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Last Updated: July 18, 2014

The first entry in the joyous roll-em-up series for PlayStation 3, Katamari Forever retains the basic Katamari Damacy formula but ups the scale of everything.

Katamari Forever is an Action/Adventure video game for PlayStation 3 published by Namco on September 24, 2009. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Katamari Forever were added June 4, 2010.




Level Graphics Filter And Music

Complete a level to unlock Level Music Selection and Level Graphics Filter.

Unlockable Mini Games

  • Katamari Forever Ending Credits Beat the game.
  • Beautiful Katamari (Normal) Complete Katamari Drive Mode
  • Beautiful Katamari (Hard) Complete Katamari Drive Mode
  • We Love Katamari Complete all requests in all game modes.
  • Achievements

  • Platinum Katamari Collected all trophies
  • Congratulations! (Gold) Completed all Requests in Katamari Forever mode.
  • Katamari Speedster (Gold) Completed all Requests in Katamari Drive mode.
  • Katamari Fanatic (Gold) Completed all Requests in Classic Katamari mode.
  • Completionist (Gold) Completed 100% of the Collection.
  • We Love Cousins (Gold) Rolled up all Cousins.
  • Present Collector (Gold) Collected all Presents.
  • Eternal Roller (Silver) Completed all Requests in Eternal mode.
  • Enormous Katamari (Silver) You made a katamari over 2,000,000km!
  • We Love Stardust (Silver) Turned 50 katamaris into dust.
  • Creator (Silver) Created 200 katamaris.
  • Endurer (Silver) Obtained 50,000 points in the punishment mini-game.
  • Hi-Scorer (Silver) Obtained 50,000 points in the ending mini-game.
  • Huge Katamari (Bronze) Created a Katamari over 10,000km.
  • Big Katamari (Bronze) Created a Katamari over 500m.
  • Stardust (Bronze) Turned a katamari into stardust.
  • First Katamari (Bronze) Completed a request.
  • Collector (Bronze) Completed 80% of the collection.
  • Cousin Friendly (Bronze) Rolled up 30 Cousins.
  • Fashion Conscious (Bronze) Collected 30 Presents.
  • Movie Fan (Bronze) Watched 5 movies in a row in Movies.
  • Single Player (Bronze) Played through 50 single player Requests in a row.
  • Multiplayer (Bronze) Played through VS Battle or Co-op 30 times.
  • Hopper (Bronze) Performed the Prince Hop exactly 7 times before completing a Request.
  • Fast Roller (Bronze) Performed the Dash exactly 6 times before completing a Request.
  • Quick Turn Expert (Bronze) Performed the Quick Turn exactly 5 times before completing a Request.
  • Katamari Destroyer (Bronze) Destroyed the katamari 50 times before completing a Request.
  • Rolling Expert (Bronze) Rolled up 7,650 objects before completing a Request.
  • Mini-Gamer (Bronze) Played through all mini-games.
  • Music Lover (Bronze) Listend to 5 songs in Music.
  • Photographer (Bronze) Viewed a photo in the Photo Album.
  • Rankings Lover (Bronze) Viewed the Network Rankings 5 times.
  • Unforgiving (Bronze) Punished over 50 times.
  • Unlock Katamari Drive

    Finish the game completely to see the ending.


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