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A magical crystal that supplies infinite water to the small village of Nohl is stolen by force, causing a solar eclipse that drowns the land in an evil light, making monsters more abundant and powerful and placing the villages survival at stake. Now Lang, a rookie member of the Nohl militia, must fight his way across uncharted lands to recover the crystal and restore peace to the land.

Legaia 2: Duel Saga is a Role-Playing/First-Person RPG video game for PlayStation 2 developed by Eidos and published by Eidos Interactive on October 1, 2002. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 9 of our users have voted it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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Lang's Arts And Powerful Combos

Main character.
Hyper Art Locations:
Raging Fang: Scroll in Cave of Trials
Sky Fang: Learned in Story sequence.
Sleeping Dragon: Learned in Story Sequence.

Uses Swords
Lvl 2 for 3 Arts Blocks.
Lvl 9 for 4 Blocks.
Lvl 15 for 5 Blocks.
Lvl 21 for 6 Blocks.
Lvl 27 for 7 Blocks.
Lvl 33 for 8 Blocks.
Lvl 39 for 9 Blocks.
Lvl 46 for 10 Blocks.
Lvl 53 for 11 Blocks.
Lvl 60 for 12 Blocks.
Lvl 69 for 13 Blocks.
Lvl 78 for 14 Blocks.

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Blue Moon Buster    +16    > V >
Hawk Stroke         +16     Paralyze - 
Red Whirlwind       -24    V ^ ^       Upgrades to 
Thunder Sky
Thunder Sky         -50    V  ^
Sleeping Dragon     -60       ^ > ^
8 Blocks: -30,+16,+16 = +2
Raging Fang, Mountain Crusher, Mountain Crusher
^ V ^ > ^ > ^ V(anything tacked on)
9 Blocks:  -40,+20,+16 = -4
Roaring Fang, Chaos Strike, Mountain Crusher
^ >  ^ > ^
10 Blocks: -40,+24,+16 = 0 (FREE ATTACK)
Roaring Fang, Battle Flash, Blue Moon Buster
^ > 
11 Blocks: -40,+20,+24 = +4
Roaring Fang, Chaos Strike, Battle Flash
^ >  ^ V V 
14 Blocks: (with Tireless Ribbon)
Sleeping Dragon, Sleeping Dragon, Mountain Crusher

Maya's Arts

Hyper Art Locations:
Big Bang: During a Battle
Absolute Zero: Chest in The Forest Maze
Dancing Flames: Chest in Drokonia
Dust to Dust: Chest in Kabel Ruins (Revisited)
Raging Sky: Spoils of Thunder Mine's boss
Nether Gate: Spoils of Demiurge's first boss

Lvl 26 for 6 Arts Blocks.
Lvl 34 for 7 Blocks.
Lvl 43 for 8 Blocks.
Lvl 53 for 9 Blocks.

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Blind Fury          +16     (Light)
Ice Floe            +16    ^ > >
Inferno             +16     ^  (can't use MP 
Skysplitter          -24    

Ayne's Arts

Giant. Uses Axes.
Hyper Arts Locations:
Heaven's Teachings: Chest in Drokonia.
Earth's Teachings: Chest in Demiurge Tower.
Lvl 46: 8 Blocks
(missed 9 blocks)
Lvl 62 for 10 Blocks.

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Disaster Master     +16    ^ 
Earthrazor          +16    > ^ V
Whirlwind Attack    +16      V  
Gale Force          -16    

Sharon's Arts And Powerful Combos

Fencer, uses Sabers.
Hyper Arts Locations:
Book of Fear: Chest in Kabel Ruins.
Book of Eden: Chest in Thunder Mines.
Book of Rose: 6000 coins in Phorchoon.

Started at Lvl 37 with 10 Arts blocks (in my game)
Lvl 43 for 11 Blocks.
Lvl 49 for 12 Blocks.
Lvl 55 for 13 Blocks.
Lvl 61 for 14 Blocks.

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Slay Cutlass        +16    > 
Riot Fang           +20    ^  V  

Super Arts
Name            AP cost    Combo
Fear Galgaron       -16    
Spiral Blade        -24     ^ 

Apokolips             -100    ^ V  ^ V ^

10 Blocks: -24,+24,+16 = +16 (no Hypers)
Surf Divide, Rave Storm, Slay Cutlas
>    >  ^   V > >
11 Blocks: -40,+16,+20,+16 = +12
Lord of Eden, Slay Cutlass, Riot Fang, Spike 
   V > > 

Kazan's Arts And Powerful Combos

Martial Artist
Hyper Art Locations:
Fists of Rage: Chest in sewers
Earthshaker: Mini-event in Tanza spa, upstairs. 
(when not on a Guild Mission)
Hyper Blast: 6000 Coins in Phorchoon.

Lvl 25 for 6 Blocks. (started here, for me)
Lvl 26 for 7 Blocks.
Lvl 32 for 8 Blocks.
Lvl 38 for 9 Blocks.
Lvl 44 for 10 blocks.
Lvl 50 for 11 Blocks.
Lvl 56 for 12 Blocks.
Lvl 63 for 13 Blocks.
Lvl 70 for 14 Blocks.

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Lightning Kick      +16     >
Goblin Dance        +20    > > 
Jaw Buster          +20    > > ^ ^
Double Fists        +20    V V V ^
Double Kick         +20    V ^ ^ ^
Fever Wind          +24    V  ^
Iron Fists          -16    ^ > 

Boss Battle

Avalon(Mortal) HP 69,760 LV 65 STR 400
Avalon(Resurrected) HP 257,088 LV 65 STR 555
Bubba HP 45,248 LV 50 STR 2,894
Elfin HP 2,236 LV 9 STR 53
Elliott HP 78,239 LV 52 STR 290
Gather Crab HP 1,074 LV 5 STR 38
Gorgoneon(Golden Giant) HP 140,260 LV 57 STR 380
Inferno HP 13,246 LV 42 STR 271
Infinite One HP 365,856 LV 65 STR 768
Marienne HP 91,040 LV 52 STR 219
Mighty Balken HP 1,775 LV 12 STR 162
Rauss(Black Swordsman) HP 84,041 LV 56 STR 369
Rauss HP 220,297 LV 58 STR 284
Raynof the Brave HP 28,000 LV 25 STR 197
Slagor HP 16,763 LV 24 STR 194 
Storm Idol  HP 45,248 LV 50 STR 384
Val Kenus HP 86,028 LV 53 STR 417
Var Kurtz HP 52,217 LV 53 STR 625
Var Zelph HP 142,273 LV 53 STR 447
Velna HP 46,016 LV 60 STR 302 
Vestra HP 98,880 LV 60 STR 400
Wicked Crystal(Dark) HP 60,808 LV 63 STR 400
Wicked Crystal(Earth) HP 60,808 LV 63 STR 400
Wicked Crystal(Light) HP 60,808 LV 63 STR 400
Zoom Stoara HP 27,338 LV 26 STR 218 


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Kazan's Arts

    * Lightning Kick (16): LEFT, UP, DOWN
    * Critical Thrust (16): UP, RIGHT, RIGHT
    * Moon Splitter (16): DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
    * Double Kick (20): DOWN, UP, UP, UP
    * Double Fists (20): DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP
    * Jaw Buster (20): RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, UP
    * Goblin Dance (20): RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
    * Fever Wind (24): DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT
    * Aerial Attack (-24; Super): LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP
    * Iron Fists (-24; Super): UP, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT
    * Deadly Hands (-24; Super): UP, DOWN, RIGHT, UP
    * Cannon Blast (-32; Super): UP, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT
    * Fists Of Rage (-30; Hyper): LEFT, LEFT, LEFT
    * Fists Of Glory (-40; Hyper): LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT
    * Earth Shaker (-40; Hyper): RIGHT, LEFT, UP, UP
    * Hyper Blast (-50; Hyper): UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN
    * Sky Shaker (-50; Hyper): UP, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN
    * Ultimate Fury (-60; Hyper): UP, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN
    * Fatal Impact (-80; Variable): RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, 
    * UP Demon Crusher (-80; Variable): UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT 
    * Fists Of Stone(-100; Mystic): DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN

Maya's Arts

    * Wind Blade: RIGHT, LEFT, UP
    * Thunderhead: RIGHT, UP, LEFT
    * Bed Rock Buster: DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN
    * Dark Disaster: DOWN, DOWN, UP
    * Ice Floe: UP, RIGHT, RIGHT
    * Blind Fury: LEFT, UP, RIGHT
    * Inferno: LEFT, DOWN, LEFT
    * Magma Mayhem: LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN
    * Nova Heat: LEFT, UP, UP, LEFT
    * Aqua Spear: RIGHT, DOWN, UP, RIGHT
    * Ice Pyre: RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN
    * Toxic Cloud (Super): RIGHT, UP, DOWN
    * Sky Splitter (Super): LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT
    * Blizzard Blast (Super): UP, UP, RIGHT, UP
    * Gravity Crush (Super): DOWN, UP, DOWN, DOWN
    * Ballistic Light (Super): DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT
    * Spirit Storm (Super): UP, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT
    * Meteor Storm (Super): DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT
    * Big Bang (Hyper): DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT
    * Absolute Zero (Hyper): RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT
    * Dust to Dust (Hyper): DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN
    * Raging Sky (Hyper): UP, UP, UP, UP
    * Dancing Flames (Hyper): LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT
    * Nether Gate (Hyper): DOWN, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN
    * (O) Pyro Fury (Variable): RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT
    * (F) Shock wave (Variable): LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, DOWN, RIGHT
    * Forbidden Rite (Mystic): DOWN, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, LEFT, DOWN

Lang's Arts

    * Blue Moon Buster: Press RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT
    * Hawk Strike: Press LEFT, DOWN, DOWN
    * Blade Dance: Press DOWN, LEFT, LEFT
    * Mountain Crusher: Press UP, RIGHT, UP
    * Thunder Flash: DOWN, UP, UP, UP
    * Demon Thrust: DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP
    * Shadow Split: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, LEFT
    * Chaos Strike: UP, DOWN, RIGHT, UP
    * Wind Blade: LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, LEFT
    * Battle Flash: UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
    * Rabid Attack: DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
    * Sand Storm (Super): RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
    * Red Whirlwind (Super): DOWN, UP, UP, LEFT
    * True Moon Slash (Super): UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP
    * Thunder Moon (Super): UP, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT
    * Moon Flower (Super): RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
    * Raging Fang (Hyper): UP, DOWN, UP
    * Roaring Fang (Hyper): UP, RIGHT, LEFT, UP
    * Divine Bolt (Hyper): UP, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT
    * Sky Fang (Hyper): UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP
    * Thunder Sky (Hyper): DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP
    * Sleeping Dragon (Hyper): LEFT, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP
    * Airborne Fury (Variable): DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT
    * Solid Strike (Variable): LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, DOWN.

Unlimited Gold

First, the Secret Market must be unlocked for this. To do that, you must get the flying dragon and talk to kenjiro in Darek's Haunt. Then, at the secret market, go to the person on the far right and buy expensive materials. Buy as many Earth Dragon Wings as you can afford. Go to jinga and trade them all for sun faulds. Sell them at any market (Probably the Secret Market). And Repeat.

Defeating Elfin

Elfin, a gorilla that you hafta fight at the end of the Gale Canyon, is always gonna ramain in my book as the hardest boss. Even though he may look pathetic, he is extremely strong. The only way i was able to defeat him was by training. Ya it was boring, but it paid off. The level I was at was about 10 or 11. Even then I had trouble beating him because he can use a move called "Maiden's Passion" that will power him up wvery far, and if he lays 3 hits on you your dead. Unless you train. Right after he uses Maiden's Passion yoiu should heal.


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