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Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel. The emphasis detours slightly from simple big rig racing to a business-building enterprise relying on cargo bids, loading trucks, scheduling shipments, and earning money. Gameplay still centers on the need for controlled speed to arrive at destinations on time with as little interference from road hazards, police traps, and violations as possible, with payoffs providing cash for upgrades. Acquiring a CB radio lets you keep up with speed traps, a Global Positioning System helps keep you oriented on travel maps, and better trucks can be purchased as you solidify your reputation by delivering the goods on time. Sleep deprivation results in temporary blackouts while behind the wheel, weigh stations can be ignored only at the risk of fines, and running out of fuel or rolling your truck can result in costly 911 calls.

Hard Trucks: 18 Wheels of Steel is a Racing/Miscellaneous Racing video game for PC developed by SCS Software and published by Valusoft on August 5, 2002. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Hard Trucks: 18 Wheels of Steel were added November 24, 2010.




Meet Everybody

Enter Cheat Dmeet to meet everybody.

Cheat Noticket

Disable speeding and overweight tickets: enter noticket

NO TRAFFIC!!!!!!!!!

Go to My Computer, go to C Drive, go to config, and go to console g_traffic"1" and change the 1 to a 0!!!!!!!!

Basic Cheats

Make a backup of the CONFIG.CFG file in "C:Program Files Hard Truck 18 Wheelsgameusr" by renaming it with "old" as "OLDCONFIG.CFG" Edit the CONFIG.CFG file in WORDPAD. In the CONFIG file, look for the line "uset g_console" and change the 0 to a 1. This enables the game console. Save the COINFIG.CFG file as is. Run HT10WoS. In the game, press the ~ (tilde) key to display the console. Type the following cheats (do not include the quotation marks).

"Cheat truck X" changes the truck. X is 1-6.  The default truck in the West and Midwest is 2, the default truck in the Mountains is 1.

"Cheat skill X" changes your rating.  X is 1-4.

"Cheat money X" allows you to set the amount of money you have.  X is the dollar value.

Press ~ to close the console.


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