and look down you will be floating!!! Note: This works very well on the stairs in the facility when you come out of the batroom and can not be used off stairs.

007 Mode

Beat every level, including the Egyptian and Aztec, on the "00 Agent" difficulty setting. Then, the 007 bonus game setting will become available. Options such as enemy health, enemy damage, enemy accuracy, and enemy intelligence will be adjusteable in this game setting.

Same Character In Multiplayer Mode

Set the number of players to "4" and select the desired character for player four. Then, change the number of players to "3" and select any character (including the same character that was chosen in the previous step) for player three. Now, set the number of players to "2" and select the desired character for players one and two. Note: Players one and two can never be the same character. Set the number of players to "4" and begin a game.

Bonus Multiplayer Characters

Beat the game on the "Agent" difficulty setting and Bond villains Mayday, Oddjob, Jaws, and Baron Samedi will become selectable in deathmatch mode. Note: They are not available in single player mode.

Armed Scientists

Shoot a scientist in the foot or hand twice with a silenced PP7 in any level that they appear on any difficulty level. Then, the scientist will fire back with Dostovel and may even throw a grenade.

Rifle Butt (paint Brush) Weapon

Begin a game in multi-player mode on a level that contains sniper rifles. Then, collect a sniper rifle before getting any ammunition or touching another character. Quickly press A(3) after getting the sniper rifle to use the back end of it as a weapon. Note: The polygons that make up the rifle butt resemble a paint brush.


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