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Last Updated: July 18, 2014

The first next-generation game for Zipper Interactive (creators of the online phenomenon SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs), MAG offers a sweeping battle experience for a total of 256 players online. Unprecedented Action For the first time ever, fight 256 real player battles in hi-def online combat for contracts around the world. Command Structure - Rise through the chain of command, earning the right to lead an eight-man squad, 32-man platoon, and even command a full 128-man army. Persistent Shadow War - Each battle victory or loss contributes to your PMCs world standing, moving them on the offensive or pulling them back to the defensive.

MAG is a Shooter/First-Person Shooter video game for PlayStation 3 developed by Zipper Interactive and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America on January 26, 2010. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 61 of our users have voted it 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for MAG were added August 18, 2010.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs



If you team kill someone who is prone, then lay directly on top of them, then revive them, then both of you will start to float up into the air. If one person moves then both of you will fall likely to your deaths. The best way to use this glitch is to do it right next to a tall building then once above it move onto it and you will fall onto the building.

How To Get 1,000 Xp Without Dying.

On the maps copper hills relay and darien network you can revive a lot of people without. All you have to do is have the highest armor and just revive people. Its really easy but this will only work if you have BOUGHT THE MEDICAL KIT (2 POINTS) AND THE RESUSCITATION (2 POINTS) and you will go up 15 levels.





* Lil Buddy (Bronze) Earn 2 Purple Sidekick Ribbons.
* Boom Town (Bronze) Earn the Mortar Demolition, Total Blackout and AAA Demolition Ribbons.
* I Got 5 On It (Bronze) Kill 5 enemies with a single Strategic Strike, excluding Poison Gas Barrage.
* Dropping Like Flies (Bronze) Destroy 5 enemy helicopters.
* Mea Culpa (Bronze) Kill 50 enemies with a turret over a career.
* Junkyard Jockey (Bronze) Earn 3 Mr. Badwrench Ribbons.
* Close Call (Bronze) Earn 3 Bomb Squad Ribbons.
* Jack of One Trade (Bronze) Awarded when a player reaches the bottom tier of a skill tree.
* I Drink Your Milkshake (Bronze) Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain speciality: Field Support.
* Commandon't (Bronze) Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Commando.
* Screeching Halt (Bronze) Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Rapid Assault.
* Efficiency Engineer (Bronze) Earn 3 Bunker Buster Ribbons.
* The Harder They Fall (Bronze) Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Direct Action.
* Clown Car (Bronze) Awarded when a player destroys an APC or a Bunker, killing 2 players.
* Targer Practice (Bronze) Awarded when a player shoots down 25 paratroopers over a career.
* In Your Face (Bronze) Earn 5 Combat Melee Ribbons.
* Out of Scope (Bronze) Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Sniper.
* Duteous Maximus (Bronze) Be on the winning faction for 10 Directive matches.
* Angel of Mercy (Bronze) 25 enemies killed in their incapacitated state over a career.
* Coughing Killer (Bronze) Killed an enemy while affected by poison gas grenades
* A Whole Lotta Hurt (Silver) Earn 5 Combat Machine Gun Ribbons and 5 Combat Fragger Ribbons
* Silent but Deadly (Silver) Awarded when a player kills 25 enemies with Poison Gas over a career.
* Devil Dog (Silver) Earn 5 Combat Assault Ribbons and 5 Combat Sidearm Ribbons
* The Streaker (Silver) Earn the Streaker medal.
* Baby Need a Bandage? (Silver) Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons and 5 Golden Cross Ribbons.
* Take Me to Your Leader (Silver) Earn 1 win as a squad leader.
* Chest Candy (Silver) Awarded when a player has earned one of every ribbon.
* Double Trouble (Silver) Earn the Golden Cross Medal and the Grim Reaper Medal.
* Precious Cargo (Silver) Destroy 20 Escort Vehicles over a career.
* Headhunter (Silver) Earn 5 Silver Bullet Ribbons, the Longshot Ribbon and the Sniper Master Specialist Medal.
* Hammer of the Gods (Silver) Called in 50 cluster bombs or mortar barrages.
* Triple Threat (Silver) Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons, 5 Master Engineer Ribbons and the Grim Reaper Medal.
* Steamroller (Silver) Have a 3-to-1 Kill-to-Death Ratio in any match
* Eager Beaver (Gold) Awarded when a player has earned one of each medal.
* Prima Noyan (Gold) Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a S.V.E.R. character.
* Commandant in Chief (Gold) Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Raven character.
* Sergeant Major (Gold) Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Valor character.
* Massive Action Gamer (Platinum) Win All Trophies


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