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Experience the first console roleplaying game RPG set in The Lord of the Rings universe in The Lord of the Rings, The Third Age from EA GAMES. Travel in the wake of the Fellowship in a unique structure that allows players to explore their own path while periodically intersecting the major events of New Line Cinema s film trilogy. Traverse through both familiar and seldom-glimpsed locations as you fight to save or destroy Middle-earth in an epic adventure. Encounter the demonic Balrog in the Mines of Moria, defend the fallen city of Osgiliath, or try to destroy Helm s Deep. These choices and many more will confront you as you align yourself with the people of Middle-earth or undertake missions on behalf of Sauron.

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age is a Role-Playing/First-Person Action RPG video game for PlayStation 2 developed and published by Electronic Arts on November 3, 2004. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 61 of our users have voted it 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Lord of the Rings: The Third Age were added October 27, 2009. We also have the game available on Xbox, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, in addition to PS2.




Unlimited HP And AP

Press Start and hold L2+R2, then press Square, Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, X(3).

Lots Of Unlockables

Unlock All Scenes DEV3-BAQC-78F01 P9BK-UHCW-U8FBM 6KK9-6D9Q-FVETD J1Q9-V58Y-C8YT6  
Quick Fill-Perfect Mode C19Z-68BW-QZ0J6 RUCT-0BRJ-UHVW2  
Berethor Codes RQ8B-6R7G-VKG7T  
Infinite Health RTRD-46Z0-BH3KJ CF1M-7XTG-MWXZJ  
Quick Level Gain Z29M-123Q-UF0WY GT8A-JFR5-HGN0D  
Infinite Upgrade Points 20TT-3CFP-J9PQU V7J8-0JP4-5K926  
Skills Codes JXMV-PA4K-RR130 JB9E-91K0-74840  
Max Sword Craft Codes 965J-K3B6-KPY56 JB9E-91K0-74840  
Guardian Strike XAYW-HZ0B-REX5V 86EQ-K9CX-G8W9X  
Orc Bane CW7R-EW81-PVFU9 EA9V-FK2Z-30K7R  
Shattering Strike 4ZVA-6B6V-AT74Q QY2K-PRBY-42YEW  
Counter Attack 9C9V-7VYB-54E55 RQQP-EFMN-Q36G3  
Citadel Rage KD6P-YJVY-GNXWA 3NWC-5HUY-40VFR  
Uruk-hai Bane PJK2-TEGK-7FJ36 DG8X-ZNDM-B6DXQ  
Ecthelion Wrath K6YT-U9RH-436KZ 9257-VW5M-GMFX6  
Defensive Strike ETCB-YNE8-NFR40 V71M-BB67-G9K8V  
Targeted Strike 3F86-KR1K-0N288 704K-VB3X-J92HD  
Stunning Strike UT1U-4CBE-9FAH7 PURJ-E030-5U4ZR  
Gondor Rampage DX6C-7EJ3-2Y5AC 4ZNG-F0H6-NBJW4  
Max Leadership Skills Codes 2V95-NR5R-P7J8T JB9E-91K0-74840  
Company Might 0NHZ-KY9X-WURMT V5RD-XJ4K-7CUKH  
Company Valor E8P5-K63W-JK7X4 7E2V-AZ6R-CAXG7  
Stand Fast CFMM-W6R2-YQAE2 10UA-Z7ZH-XBZPJ  
Fellowship Grace EPRD-FDV8-JH5EH UV21-J2BC-1V44F  
War Call 9KZR-WT8P-4XKJM TURC-31YB-7MQ13  
Company Resistance 8EYJ-1AP5-JQJ7E YFBC-C95X-P8PTE  
All Retreat UQ1J-Z4KA-1GRU6 WEPE-6HVB-CR7RY  
Company Rally ERJN-U5TJ-P81D3 4NMQ-G2R9-J5H1K  
Royal Grace 3KJZ-THHR-59CBQ W52J-1AER-1DN6K  
Shield of Courage 2X1P-GF35-9EUEU GKZW-6QZN-WZVZD  
War Cry 5UB8-P3C6-4BP31 NQBD-GNDA-UKQU2  
Company Power 3K1V-CAMC-1YEHM THAC-JQDG-8BY01  
Captain's Inspire UG1V-TYKN-C30CV FC2W-XURM-NV38P  
Max Passive Skills Codes NUYA-U5JM-DQAK8 JB9E-91K0-74840  
Citadel Might R03W-3HYY-T76G5 60HF-1FKC-2NUYK  
Ithilien Inspiration UYWW-NJH1-5U1GR RF35-PQND-KQ3P1  
Rising Valor 8JXF-518R-0E4CP F1J0-251E-33MQR  
Gondorian Evade NZRT-57DP-9YHW1 1JK2-R7N9-MNT8J  
Challenge of Gondor XXDY-CUHW-DCJJV 9YEW-8G5P-T3E75  
Increased Armor 1KUX-HE4W-F17DT Z8JN-NUU2-P24V3  
Immune to Fear 09W4-AG9D-737WW G2WG-0EQ6-V7Q0H  
Citadel Evasion NYJB-T9Y4-TRVQP BK5X-FFK1-6KGY6  
Double Attack 1A75-WC0V-UZBPP 0054-VCVT-QY928  
Ecthelion Might Q25J-7RQ4-6EVT2 Y1FH-U1DE-6DVTN  
Idrial Codes URYM-CU90-ZQCUR  
Infinite Health J9NH-M3D6-4RDWW 5VRU-7KJG-V5UJG  
Quick Level Gain URWD-5RPK-Q787R J3M5-F92W-R2XA7  
Infinite Upgrade Points 5UFF-QJQT-Y93NZ 5FA6-7YQ8-H2MMB  
Skills Codes CN6A-RZXV-VYDA8 JB9E-91K0-74840  
Max Sword Craft Codes 1FR1-N4JR-PW14J JB9E-91K0-74840  
Fluid Strike KRXW-C3PA-93VUF V1BF-U0FF-RJU8E  
Weakening Slash 40VH-T18C-V8AKX K1ZM-B8YP-CGJB6  
Wounding Strike HM69-WEEJ-732CD 4M92-CXKU-5E010  
Elven Rage A1U0-G0C4-Z15TG 2JT1-1FE1-84Y30  
Stunning Strike ZB4V-CFT5-99VEE BQK8-6Y7F-HDW0X  
Leech Inspiration CMMP-MRPX-GD0GU CV2F-TQQJ-2AX7J  
Destined Strike ZC21-Q0UT-38WPC Y2E7-KJD5-Q6293  
Destined Strike C5RY-9U2A-H6GZ6 72KQ-FVUF-YM889  
Max Spirit Powers Codes 0795-1X9C-EXXNH JB9E-91K0-74840  
Haste of the Elves 2EX2-MEJ0-C3FEE CY88-FETG-0EPG5  
Drain Inspiration QPRZ-6V27-J8KK2 60EP-PK2J-2NE81  
Gift of Galadriel EDH7-JJQH-WFRPW X7VX-Z8GT-226ZX  
Cleanse Shadow ZCXR-W53R-YAXC3 29DG-H600-QPZXE  
Aura of the Valar FYN4-2W3F-465KF 3R3K-C6D8-KKZC0  
Power of the Valar 0W53-XW5Y-BAF68 WMW6-13EB-6ZKYZ  
Valinor Endurance D93N-DQVX-R4W6B 56B2-63VY-QEJEM  
Valorous Haste K5U1-EPJN-KVNF9 X7J4-QBRX-1YMN4  
Cleansing Waters 39BV-TX1N-Q9JWN PX4X-KARZ-CYTKM  
Gift of Grey Haven AJKA-8ZDE-5BYT2 96VP-76RR-Y9ABE  
Water Stallion 2YH2-063R-XPP17 EVH7-PKQA-T2JYF  
Max Passive Skills Codes UVRJ-EDNZ-3TCTW JB9E-91K0-74840  
Elven Evade F1PJ-JM9R-9DPNT 2G8K-V5HY-ADHEA  
Full Gift of Lorien QXXB-ND0G-FK209 6XQK-HF47-WFT2A  
Fury of the Valor Y9HC-DJNC-WJH8Q 7PYC-VG3E-031TQ  
Mallorn Armor QHRE-411X-2DNYB 5205-C32C-JBRYK  
Fortunes Mastery V7ME-96E4-P0VHB GBB0-7AZ1-K09EM  
Elven Inspiration V49G-N924-858GV G1PJ-1HA5-WG636  
Haste of the Valor WHTG-KP39-H1Y6J KJV3-K5TJ-KQBUX  
Endure Shadow C5X6-U21F-C6G5M 6CF8-BCNJ-XE1V1  
Frenzy NYY7-YBGW-0CX61 W626-03BR-07ZN9  
Grace of the Eldar K3PB-Z4E1-6J69Z ZCEY-ECNH-1EXFA  
Elegost Codes 34JN-KTYR-V72MC  
Infinite Health 3JVV-RFHC-ZU8VD XAF4-AXC7-9T5YW  
Quick Level Gain EJN7-YB1P-J59FV RANA-1CRJ-JJGTM  
Infinite Upgrade Points FHTF-B866-YBRNW 4ZM6-FND7-85MQC  
Infinite AP NJ3J-0FF4-6Y99J FN3T-RQA3-0ACJR  
Skills Codes C3KU-HEHV-Y3QZH JB9E-91K0-74840  
Max Bow Craft Codes NUGT-H141-PG545 JB9E-91K0-74840  
Arrow Flurry 6UNV-85C5-AVRKC FBPC-XQ69-MTCGV  
Blinding Shot A344-TPBA-3W8HU U9YK-MV84-W48EA  
Draining Shot 67T6-4QG8-JC1MM VQ5B-6D19-HJFDJ  
Crippling Shot F56R-7UXH-MFF50 U5RW-5NXV-DAY2E  
Shield Piercing CZAE-HB82-GYKER WYVH-DNJ5-9H8XF  
Pinning Shot 6A6Y-724Z-8ZB10 6WWC-F4KV-704T1  
Max Ranger Crafts Codes 821D-9H9Z-YN7B9 JB9E-91K0-74840.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Easy Exp For Morwen

Right after you get morwen (You should be at about level 35 with everybody if you do a lot of battling) you should go and just keep going in a circle until you get a battle. Ok so your in the battle have Hadhod, Idrial, and Morwen in the battle screen, then use Hadhod's mountain shield, and use Idrial's haste of the elves on Morwen. After that keep using thief craft with Morwen until you get drain experience and get like 936 or something like that from orcs and people. If you battle a wring wrath. It gives you right about 4200 exp per attack. You will gain levels really fast until you get to like level 65 to 80 and then it will take awhile to gain a level. You know you have gained a level when all of a sudden your Ap was higher than it is supposed to be when you didn't use an Item.

Secret Room

In the first chapter after the first save point enter the room in front of you. After leaving by the other door, go left and you will see a door. Go in there and you get lots of items which are helpful. Leave and head back to the other door. About half way there turn right and you'll see a chest. Open it. Don't worry, there isn't a group of Orcs behind it. All these items help the team throughout the first chapter.

Better Way To Use Party Items

If you can, it's best to use party items while roaming, and not using them during a battle.(A party item is an item that aids the entire party) If you use a party item in battle, it will only aid the three characters you have chosen to fight with, and won't heal the other characters not fighting at the time of use. If you press Start while in roaming mode, you can use a party item and heal EVERY character. It doesn't even cost anything.(This works no matter how many characters you have and haven't unlocked already in the game) This does NOT work on Evil mode.

Ultra Kill

First you complete the game in any mode. Then you start a new game and go to the first save point. this indicates that you should save. Next you go to the main menu and select Evil Mode. Now you play all the levels and instead of saving them on your old file save them to your new one. Now in your new file you have extremely good weapons for all characters. This allows you to kill automatically.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


Easy Exp for Morwen

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