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Killing Time is a video game for PC developed and published by Unknown. It has an unknown or pending rating from the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Killing Time were added June 29, 2002.





From the main menu, create a character named .EVORGRAH. The sound of a harp confirms you're in cheat mode. In the blank name window, type the following codesto advance to that section of the gamewith a pistol already in your inventory. Before each code type 2 periods (eg...W1).

Location Code- Action- Location Code- Action 
W1- Experience- VW- Shade 
AT- Attic Intro- S2- Necropolis 
A5- Bloodclock- H3- Old Foundation 
E1- Circus Mortus- C1- Outer Patio 
U2- Bonus Blast- W2- Hieroglyphics 
U3- Clean your Clock- W4- Room Service 
E2- Columns of Seth- LG- Kes' Lounge 
SW- Dankmoshere- TR- Tess' Room 
A3- Darkling Attic- A6- Time to Die 
GH- Great Hall- H2- Garden 
W4- Elevator Shoes- UH- Upper Hall 
WS- Hopscotch- L1- Hard Cover 
A2- Losing- S3- Ball 
WW- Switches- H1- Hedge 

Each of the above location codes can be combined with the followingletter and number codes to give you various inventory items. A maxium of 13 letters and/or numbers can follow a location code.

Code: Action: Code: Action: 
1-9: Each number gives you a different gem: 
H: :Automap 
A: 8X damage: L: Invisibility 
B: Invincibility: M: Map secerts 
C: 200 % Health: N: Map loot 
D: Double Pistol: R: Genocide bomb 
E: Map Hazards: S: Shotgun 
F: Flamethrower: Y: Unlimited ammo 

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, enter one of the following codes:


iamapoophead	God mode
scoobysnack	200% energy
opensezme		All keys
whoopdang		All weapons and ammo
bodybags		All Tess' objects
mad dog		Double barreled shotgun
stryder		Five of weapon 7
john woo		Double pistols [Note]
idkfa		Suicide
burger		Unknown
edge		Unknown
crypto		Temporary walk speed boost to selected hero
chow yun fat		Unknown
garylake		Unknown

Note: Enter this code as a name.


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