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"Find the ancient DragonBone Staff." These were the last words uttered by King Argus the Third before an assassination attempt by the evil Wyrm - Dragon Malazak sent him spiraling into a coma. Only by finding and assembling the pieces of an ancient shattered map and capturing a host of Malazak's associates can you hope to find the DragonBone Staff, cure King Argus and defeat the wicked Malazak.

Heroes of Might and Magic (also known as Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest) is a Role-Playing/First-Person Action RPG video game for PlayStation 2 developed and published by 3DO Company on April 19, 2001. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 8 of our users have voted it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Heroes of Might and Magic were added January 30, 2008. We also have the game available on PC, Game Boy, in addition to PS2.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Gaining Stats From Treasure Chests

Approach a treasure box then save the game. Touch the treasure box and you will get one of several options:

100 gold or 2 leadership points.
200 gold or 4 leadership points.
300 gold or 6 leadership points.
400 gold or 8 leadership points.
500 gold or 10 leadership points.
A leprechaun willing to trade a spell if you release him.
A tribe of nomads who give you +1 to spell capacity.
Some minerals that will get a pay raise from queen. 
If you do not get the desired treasure, load your game and try again. 
Note: Do not try for the spell capacity, as it seems to be very rare.

Character Recommendations

Always start out with the Barbarian. Even though his stats are not too good at the beginning, he brings in a strong troop and rises in rank very quickly. The Sorceress looks the best by the numbers at the start, but she is the hardest because she brings in the weakest of the troops and the villains are stronger against her. The Paladin is average. The Knight is bad. He brings in a strong troop but does not rise in rank because he is already at the top. First time players should choose the Barbarian or the Paladin for these reasons.

The Best Army Possible

This is done with barbarian. After defeating two villains or three you should be able to get the knights so recruit some about 20 if you have a lot of gold then go to Elestria and find some nomad then recruit them because they are good in numbers and move fast. Then go to Arcathia and recruit pikemen. Then go to Pearl Islands and recruit lizardmen and then demons or archers. Do not get dragons unless playing as paladin.


After 169 days, enter the wolf dwelling, and if possible, purchase 51 wolves, and then exit your game without saving it. Start a newg ame under impossible difficulty. You will start off with 5 black dragons, 50 orcs, 100 wolves, and 35 ghosts!

Using A Hydra

When surrounded by enemies, use the Hydra's attack on any opponent. All of the Hydra's heads will lash out, & kill one of each enemy.


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