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Square Enix's popular coupling with the Disney universe continues as 3DS gamers get their first crack at guiding series protagonists Sora and Riku through seven dream worlds on a quest to become Keyblade Masters in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Five of the dream worlds are based on Disney franchises, including Fantasia, Pinocchio, and Tron: Legacy, and all of the worlds are inhabited by Dream Eaters: strange creatures split into good "Spirits" and bad "Nightmares," in keeping with the dualistic nature of the series. As always, classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy interact with gamers during their adventures, but for the first time in the series, characters from the Square side of the equation are taken not from the Final Fantasy franchise, but from the modern DS RPG The World Ends With You. Players rotate between the two main characters as they navigate the game worlds, automatically switching characters when their "Drop Gauge" is depleted, and recruiting nightmare-eating Spirits to gain new abilities, attacks, and co-op moves. The 3D action finds gamers engaging in fast-paced combat, using the touch screen to execute special moves, and taking on large bosses in order to unlock the keyholes in each level.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a Role-Playing/Strategy RPG video game for Nintendo 3DS developed by Square Enix and published by Square Enix USA on July 31, 2012. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Experience Grinding Spot

The best place for exp grinding is the small area outside of the symphony of sorcery. Every time you go there you'll gain 1300 exp from defeating the enemies. This is located outside of the tower.

Keyblade Guide

Kingdom Key: Sora- Available from beginning of the game.
Way to Dawn: Riku- Available from beginning of the game.
Skull Noise: Sora/Riku- Beat Traverse Town for the first time.
Guardian Bell: Sora/Riku- Beat A La Cite Des Cloches.
Dual Disc: Sora/Riku- Beat The Grid.
Ferris Gear: Sora- Beat Pranksters Paradise as Sora.
Ocean's Rage: Riku- Beat Pranksters Paradise as Riku.
Knockout Punch: Sora/Riku- Beat Traverse Town for the second time.
All for One: Sora/Riku- Beat the Country of the Musketeers.
Fantasy Notes: Sora/Riku- Beat Symphony of Sorcery.
Now for the Secret Keyblades

Sweet Dreams: Sora/Riku- Defeat all of the Flick Rush Cups. ( Talk to the moogle in the Fourth District of Traverse Town. )
Dive Wing: Sora/Riku- Beat all of the dive challenges with an A-rank.
End of Pain: Sora/Riku- Beat all of the SPECIAL Link Portals. ( If you ask me, this Keyblade looks the coolest. )
Ultima Weapon: Sora/Riku- Beat the secret ( and very very annoying to beat ) boss, Julius. He can be found in the Fountain Plaza in Traverse Town. ( I do not know if you can fight him before you beat the game. I fought him after I beat it and reloaded my finished game file. )
Unbound: Sora/Riku- Beat all of the SECRET Link Portals. These Portals can Be found after you beat the game. They are all located where you fought the boss of the world. This is the strongest keyblade in the game.




Unlock Critical Mode

To unlock critical mode, just complete the game on any of the difficulty levels.


  • Badge of Pride : Finish the story on Proud Mode
  • Critical Praise : Finish the story on Critical Mode
  • Daring Diver : Score more than 7,500,000 points in Dive Mode
  • Dream Pleaser : Max out every Spirit's Affinity Level
  • Frequent Friend : Place at least 30 Link Portals
  • In the Clear : Finish the story
  • In the Munny : Amass 5,000 munny
  • Keyslinger : Take out 2,500 Dream Eaters
  • King of Rush : Take first place in every Flick Rush cup
  • Memento Maniac : Save at least 20 photos while bonding with Spirits
  • Motion Slickness : Defeat 1,000 enemies while in Flowmotion
  • Portal Champ : Complete every Special Portal and Secret Portal
  • Pro Linker : Link with your Spirits at least 50 times
  • Reality Shifter : Defeat 50 enemies using Reality Shift
  • Spirit Guide : Obtain at least one of every Spirit
  • Stat Builder : Max out every stat-boosting ability
  • Stop Drop Roller : Rack up 2,000 Drop Points
  • Treasure Seeker : Find every last treasure

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    Dream Eater Drop List

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