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Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation, Madden NFL 09 delivers its most fun and exciting football package ever for the PSP and NDS, combining Wi-Fi multiplayer games and Rec Room minigames with all-new EA SPORTS™ Family Play, featuring an easy-to-use game control system. With an all-new tri-level playcalling system, plus the new Last-Minute Miracle mini-game, the franchise takes its next leap in bringing you the greatest football experience on the go with Madden NFL 09.

Madden NFL 09 is a Sports/Football video game for Xbox 360 developed and published by EA Sports on August 12, 2008. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 248 of our users have voted it 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Madden NFL 09 were added February 16, 2010.




Unlock Joe Montana

Enter Kpast as a code.

How To Get The Create A Legendary Player From The Past Achievment

Go to tho main menu and find create a player then put his first name BONES and put his last name JACKSON!!


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


NFL Great In Superstar Mode

First, select My Madden, then Rosters. Hold the left trigger button and scroll through to NFL Greats. Hold right trigger button to scroll through positions, select your favorite NFL legend, then release him. Back out to Free Agents, add the NFL Great to your team roster, then select Game Modes and choose Superstar. Next, select Play as Rookie and your NFL Legend should be at the top of the list.

Block A Field Goal

During and extra point attempt or a field goal attempt go up close to the center between two defenders. Make sure your player is not in pass protection mode. As soon as they say hike sprint towards line and press Y, this will sometimes get you through the blockers. Then the rest is up to you, you can either press X to attempt diving block or press Y again to attempt jumping block. I have blocked 3 field goals with this format.

Player Possisions

K . So say you are using the Chargers? You can take Luis Castello and put him at the Defensive Tackle possession instead of having him at defensive end. He is more affective this way. Many defensive ends with high power move ratings will be great at defensive tackle. And the plus of having the speed isn't bad either. //// Most corner-backs that have high speed, such as Deangalo Hall, make great free safeties. At times you can take Strong safeties and switch them to Linebackers by going into player management, selecting the player, and selecting "Edit Player" then switch position to Linebacker. This can work well with Bob Sanders or Troy Polomalu. Outside linebackers can be switched to defensive ends for a better rating also. All of this can give a major boost to your team in areas where needed.

Easy First Down Or Touchdown

This cheat works best with the Titans because they have good blockers. This doesn't work with Chris Johnson because he isn't strong enough. First, trade Adrian Peterson or Brandon Jacobs to them or someone strong like them. Next, select the play HB Off Tackle in Outside Handoff and motion Justin Gage next to the tight end by being him and pressing the left stick to the right. This will provide more protection. When you snap the ball, juke left and then start sprinting. Justin Gage isn't the best blocker so you will need to truck a few times.

Any NFL Great In Franchise

To get a NFL Great on your team go into the Player Management then pull the left trigger and go up to NFL Greats select the player you want and then go to the Free Agents and the player you released should be in Free Agents.





2 TD Kickoff Returns in a game (75) Return 2 Kickoffs for a TD in a game (non co-op)
Shut out Rival in a Franchise (50) Shut out Rival in a Franchise game (non co-op)
Kick a FG for over 50 yards (15) Kick a FG for over 50 yards in a Franchise game (non co-op)
Complete a game without an INT (30) Complete a game without an interception, 5 min+ quarter length (non co-op)
6 Rush TDs with the Dolphins (50) 6 Rush TDs in a game with the Dolphins (non co-op)
Catch 10 passes in a game (50) Catch 10 passes in a game with one receiver (non co-op)
Complete game without fumbling (25) Complete a game without fumbling, 5 min+ quarter length (non co-op)
2 TD Punt Returns in a game (65) 2 TD Punt Returns in a game (non co-op)
Intercept 6 passes in a game (50) Intercept 6 passes in a game (non co-op)
Hold a Rival to under 300 yards (50) Hold a Rival to under 300 yards total offense in a game (non co-op)
Score 60 points in a Rival game (30) Score 60 points in a Rival game (non co-op)
Score 40 points in a Rival game (20) Score 40 points in a Rival game (non co-op)
Record 12 sacks in a game (50) Record 12 sacks in a game (non co-op)
6 sacks with 1 player in a game (50) 6 sacks with 1 player in a game (non co-op)
80% completion for a game (50) 80% pass completion in a Franchise game, 5 min+ quarter length (non co-op)
7 Pass TDs with the Falcons (50) Throw 7 pass TDs in a game with the Falcons (non co-op)
550 Pass Yds with the Titans (50) 550 Pass Yds in a game with the Titans (non co-op)
300 Rush Yds with the Jets (10) 300 Rush Yds in a game with the Jets (non co-op)
Hold a Rival to under 20 points (10) Hold a Rival team to under 20 points in a game (non co-op)
Midway Monster (50) Create a legendary player from the past.
Can You Believe These Seats?! (30) Celebrate a touchdown in a wall hotspot
Steal Their Thunder (30) Steal an opposing player's touchdown celebration
Slam Dunk All-Star (30) Dunk the ball over the goalpost (or at least attempt to) after a touchdown
Shine In The Spotlight (30) Celebrate a touchdown in an end zone hots pot
Now Here's a Guy... (50) Create a player named John Madden

How To Get The Secret Achievment

First go to My Madden then Roster and Create a Superstar and his name will be John Madden and forget the rest just do not save after doing this.

Superman Trophy

Run 50 yards in one play.

Stealing Thunder

To get the stealing thunder achievement, score a touchdown then hit the b button and you will get it.

Secret Achievement

Create John Madden as a player to unlock this achievement.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


Achievement Guide

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