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Get on the bus for Madden NFL 11. From 350 plays down to 1, the all-new GameFlow system puts you in the helmet of an NFL quarterback to execute an authentic, situational game plan, one play at a time. From 350 Plays Down to 1 - Introducing GameFlow, an all-new playcalling system that automatically selects the best play for your team based on situational, authentic NFL game plans. Listen as your coach calls in the play from the sidelines based on your favorite team's real-life tendencies, or add a new level of strategy by creating and customizing your own offensive and defensive game plans. Full Games in Half the Time - With an all-new playcall system, spend less time in the huddle and more time on the field. Experience all of the drama and excitement of a full game in as little as 30 minutes. Less Buttons, More Moves - Enjoy success using only the two control sticks. Run through holes, break tackles, and explode in the open field thanks to the intuitive and responsive Dual Stick Control. All-new locomotion provides true acceleration and deceleration, as well as natural planting and cutting, making Madden NFL 11 the most authentic looking and feeling football game to-date.

Madden NFL 11 is a Sports/Football video game for PlayStation 3 developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts on August 10, 2010. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 102 of our users have voted it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Madden NFL 11 were added December 23, 2010. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, iPhone, iPad, in addition to PS3.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


How To Unlock Online

Simply go to the back of your manual (inside case) and go to the very back and you will see it at the top near an arrow and type it in the online section where it says redeem codes in the game.




Game Accomplishments

  • Air Show: Throw 5 touchdowns with one player and pass for 300 yards with one player.
  • Blitz In On: Record three sacks with two players.
  • By Ground and Air: Rush for 150 yards and gain 150 receiving yards with one player.
  • Can't Be Stopped: Gain 150 receiving yards and two receiving touchdowns with one player.
  • Carry The Load: Rush for 200 yards and score three rushing touchdowns with one player.
  • Coming Out Of Nowhere: Record two sacks and three interceptions with one player.
  • DB Or Reciever?: Record five interceptions and return one for a touchdown with one player.
  • Defensive Push: Record two sacks with three players.
  • Defensive Menace: Record four sacks with one player.
  • Don't Bother Getting Up: Record seven sacks with one player.
  • Double Cover Who?: Gain 100 yards with three different receivers.
  • Dual Threat: Pass for 200 yards and run for 100 yards with one player.
  • Fair And Accurate: Complete 75% of your passes, do not throw any interceptions, and complete a pass to seven different receivers.
  • Game Breaker: Return a punt for a touchdown and score two receiving touchdowns with one player.
  • Like Lightning: Record 4 sacks with one player.
  • Pass The Flipper: Gain 300 yards receiving and score five receiving touchdowns.
  • QB's Nightmare: Record three sacks and two interceptions with one player.
  • Sack And Strip: Record three sacks and force two fumbles with one player.
  • Scary Secondary: Record two interceptions with two players.
  • Shut Down Coverage: Record three interceptions with one player.
  • The Dutchman: Throw 7 touchdown passes with one player and throw for 500 yards with one player.
  • The Kansas Comet: Rush for 300 yards and score six rushing touchdowns with one player.
  • The Sack Man: Record seven sacks with one player.
  • Two-Headed Monster: Rush for 100 yards each with two players.


  • Man Dozer ( Bronze Trophy) : Rush for 50 yards after the first hit in one game (no OTP)
  • He's Got All Day ( Bronze Trophy) : Stay in the pocket for 10 seconds (no OTP)
  • Comeback Kids ( Bronze Trophy) : Win after being behind in the last 2 min of the game (min. qtr. len. 3 min, no OTP)
  • Nano ( Bronze Trophy) : Tackle the QB before he can hand the ball off (no OTP)
  • Elusive Man ( Bronze Trophy) : Break 5 tackles in a game with one player (no OTP)
  • Thanks For Coming ( Bronze Trophy) : Play the Pro Bowl (Franchise Mode)
  • Sack Master ( Bronze Trophy) : Record 5 sacks in a game with one player (no OTP)
  • Master Strategist ( Bronze Trophy) : Create a Game Plan
  • Butterfingers ( Silver Trophy) : Force 3 fumbles in a game (no OTP)
  • Did I Break It? ( Silver Trophy) : Win a game by at least 59 points (max qtr. len. 7 min, no OTP)
  • Old Spice Swagger Return ( Silver Trophy) : Return a punt for a touchdown (no OTP)
  • No Offense ( Silver Trophy) : Intercept 5 passes in a game (no OTP)
  • Fantasy Freak ( Silver Trophy) : Rush for over 200 yards in a game with one player (no OTP)
  • Home Run ( Silver Trophy) : Break and 80+ yard touchdown run (no OTP)
  • Old Spice Swagger Pick 6 ( Silver Trophy) : Intercept a pass and return it for a touchdown (no OTP)
  • YACtastic ( Silver Trophy) : Have over 100 YAC in one game (no OTP)
  • Deadly Accurate ( Silver Trophy) : Have a 92% or higher completion percentage in a game (min. 20 attempts, no OTP)
  • Defensive Dominance ( Silver Trophy) : Hold your opponent to under 100 yards of offense (min qtr. len. 5 min, no OTP)
  • Very Special Teams ( Gold Trophy) : Return 2 kicks for touchdowns in one game with one player (no OTP)
  • Winning Isn't Everything ( Gold Trophy) : Catch 21 passes in a game with one player (no OTP)
  • Perfect Game ( Gold Trophy) : Have a perfect passer rating in a game (no OTP)
  • Pick Up 6 ( Gold Trophy) : Win a Fight for the Fumble in the end zone for a TD (no OTP)
  • Laces Out ( Gold Trophy) : Kick a 60+ yard Field Goal (no OTP)
  • Madden Moments ( Gold Trophy) : Complete the 'Super Bowl Sunday' Madden Moment
  • Madden NFL 11 Master ( Platinum Trophy) : Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 11 trophy!

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