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Lost Kingdoms II (also known as Lost Kingdoms 2) is an Action/Adventure video game for GameCube developed by From Software and published by Activision on May 15, 2003. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Lost Kingdoms II were added January 9, 2004.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Getting Some Rare Cards

First you must unlock the Proving Grounds, and you should be able to defeat each floor with ease, and at the end, you will then be able to choose a few rare cards.

Hidden Room Of The Cathedral

Press A in front of all four statues. As your begin to notice, they all point to a wall. Walk into the wall they are pointing at, and the wall will begin to open. It has 2,000 magic stones, a vampire card, and a plague rat card.

A Good Ending

Defeat all unknown men, and then get the Stone of Sealing before you go the castle and fight with Sol. Defeat the God for the second time to view a good ending.

Getting Rare Cards

Whenever you unlock the proving grounds,you should be able to defeat each floor with ease. At the end, you get to choose some rare and powerful cards.

Get The Phantom Ship Card

Defeat the Thanatos that is onboard the ship in Obenoix George.

Jarvi's Red Fairy List Rewards

1   Tumble Chick
10  Carbuncle
20  Berserker
30  Fire Moray
50  Pshyco Dice
70  Whip Worm
80  Global Bust
90  Crystal Magic
100 CircaSaurus

Get All Blades Of The Bhashea Castle

They are all in the four corners of the castle. If you have not found the 4th blade (The Blade of Time), go to the clock. Keeping turning the clock until both hands are vertical, straight up and down like a straight sword. Now go back to the central room, and head all the way to the back where the picture of the sword was. You should see an obtainable sword. Get it, then prepare for your challege.

Demon Swordsman Card

Defeat the Demon Swordsman at the Bhashea Castle, to obtain his card.

Get All Old Cards From The 1st Lost Kingdoms

First you need to make your way to sacred battle arena 1. Meet all four type requirements, then proceed on and fight the unknown man. After doing this, it will allow you to go to sacred battle arena 2. To beat this arena, your skill type levels for neutrals, and mechs would have to be probably 6 or higher. Defeat the monster and enemy within the doors and preceed to the forward door. Now you will fight the boss, including Katia from the 1st Lost Kingdoms. Defeat Katia. It will then ask you, will you take on Katia's responsibilities. Answer everything and the Lost Kingdoms 1 on your memory card will transport its cards to your Lost Kingdoms 2 Card deck. ENJOY!!!

Extra Level

When you beat the game their will be a extra level at the top of the last level.


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